Electric Bikes: Why so Expensive and so Popular and Are They Worth the Money?

By Chris Wilson

June 9, 2020

Why electric bikes are so Expensive

Electric bikes are a fun and an incredible way to get around without tiring yourself.

But why are Electric Bikes so expensive?

We shall address this question below, and even seek to answer whether their price is worth it.

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Electric Bikes Market Stats

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But before that, what’s the point of buying an electric bike in the first place?

What is the point of an electric bike?

Generally, cycling is associated with workouts and healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, many people mistakenly think e-bikes are simply electrically-powered vehicles that don’t require any pedalling.

In reality, using an e-bike ultimately burns some calories.

Sure, if your primary reason for cycling is fitness exercising, then an e-bike is probably not your best bet.

However, you need to remember, just like racing isn't the only purpose of a car; exercising isn't the only reason for a bike.

So, what’s the real benefit of making yourself a bionic rider?

What is the point of an electric bike?

Now, if you’re like me who loves committing on an  invention powered by green energy,  adventuring on all sort of terrains, hauling stuff like groceries, or pets , I find the electric bike quite convenient and easy. Of course, it’s still possible to do it on a conventional bike, but you can’t do it for long distances or steep hills, and definitely not something to do daily because you’re likely to wear out.

Secondly, commuting to work on a bike is a blast. But, you’ll certainly need recovery days after some time. With an electric bike, however, it’s possible to commute all year long (given forgiving weather) without needing a recovery since the pedal-assisted bike helps you during pedaling.

How Long Do Electric Bikes Last

After all, an electric bike is a huge investment, and everyone wants to get the best from their purchase. The biggest concern people have is how long an electric bike lasts.

Not to forget the disabled, injured, and seniors lack the machismo of their former self and just can't pump the same power they used to. Now, if they still need to take the casual rides they used to without wearing out half way or hurting their joints, the electric bikes offer an incredible cycling power opportunity.

Finally, an electric bike offers a great way to tackle the narrow street and the intimidating steep hills with greater ease and comfort and self-propelled power boost.

To sum up the point for an electric bike, I would say they’re suited for those who need to;

  • Ride farther without breaking a sweat
  • Ride more frequently without wearing down
  • Tackle the intimidating hills
  • Enjoy a casual bike ride even when they're injured.
  • Throw your dog in the bike trailer and take her to new places for fun
  • Doing more exercise than walking alone.

Why are Electric Bikes So Expensive?

If you’ve set your eyes on electric bikes, I know you were surprised by the high price tag.

But don’t worry; you weren’t the only one that felt defeated by looking at the price tag of the two-wheeler.

Generally, electric bikes are quite expensive purchases than conventional bikes.

The main reason why they're expensive is they've more expensive components and have many more associated costs than traditional bikes.

Some of the notable components that spiral the budget upwards include the battery, motor, and battery charger.

Also, considering they're electric bikes, they need to have excellent waterproofing properties.

Are the prices likely to go down anytime soon?

In my opinion, yes, but I can’t tell exactly when, so you don’t have to wait if you think you need an electric bike now.

The electric bike technology is relatively new, and the units sold are still low in the US, at least compared to other parts of the world.

No question, however, the cost of the electric bikes will fall as technology matures and volume increases.

These bikes are likely to be produced in higher volumes, partly because of the environmental consideration.

How Much is the Cheapest Electric Bike?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Bicycle

Advantages of Electric Bicycle
Disadvantages of Electric Bicycle

Before you decide to purchase an electric bike, you first need to understand the benefits and drawbacks of the e-bike.

Here we shall outline both the pros and cons of e-bike.

Benefits of Electrical Bikes

Go Further: With a pedal-assist technology, riders are given the boost they need to cover the extra miles at higher speeds than they might have otherwise been able to.

Easier on your body: E-bike allows you to take long rides without the slightest discomfort. While you still regulate the amount of support you need, an e-bike can greatly save you from sore joints and muscles pain.

