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The biggest problem with riding an waterproof electric bike in rainy weather is that the electric components and battery pack might get wet. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a removable battery pack or a sealed unit, there’s always a chance that a little bit of water could seep in. If this happens, it will most likely lead to damage to your ebikes controller, battery pack …etc.

Luckily, there are few steps you can take to make sure that your electric bike stays safe from water damage.

This article will provide in-depth analyses of e-bikes ability to be ridden in wet conditions (their real resistance to water) and how to protect your ebike should you have to ride it in such conditions.

We have even included a list of the best water resistance electric bikes to help narrow your search down. That said, let’s jump into the article.

Are Electric Bikes Waterproof?

Aventon Waterproof Electric Bike

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Not all electric bikes are designed to be waterproof. In most cases, their electronic components are housed inside materials that prevent water from getting in them.

The level of resistance these materials provide against dust (or other solid particles) and water is graded using a waterproof rating developed by the IEC called the Ingress Protection (IP).

In most cases, electronic devices are rated between IP00 (which offers no protection against solid and liquid particles) and IP68 (the highest IP rating, offering maximum protection against dust and water). Electric bike manufacturers will often include information on their products’ impermeability in their specifications.

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Can You Ride Electric Bike in Rain

Most electric bikes should perform just fine under light rain. Their external components are designed to lock splashes from road sprays to surface areas on the bike.

You will however need to wipe your e-bike down with a dry cloth every time you take it out in the rain. This will prevent the battery’s contacts and drivetrain from gathering surface rust.

Also, try not to completely immerse your electric bike in water unless it’s rated for such conditions. Electric bikes with waterproof ratings under IP-6 are not suitable for submersion.

How Do I Protect My Electric Bike From the Rain

Hanmir Bike Cover

Do not expose your electric bike to wet conditions for long periods. Water is a universal solvent, given the time, it will find its way into any compartment it comes in contact with.

Even if the bike’s finish protects its electronic components from water ingress, it’s still not a good idea to park your unit in the rain. Especially if you live in an area that’s prone to flooding.

You can purchase a waterproof cover for your electric bike(s) during rainy season. This will provide protection for your e-bike against the elements but won’t keep your battery pack warm.

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How Do I Waterproof My Electric Bike to Ride in Wet Conditions

Himiway Waterproof Electric Bike

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Preparing your electric bike for riding in wet conditions involves the same processes as winterizing it. As a rule of thumb, you want to ensure your battery pack is shielded from water sprays and droplets (you won’t need to worry about this if your battery is integrated into the bike’s frame).

Protective battery covers should do the trick. However, if you’re not afraid of taking your bike out for a ride in heavy rain, you might want to consider purchasing plastic covers for your LCD device and wire connectors.

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There are other things you can do to improve your safety while riding in loose conditions. Some of them include;

  • Decreasing the pressure in your tire or swapping out your normal-sized tires for wider ones, and
  • Purchasing waterproof panniers.

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Are E-bike Batteries Waterproof

Bosch Waterproof E-bike Batteries

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Electric bike batteries are not 100% waterproof. However, they are usually enclosed in water-resistant casing.

How Do You Waterproof an Ebike Battery

The best way to shield your e-bike’s battery from water (and other elements that might be harmful to it) is to encase it in a protective cover. These covers will prevent liquids from getting into the battery’s contacts.

Ingress Protection Ratings and What They Mean

In Ingress Protection rating, the first number after ‘IP’ indicates the device’s resistance to solid objects. The one after that specifies the level of protection the appliance’s housing provides against liquids.

Whenever you see ‘X’ in the place of a number, it means that e-bike (or electronic appliance) wasn’t tested for resistance against that code and therefore has no rating.

Most Popular Electric Bikes and Their Ingress Protection Rating

Electric Bike Waterproof Ratings

Waterproof Rating



Electronic parts are not protected from solids or liquids.


Housing provides protection against solid objects larger than 50 mm.


Electronic components are protected against water formed as a result of condensation or vertically falling drops of liquid.


Electronics with this rating are protected against solid objects sized between 12.5mm and 50mm.


Droplets of water are also denied entry into the system, even when the device is tilted to a 15° angle.


Solid objects greater than 2.5mm (like tools and thick wires) are shielded out of the system.


Water sprays at a 60° angle are locked to the surface.


Only objects smaller than 1mm can infiltrate the casing of electronics with this IP rating.


The second number denotes protection against water splashes from any direction.


All electronic components are safeguarded against infiltration from tiny objects like dust and water jets from any direction.


Any electronic device with 6 as the first figure (after ‘IP’) is generally referred to as ‘dust-tight”. Dust particles (and other solid objects larger than dust particles) are denied entry into such systems.


Provides protection against powerful water jets


Is unaffected by a 30-minute submersion in water at a depth of one meter.


Can withstand deep immersion in liquids for long periods.


This rating is given to any electronic that can withstand water at high pressures (e.g. steam washing).

The numbers after IP can be arranged in any order. All you need to pay attention to while shopping for a waterproof ebike is the bike’s rating.

So for example, you might find an electric bike with an IPX4 rating (this rating is quite popular among e-bikes). As mentioned earlier, ‘X’ after ‘IP’ means the bike was not tested in that particular category, which in this case is ‘solid objects’.

However, while the manufacturer doesn’t specify the level of the bike’s resistance to solid objects, they do define how protected the bike’s components are from water sprays in any direction.

Most Popular Electric Bikes and Their Ingress Protection Rating

Aventon Waterproof Electric Bike

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E-bike Model

Waterproof Rating

Aventon Aventure


Aventon Level


Aventon Sinch


Aventon Pace 500


Aventon Pace 350


Ride1Up 500 Series


Ride1Up 700 Series


Ride1Up Roadster V2


Ride1Up Core-5


Radwagon 4


Radcity Version 4


Radrover Version 1


Radmini Version 2


Radrover Version 5


Radcity Version 3


Domane+ LT 7


Verve+ 3 Lowstep


Townie Go! 8D EQ Step-Thru


Allant+ 9.9S


Rail 7


Best Waterproof Electric Bikes

Best Waterproof Electric Bike

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Waterproof e-bikes are ideal for year-round riding. In most cases, you won’t even need to winterize a water-resistant electric bike to get it ready for riding in the snow or rain.

Below are a few of the most versatile water-resistant electric bikes on the planet.

Editor’s 1st Choice

Ride1Up 500 Series

Ride1Up 500 Series E-bike

Overall Rating:

  • Water Resistance Rating: IP-65
  • Range of 25-45 miles
  • Top speed of 20+ mph

Editor’s 2nd Choice

Aventon Level

Aventon Level E-bike

Overall Rating:

  • Water Resistance Rating: IPX4
  • Range of 40 miles
  • Top speed of 28 mph

Editor’s 3rd Choice

Juiced Hyperscorpion

Juiced Hyperscorpion

Overall Rating:

  • Water Resistance Rating: Undisclosed
  • Range of 70+ miles
  • Top speed of 30+ mph

Waterproof Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Maybe your bicycle holds sentimental value, and you’re not ready to completely replace it with a battery-powered model. Well, you can always convert it (your conventional bike) to an electric bike.

We have compiled some of the best waterproof e-bike conversion kits on the market for you.

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