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Electric rides? Well, yes! That’s purely obvious from our team. We are dedicated to delivering every relevant detail about e-evolution without discriminating or prejudicing that passion of ours.

Our main mission is to inform and educate our readers about alternative means for commuting and transportation in an eco-friendly way utilizing clean energy sources.

When it comes to electric riding, we’re the avid performance thrill-seekers. Pioneering great and well-reviewed mobility products for e-ride lovers is all we want. We kind of boast a complete squad working out with a sheer number of electric bikes and scooters to see how we can revolutionize the overall riding experience. 

Our vision is to become the best source on the internet for people seeking information about alternative modes of personal transportation that employ green technology and renewable energy sources. We work together to develop, create, and produce content we're proud of for all e-riders in general.

Indeed, our close attention is devoted to the rider’s safety, speed, and excellent value for the money. We believe great quality and excellent performance should be reasonably priced and reliable as well. We believe in aspiringly presenting every aspect of e-riding information through an environment of resolute improvement in the quest for perfection.

With seamless form and absolute silhouette, our crew is designed to transform e-mobility for good. We outline every element around the comfort of e-riders, putting the thoughts through rigorous testing to ascertain models' safety and durability in all aspects.

Meet Our Team

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Chris Wilson

Software Engineer and long time fan of personal electric transportation. 

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Ibrahim Mawri

Electric Engineer and Technology and Automation Enthusiast

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