Best E-bike Helmets: Be Protected in Style

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One of the best things about riding an e-bike is they allow us to go faster and further than we could with the traditional bikes with less effort.

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As the e-bikes continue to evolve, they’re also getting faster and more powerful, too, raising genuine concern over safety and specifically wearing e-bike helmets.

Now, depending on where you live, you might be obligated by the local laws to wear e-bike helmets.

Primarily, safety should be the number one reason for wearing an e-bike helmet.

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However, there’s more to purchasing an e-bike helmet than safety alone, and therefore we will look at some of the critical aspects pertaining to e-bike helmets and what are the best e-bike helmets out there.

I go in to more details of why these are in the top of my list, let’s dive in!

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How Much Should I Spend on a Bicycle Helmet?

The prices of bicycle helmets vary greatly; it’s possible to find a budget option costing less than $10, and at the same time, another one costing over $500.

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So, what’s the difference between the two, and how much should you spend on a bicycle helmet?

Well, there’s no right price for a bicycle helmet- after all, as with all cycling gear, you should get a helmet you can afford.

But when it comes to safety of any sort, it only makes sense you opt for the absolute quality.

This brings us to the safety rating.

Good news: All bike helmets sold in the US already meet the safety standard set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission– so, whatever helmet option you choose, you’re covered, at least in terms of safety.

However, safety isn’t the only consideration when choosing a bicycle helmet; there’re still plenty of choices to be made.

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Are expensive bicycle helmets worth it?

What separates a $10 helmet from a $300 helmet is style, comfort, and fit.

For the $300 helmet, you pay for additional elements such as reduced weight, better ventilation, better aerodynamics, sweat absorption, reflectors, and other goodies.

So, if money is your main concern, a budget option helmet will just be fine.

However, if you’re looking for more than the bare safety element, you might consider the higher priced helmets.

Either way, both the budget and the premium helmets have a similar safety rating, which is what matters most.

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Do You Need a Helmet for an Electric Bike?

As usual, the need for an e-bike helmet depends on where you live and the governing state laws.

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In general, however, most of the states have a similar definition of an e-bike, with most of them classifying them as regular bikes for road rules and laws.

In a majority of the places, you’re not obligated to wear a helmet.

Of course, it’s not everywhere.

In the UK, for instance, there’s no legal obligation to wear a helmet, although the highway-code recommends you’ve one.

In the US, things are a little different.

For one, e-bikes under 750W with a top speed of 20 mph are not classified as motor vehicles, so the law doesn’t obligate riders to wear a helmet.

However, understand each state has its laws, and some cities have local laws requiring the use of helmets.

In New York, for instance,all motorists and their passengers are required to wear a helmet regardless of their age or experience level.

Nonetheless, most of the states don’t require the use of helmets if you’re above 18 years.

But why would you not want to wear a helmet just because the law doesn’t obligate you to?

See, wearing a helmet might be inconveniencing, but having one helps greatly in case of an e-bike crash.

Helmets Organization asserts that the use of helmets can decrease the chances of head injury by half.

So, yes, the law might not require you to wear your helmet, but your body might when the dreadful time comes.

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Which Electrical Bicycle Best E-bike Helmets ?

There’s no best Electrical Bicycle helmet.

What may work for me might not work for you.

Ideally, the “best” helmet is one that addresses your needs.

That said, the best helmets in the market have some common traits.

For instance, the best cycle helmets balance comfort, ventilation, aerodynamics, and protection.

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Here are my top picks and below is a simple breakdown on how to choose the best helmet for your needs:

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Comfort: The right helmet should be comfortable to wear. It should have some form of soft inner material to cushion your head, absorb the light shocks, and even absorb sweat. It should also be properly ventilated to avoid your head getting soaked in sweat.

Fit: Fit is also a critical factor when choosing a helmet as it determines the overall riding experience. Find a helmet that will snugly fit your head.

Weight: The best helmets are lightweight and won’t fatigue you even after wearing them for an extended time.

Aerodynamics: The best helmet should build for speed, and they should cut on the wind resistance for optimal performance.

Protection: Safety goes beyond safety certification. Choose a helmet with a proven track record of safety, and one that is reliable and durable.

Do Bike Helmets Expire?

Helmets don’t expire, but they’ve a lifespan. Ideally, your e-bike helmet should be replaced after several years of use.

There’s seemingly a lot of disagreement on the exact number of years you should take before replacing your e-bike helmet.

CPSC, for instance, recommends a helmet replacement every five to 10 years. On the other hand, the Snell Memorial Foundation, yet another trusted helmet safety resource, recommends you retire your helmets after five years.