Great for Training: If you desire to exercise more, but often limited by health conditions, an e-bike empowers you, letting you cover the long distances and intimidating hills with ease.

Environmentally Friendly: An e-bike motor uses significantly less power than a motorcycle and a car. They also don't leave any carbon footprint, so they preserve the environment.

Save your Commuting Costs: E-bikes are a money-saving solution for commuting because they don’t require fuel, save for the cost of charging, which isn’t even comparable to fuel prices.

Disadvantages of Electric Bikes

Costs: High electric bikes are expensive. For the money, however, you get a bike that is reliable and worthwhile.

Environmental Benefits of Electric Bikes

E-bikes have several environmental benefits, which include:

Zero Emissions: Electric bikes run on electrical energy, as opposed to fossil fuels that release carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The e-bikes are considered zero-emission vehicles that run on clean energy.

Prevent Air Pollution: Zero-emission vehicles don’t contribute to smog, a type of air pollution, often released by the burning of fossil fuels.

Long-Lasting Batteries: The batteries on e-bikes are long-lasting and don't require replacement for many years. Also, they can be recycled, and so, e-bikes produce little waste. Finally, the batteries on e-bikes, unlike those in cars, don't contain lead, which is dangerous for the environment.

Sustainable Energy: The standard of electricity is more sustainable than the use of fossil fuels such as oil.

Electric Bicycle Most Popular Features

Electric bikes have some unique features that are normally not found in conventional bikes. These features are:

Motor: The motor of an electric bike is a fundamental feature that determines the delivery of power on your e-bike. Typically, a motor works by converting the electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Electric Bicycle Most Popular Features

Battery: The battery on e-bike stores the electrical energy, or rather the juice needed to propel your electric bike forward.

Electric Bicycle Most Popular Features

Throttle: The throttle function powers your electric bike without the rider pedaling. It's an extremely handy feature when climbing the hills or covering long distances.

Electric Bicycle Most Popular Features

Electronics:  A premium electric bike typically features an electronic instrument panel that acts as the information hub for your ride.

Electric Bicycle Most Popular Features

Here, you can find all the information regarding your performance, including speed, distance, battery level, current range, and more.

Best Electric Bikes for Tall and Short Riders

When you’re a taller rider or shorter rider than average, it can be a challenge to find an electric bike suiting your height.

However, it's still possible to find a few amazing e-bikes, specifically designed to meet the needs of the riders with outside the average height.

What should I look for when buying an electric bike?

When choosing an electric bike, there’re numerous features you need to consider.

These include:


The motor is the centerpiece of any bike, and so, its location is paramount.

Ideally, you should pick an electric bike with a front hub motor because it's easier to maintain in case you need to remove the wheel for a puncture.

On the other hand, the rear hub motors are quite sophisticated for maintenance.

Also, take note that not all motors are equal, and for the best performance, choose a higher watt motor providing more torque.


The three common types of batteries on the electric bikes are:

·         Lead-acid batteries:  They’re inexpensive, but heavy and sensitive to climate variations

·         Nickel-cadmium batteries: They're lighter, but they suffer from memory effect, meaning their performance easily gets affected if they're not fully discharged before recharging.

·         Lithium batteries:  They’re more effective but quite expensive

Another crucial element with the batteries is you should choose the rechargeable as opposed to the disposable batteries.


E-bikes vary in their weight, and so, you should always account for the weight factor because you might run out of charge, requiring you to push the e-bike.

Electric Bikes Net Weight and Riders Weight Capacity / Limits


Generally, e-bikes are expensive, but like any other product; they come in everything from the ultra-budget level e-bikes to the ultra-premium levels.

The most expensive bike might not necessarily be the best for you.

The trick here is to find an electric bike that is within your budget range, and more importantly, one that fulfills your cycling needs.


Best Electric Bikes for Heavy Riders

If you're a heavy rider, choosing a wrong electric bike size may often result in problems with poor posture or even challenges in pedaling and riding safely.

But the good news is, we’ve compiled a detailed guide highlighting everything you need to know about choosing an the best e-bikes for the heavy riders.

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