Best Electric Bike Locks – Which Ones to Pick

Best Electric Bike Locks

Are you looking for an impregnable but inexpensive lock to secure your costly electric bike? The truth is that there are Best Electric Bike Locks that cost well within the price ranges of used cars – This means there are plenty of ways around campus or in your neighborhood where someone could steal your new two wheeled purchase if it isn’t secured properly!

If you recently purchased an electric bike and are in the market for a strong e-bike lock, this article is for you! We’ll discuss all different types of locks that will keep your ebike safe.

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What Is the Best Way to Lock an E-bike

To keep your e-bike safe, you should always use a U-lock to secure both the front wheel and rear wheel of the bike. If that isn’t enough, make sure to also invest in a cable or chain for extra security!

You will need to invest in a quality lock that will keep your bike secure at all times. Later in this article, we’ll explore different types of locks available today and the pros and cons associated with each one so that you can make an informed decision about which type is best for your needs!

This deters potential thieves — including the savvy and desperate ones — from trying to pick or cut your locks.

You also want to make sure you keep whatever lock you’re using as far away from the ground as possible as it is easier to damage locks when they’re against the ground.

How do I keep my Best Electric Bike Locks from being stolen?

Securing your e-bike goes beyond just fastening it to a bar with 2-3 of the best e-bike locks.

You want to make sure you park your electric bike in plain sight (even better if it’s parked within the coverage of a security camera) where it is stationed to firm and sturdy street furniture (like bike racks, lamp posts, street signs, etc.).

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What Is The Best Lock for An Electric Bike

Generally, the most secure e-bike locks come in 3 different categories. Depending on use-case and convenience, you might opt to use one or, for added security, decide to use two.

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Recognized worldwide as one of the most secure solutions for electric bike anti-theft, U-locks are characterized by very long shackle lengths, which make them look like giant padlocks.

They provide electric bike owners with enough space (leverage) to fasten their e-bike frames and wheels to bike-racks or poles.


  • They are lightweight
  • They are bolt-cutter proof – Because of their steel shackle’s chunky nature (ranging from 11mm – 18mm), it will take a Kryptonian – or a powered bolt-cutting tool – to cut through them.


  • Because of their stiff shape (they are not foldable), they can be inconvenient to carry around especially if you’re an electric bike commuter. However, they come with a bracket you can use to attach them to the frame of your e-bike or, you can carry them in a backpack everywhere you go.
  • If not locked properly, they are susceptible to leverage attacks.
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Chain Locks

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When choosing an e-bike lock, you want to make sure whatever material it’s crafted from is strong enough to resist a considerable amount of force.

With chain locks, you’re offered a wider range of options to select from. You can select standard chain locks whose links are less dense and more vulnerable to bolt-cutter attacks or opt for more advanced locks dense enough to resist powered bolt-cutting tools.

When selecting the best chain lock for your e-bike, just keep in mind that the denser (or thicker) the links, the heavier and more expensive the chain will be.


  • Unlike U-locks, they don’t restrict e-bike owners to a certain shape or size of street furniture.
  • Some chain locks are portable and mobile. When not in use, they can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder.


  • They are heavier than U-locks. Chain locks whose links are typified by the same density as U-lock shackles are usually heavier than U-locks.

For example, a U-lock whose shackles are 12mm thick could weigh somewhere between 3.3 lbs and 4.4 lbs (1.5 kg–2 kg), but a chain lock whose links are that dense could weigh up to 11 lbs (5 kg) and this is dependent on the length of the chain.

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Cable locks

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While these might seem like the most ideal e-bike lock because of their fancy features, practicality, and lightweight nature — they’re not.

Cable locks offer a lot in the area of convenience but they’re rather easy to cut with hand tools. So, unless you park your electric bike in an area where theft is not common, I suggest you choose more secure locks for your e-bike.

Best E-bike Locks

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Best Electric Bike Locks – Which Ones to Pick 1

Best E-bike Locks in 2021

#1. Kryptonite New York 1217

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This is probably the best e-bike lock on this list.

Why? Well, except for its 12mm-thick six-sided links, the Kryptonite New York Noose 1217 comes with a disc lock whose shackle is 14mm thick, providing extra protection from any form of attack.

Because its links are narrowly spaced, anyone looking to cut it using bolt-cutters will experience difficulty in doing so.

It’s like a chain lock and a U-lock in one “thief-frustrating” package.

It also has waterproof nylon sleeves which protect the chain from water and prevent it from scraping your e-bike’s paint job.

Thieves will have a hard time finding any ‘weak links’ on this lock 

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#2. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Mini

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With its 18mm bolt-cutter-proof steel shackles, the Kryptonite New York Lock Fahgettaboutit Mini is sure to make potential thieves look the other way when they see your e-bike.

Savvy thieves? They got nothing on this lock!

The Kryptonite Fahgettaboutit’s high-security disc-style cylinder makes it almost impossible to drill or pick the lock.

So, our thief can’t pick or drill this lock, cutting it with a hand tool is just impossible – he has to cut each side of the shackles due to its anti-rotation feature – carrying or using a powered bolt-cutter will probably draw too much attention – trust me, he/she’s not going to have any other choice but to “forget about it!”

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#3. Hiplok GOLD

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While this chain’s links don’t offer the same tensile strength as the Kryptonite, what they lack in density they make up for in portability.

If you remember, I mentioned earlier that some chain locks can be worn around the waist like a belt – the Hiplok GOLD happens to be one of these chain locks.

Sporting 10mm-thick links crafted from hardened steel and a 12mm padlock shackle, the Hiplok Gold provides ample resistance to bolt cutters.

They are lightweight (2.2kg) and can easily be regarded as one of the best chain locks in terms of rider comfortability. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

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Final thoughts

Whatever lock you decide to go with, make sure that when you use them to secure your e-bike you leave as little space as possible for leverage attacks.

For chain locks, leave as little slack as possible. For U-locks, you want to occupy as much usable space in the shackle as possible so small tools can’t fit in.

Frequently Asked Questions

– What is the hardest lock to cut?

The Kryptonite New York Lock Fahgettaboutit Mini comes with a brutal 18mm thick shackle, making it impregnable to hand tools.

– Are U-locks better than cable locks?

Yes! However, if you’re looking to impress people with your ‘smartphone integrated cable lock, go ahead – it’ll only cost you your e-bike.

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