Best Electric Bikes for Women in 2021

By Chris Wilson

Electric bikes take the donkeywork out of peddling to enhance the whole riding experience. As a result, the rider can enjoy the scenery, as the wind rubs against their face while the hair flies backwards. The best e-bikes for women are gender-specific, with features such as narrower handlebars and saddles, and are easy to use on a variety of terrains but most important of all, lightweight, and portable.

We discuss all that as well as the lower minimum weight limits and among other features that can't be overlooked when searching for the best electric bike for petite riders.

If you are in the market for a suitable e-bike for women, and also for a small lady, the following info may come in handy. Read on!

Best E-bikes for Women: Editor's Picks

Review of the Best E-bikes for Women

1. LJ Adult 26-Inch City Electric Bike Retro Design

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With a powerful 400W IP68 waterproof and dustproof brushless motor, there is no terrain or environment the rider cannot sample. The electric bike has sufficient continuous power for an enjoyable ride to the grocery store or dash to a friend's house for a party.

The e-bike boasts a high-performance 48V lithium battery with enough juice for 9.3 miles (150 kilometers), and only needs between 5 and 6 hours to fully charge.

LJ is also easy to use, thanks to the porous discs with dissipating heat capability. Combined with a mechanical dual disc system, you get optimal control over the e-bike in various situations. You can focus on the road, and enjoy the ride.

The anti-skid thick tires on 26-inch integrated wheels have good elasticity and provide a stable and comfortable ride on the road's rough patches.

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2. LJ Adult Women's Electric Bike, 20-Inch 7-Speed Variable Speed Electric Bike

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The ability to switch between the electric mode and the manual mode in the LJ Adult Women's Electric Bike is always a great option to have. Plus you can always choose to put in essential exercises to keep in shape, or when there isn't enough juice to go the distance.

The front fork material connected to the L-shaped arch bridge is high carbon steel for improved stability and comfortable impact. You don't have to work too hard to control the e-bike.

LJ is subtle in appearance, and boasts an excellent design for women. The step through frame design is thoughtful as it makes it easier to use without so much focus on what you are wearing.

Also, the LED display and the headlights improve visibility on the road for you and for other road users to see you better.

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3. Rattan 48V Electric Bike for Adults

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The fat tire bikes may not have the aesthetics to cut it for some people, but they are ideal for use in various terrains. Rattan Electric Bike for adults can get you to the ideal picnic spot comfortably, without stretching your muscular ability.

Rattan comes equipped with IPAS Energy Control System for energy efficiency. You use less for more distance. The intelligent controller senses your riding status and adjusts the power distribution, reduces energy loss and extends the life of your battery.

The brushless gear motor works with the intelligent controller to reach 28 MPH maximum speed, and you can get there on time.

Meanwhile, the IPAS mode can push the 48V 13ah lithium battery to between 60 and 80 miles, and you no longer have to miss some of those important events.

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4. Cyrusher XF800 Electric Bike

Cyrusher 750W Electric Bike Fat Tire Mountain Ebikes Snow...

There are not many e-bikes that can claim to have safe materials through and through. Suppose you are the kind of woman that always worries about exposure to harmful paint and other substances, Cyrusher XF800, with products that have passed CE certification, may be for you.

Cyrusher’s fat-looking tires increase friction and enhance stability for a variety of riding conditions such as snow, rain, beach and road. You are comfortable regardless of the road surface you are using.

The high suspension fork material is high strength carbon steel for improved safety and comfort when riding in some of those difficulty sections on your way home. The frame is top grade aluminium alloy for strength and to make it lightweight.

Cyrusher 750W Electric Bike Fat Tire Mountain Ebikes Snow...
  • Motor-style Ebike: Motorcycle-inspired XF900...
  • Fat-tire Bike:By increasing the size of the tires...
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The Classes of Ebikes

There are different classes of e-bikes that you can choose from, and they include the following:

Pedal Assist

This class of e-bike requires peddling before you can use the motor. It is similar to a standard bike except that the motor takes over to help you when it senses the peddling. The pedal assists e-bike may have a throttle or not, depending on the brand and model.