So, do the helmets really expire? No, but they deteriorate.

For helmets that haven’t been compromised through crashes, you might start to realize the degradation of some of their components like the foam or glue,

The UV rays, body oil, and sweat normally take a toll on the material, and eventually, they might comprise their safety rating.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Helmet?

E-bike helmets should be replaced on a single hit.

As such, always assume your helmet is damaged if it’s involved in any sort of accident, regardless of how it looks.

And if you’ve not been in an accident, consider replacing the helmet after every five years.

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Does Dropping a Helmet Ruin It?

Probably not; if you simply drop your helmet to the ground from your hand to the ground, you don’t have to replace it.

Minor damages, scratches, and imperfections don’t normally affect the integrity of the helmet.

However, remember helmets are a one-time use object, so you should always treat them with care.

Frequent droppings on hard surfaces might eventually take a toll on the helmet’s performance.

Always pay attention when you hit hard surfaces, and perform a thorough inspection of the helmet to see if its protective capabilities have been compromised.

How Do You Check if Your Helmet is Safe?

Without a thorough inspection by a professional, it can be difficult to determine whether your helmet is compromised.

However, through visual inspection, it’s possible to determine the extent of the damage.

For starters, start with the exterior shell. Visually inspect to search for any signs of damages, scratches, or dents.

Next, remove the comfort liner and check its condition. Check to see whether the linear has cracks or compressed foam as it might be an indicator of a damaged helmet.

Finally, check the chinstrap. It wears with use, so inspect the webbing for heavy fraying, especially where the strap passes through the D-rings.

However, if you suspect your helmet is compromised, it’s best you take safety precautions by replacing it. Even good helmets can’t provide the same level of protection for the second time.

The best move, however, would be sending the helmet to the manufacturer for a post-accident check.

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Which E-bike Cycle Helmet is Best?

In the section below, we look at the best E-bike helmets in the market:

1.  Giro Bexley MIPS Adult Urban Cycling Helmet

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The Bexley MIPS is the Giro’s top-notch urban helmet with the most advanced features you would expect from a high-quality helmet.

It comes with a compact shape that will not confound your preferred style while still providing lengthy coverage. It also has plush antimicrobial padding to keep the helmet fresh in all seasons.

The Bexley MIPS is a unisex helmet best for adults. It’s not a children’s helmet.

This helmet’s best feature is the Multi Direction Protection System, which reduces the rotational forces and brain jarring.


  • Superb visibility at the rear
  • Complete eye protection
  • Additional impact protection with MIPS technology


  • High-priced

2. Atlas 2.0: Ruroc Motorcycle Helmet

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If you are looking for a full-face helmet, Atlas 2.0 you can’t go wrong with the Atlas 2.0. It comes with a tinted visor, which is great for sun glare and protecting your faces from insects while riding.

It’s aesthetically pleasing too.

Like the Bexley MIPS, it’s a uni-sex option, ideal for both men and women, but not kids.

The Atlas2.0 also has an adjustable chin inlet to keep you cool and allow fresh air. This helmet is Bluetooth compatible. Hence you can upgrade it to listen to music while cycling.


  • Variety of styles and colors
  • Sun blocking visor
  • Full face protection


  • Expensive

3.  Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Guarantee Helmet

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This is a perfect helmet you will want to wear every time you go for cycling. It is designed to keep adults’ men and women safe with style as they bike, but not for kids.

The Thousand Adult Helmet also comes with an anti-theft and accident replacement guarantee.

The best feature in this helmet is its SECRET POPLOCK, which provides convenient security whenever you want to leave it behind.


  • Affordable
  • Theft protection
  • Dial fit system for adaptability
  • Available in almost all colors


  • No MIPS safety system

4.  ABUS Pedelec 2.0 Helmet

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The Pedelec 2.0 is an excellent city helmet developed by ABUS. With its round and discreet design, Pedelec 2.0 provides excellent protection against lateral impacts.

It is highly comfortable even for long rides and offers good adaptability for perfect alignment on your head.

This helmet is for both male and female adults. However, it is not suitable for children and people with eye problems since it offers no eye protection.

The best thing with Pedelec 2.0 is that it has a rain cover integrated into it. 


  • Better visibility at the rear
  • More comfort
  • Protects the hair from rainwater
  • Protects the hair from insects and bugs


  • No eye protection


Safety is the biggest benefit that you stand to gain from an e-bike helmet.

At the same time, however, don’t allow the quest for safety to compromise other essential elements such as comfort, ease of use aesthetics and convenience.

The good news is, all of the above explains everything you need to know about selecting the best e-bike helmets in detail.

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