This type has a few advantages of their own. For example, you don't need a driver's license, and there is no age limit. Unfortunately, the pedal-assist e-bike has a speed limit of 20mph.

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Throttle Only

The throttle only e-bike has a throttle-controlled motor that does not require you to peddle. All that’s needed is cranking of the throttle, and you are off to an enjoyable ride. But this type has caveats. Well, the more you use the motor and the less you use the pedals, the sooner you run out of battery power.

Like the pedal-assist e-bike, you do not need a driver's license, and there is no age limit. The maximum speed is around 20 mph. 

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Pedal Assist with 28mph speed

The 28mph speed is the fastest on a legal bike. Still, it does not require a license plate and others such as the driver's license. It is still a bicycle by law.

The e-bike may or not have a throttle, and all riders should be above 17 years.

However, you will need a helmet. The pedal-assist e-bike with improved speeds is ideal for commuting such as to and from your workplace. 

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How do the E-bikes Function?

The internal motor is an essential part of an electric bike, which gives the peddling a bit of more power to move faster and longer. Even though you still need to steer and pedal, the inbuilt motor does all the hard work.

In most cases, the e-bikes allow you to adjust how much help you can get from the motor depending on preference and several other factors. 

The Various Categories of E-bikes that You can Pick

Cruiser E-Bikes

The differentiating factor for most e-bike categories is the motor or battery. The first category is the cruiser or the comfort bike for the recreational rider. The saddle is comfortable, and you get to sit upright when riding so that you can enjoy the sights as you ride.

The cruiser type is especially ideal for those that want to put in some exercises.

Usually, this type has two frame styles that include the step-through and the traditional diamond-shaped frame. The step-through frame is ideal for women and senior citizens, as it is easy to get on and off the bike.

Some of the hybrid e-bikes come equipped with a rigid fork to absorb bumps and other rough surfaces that you may encounter on your way to the grocery store.

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Commuter E-bike

There is also the hybrid or the commuter type designed to get you to your destination faster. The commuter e-bike is the kind you choose for the everyday commute to the workplace and back. The e-bikes are also great for exercising, without taking so much energy from you.

The good thing about hybrid e-bikes is that they can go as fast as 28 mph, without getting you all sweaty. You do not need to book a parking space, and you can keep moving between heavy traffic. It is, therefore, possible to get to the office earlier than your colleagues with motor vehicles.

ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5'' Adults Electric...


The third category is the off-road e-bikes, or the E-MTBs (electric mountain bikes) ideal for getting you to some of the most challenging places where standard e-bikes will struggle. This is the category that elicits so much controversy, with some outdoor enthusiasts calling it a cheat. However, the e-bike is the best definition of outdoor fun.

It is only through mountain e-bike that you can enjoy the different features, the weather and get into some of the most remote places without breaking a sweat, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The mountain e-bikes are powerful and get you to the top faster and efficiently. Going downhill is a lot of fun, thanks to the low centre of gravity and the battery's position.

E-MTBs are available in two: full suspension and the more affordable hardtails. Full suspension e-bikes have both the rear and front suspension while the hardtails only have the front suspension. The full suspension type is more versatile and powerful than the handrails.

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What Type of E-Bike Should I Purchase?

There are two crucial considerations when picking an e-bike, and they include your budget and how you will be using it. The electric bikes fall in various categories that include mountain, commuter, cargo, cruiser, and even folding e-bikes.

Each of the categories has its benefits and shortcomings, and it is always good to understand each to have a better picture.

In terms of budget, you pretty much get the e-bike that you pay for. In other words, the lower you get in terms of price, the more inferior the quality, and the shorter the time that you use it for.

If there is anything that life has taught us is that cheap is always expensive. Invest in the right e-bike for quality durability and riding comfort for longer.

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