Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes – A Comparative Analysis

Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes

Aventon and Rad are two well-known names in the e-bike industry. Both brands have a reputation for making some of the strongest, most efficient e-bikes. These companies have produced a number of great electric bike models and configurations, each with unique features, putting ebike lovers in a difficult position when deciding which brand to buy from.

Fortunately, there are nuances in both brands that can be used as a determinant factor when deciding which best suits one lifestyle. So, if you’re eager to know which ebike brand takes the cake, keep reading as we explore a few differences and similarities between aventon vs rad power bikes to help you make your mind.

Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes

Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes – A Comparative Evaluation

1. Speed

Rad e-bikes are usually restricted to top speeds of 20 mph (in both pedal- and throttle-assist modes). On the other hand, most Aventon bikes reach speeds of about 28 miles per hour (20 mph using throttle alone).

The only way to go beyond a Rad Power e-bikes’ speed limit is by derestricting the bike. Even with this, riders aren’t usually able to go beyond 25 miles an hour.

2. Motor and Power

Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Aventon Motor


Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Rad Power Bikes Motor

Rad Power Bike

Most Aventon electric bikes typically come with 750-watt motors that peak at about 1130 watts. Aventon motors are perceived to be stronger than Rad motors (based on users’ experience), because of their peak power.

Rad motors usually peak at about 750 watts and are typically brushless geared motors. They are quite efficient at starting up rapidly and powering up hills.

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3. Range

Rad’s latest models are said to have an 11% improvement in their range compared to earlier models. Their Kenda tire tread patterns enable them to ride better on paved roads. With this, you can get about 25-50 miles of range from recent models.

As for Aventon bikes, most of their recent models can go up to 53 miles on pedal assist level 1 and about 19 miles on level 5. The brand provides real-world testing range numbers on their website, which makes it easier to compare between models and choose a range that best suits your lifestyle.

Additionally, the average range for most Aventon e-bikes sits at about 1 mile per 20-watt hours. That could mean about 33 miles for an Aventon commuter e-bike, and probably 40-55 miles for an advanced adventure e-bike.

4. Water Resistance

Much like most e-bike brands, Aventon and Rad Power also design water-resistant e-bikes. Aventon electric bikes generally have an IP rating of IPX4. This means that their electronic components are protected against splashes of water from all directions.

Rad Power e-bikes equally perform well in wet conditions and all their electrically powered features, like the controls and LCD screen, are built to function properly even when under light rain showers.

5. Portability

Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Aventon Portability


Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Rad Power Bikes Portability

Rad Power Bike

In the recent models of both brands, manufacturers have taken portability into consideration. Both the Rad Expand 5 and the Aventon Sinch ST are foldable and easy to store, lift and carry.

The Sinch has foldable handlebars, pedals and frames making them convenient to lift when required. Similarly, the RadExpand 5 weighs roughly 5 pounds less than its older models and can easily fold for your convenience.

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6. Weight Limit and Net Weight

Both e-bike brands have varying weights for their different models. Aventon electric bikes typically weigh between 50 and 70 lbs and are usually sturdy enough to support up to 400 lbs of weight.

Most Rad Power e-bikes, on the other hand, weigh between 60 and 70 lbs. Their payload capacities range between 275 lbs (for average models) and 300 (lbs for utility models).

7. Display and Controls

Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Aventon Display and Controls


Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Rad Power Bikes Display and Controls

Rad Power Bike

Aventon LCDs seem to be slightly more advanced as they come with a full-color display, app pairing and a USB slot for charging your phone.

Rad Power’s display is colorless yet simple, and includes information such as battery charge level, pedal assist level, speedometer, and more. However, you would have to order a USB port if you want one for your Rad e-bike.

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8. Build Quality

Both Aventon and Rad e-bikes have commendable build quality and can withstand both rough and smooth terrains.

However, most Aventon e-bike models seem to rate higher than some Rad models in terms of build quality. For example, the Aventon Aventure model seemed to rate slightly higher than the Rad rover 6 plus model, since the Aventure comes with branded metal fenders as opposed to the Rad rover’s plastic fenders.

Both Rad and Aventon use Kenda tires for their power bikes, but Rad ebike tire patterns are less aggressive compared to Aveton bike tires, which seem to be designed for both city commutes and off-the-road rides.

9. Climbing Ability

Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Aventon Climbing Ability


Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Rad Power Bikes Climbing Ability

Rad Power Bike

Both Aventon and Rad bikes have very impressive hill-climbing abilities. Although Aventon e-bikes may be able to withstand rougher, hillier terrains with less wear and tear because of their tire patterns, bicycles from both manufacturers can travel up steep hills with little effort from the rider.

Most Aventon bikes’ 750-Watt motors can reach a peak of up to 1130 Watts which is quite powerful for any e-bike. Similarly, most Rad bikes can ride uphill with ease thanks to their 750 Watt Motors.

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10. Upgrades and Accessories

Aventon released two new bike upgrades recently; the 2022 Aventon Pace 500 Next-Gen and Pace 350 Next-Gen. These next-gen models feature a slicker frame design with integrated lights and 48V, 12.8 Ah and 36V, 11.6Ah batteries respectively.

Rad e-bikes have a wide range of upgrades for all their accessories available on their site including, Radrunner LCD displays, enhanced saddles, premium headlights, and more.

11. Suspension and Tires

Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Aventon Suspension and Tires


Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Rad Power Bikes Suspension and Tires

Rad Power Bike

Some Aventon bikes like the Aventon step-through have 4-inch fat tires and 80 mm of travel in the front suspension. This will give you the lift, cushion and comfort you need riding on bumpy trails or pavement.

Rad e-bikes also come with fat tires. However, most of the recent models don’t have a suspension fork but have increased air volume to help cushion the rides.

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12. Ride Smoothness

Both e-bikes use Kenda puncture-proof 4-inch tires with good suspension and high air volume. In the Aventon bikes, the pedal assist and functional throttle require minimal pedaling from the rider.

The suspension and air volume cushion the ride giving the rider a smooth trip on a city street or bumpy hill. The same can be said for Rad bikes, as the suspensions ensure a convenient ride with less hassle even when riding on uneven terrains.

13. Turning, Control, and Balance

Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Aventon Turning, Control, and Balances


Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Rad Power Bikes Turning, Control, and Balance

Rad Power Bike

The fat tires on both Rad and Aventon bikes provide balance during a commute. The makeup of the frames also adds to the rider’s control and balance as Aventon bikes come in different sizes to accommodate different heights and body weights.

On the other hand, Rad bikes come in a one-size-fits-all to accommodate most riders.

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14. Design and Engineering

Aventon usually goes for lightweight frames, with a healthy mix of step-through and diamond-framed e-bikes depending on the model. Additionally, practically all Aventon e-bikes boast ergonomic handlebars, with their websites offering upgrades for customers who would like to shave off some grams or just need a more comfortable fit.

Furthermore, not all Aventon models come with racks and extensions, you’ll mostly find such accessories on commuter or utility e-bikes, as opposed to powerful, dual-motored mountain e-bikes.

The Rad brand almost trails the same route, with various handle-bar designs like swept-back, cruiser, and riser. Rad e-bikes usually fall under the category of folding, off-road, commuter, and cargo with alternating slim designs, adjustable seats, rear racks and fat-tire features.

Finally, most Aventon bikes also have 8-gear Shimano trigger shifters and the signature rear hub motor, while the Rad brand usually leans towards 7-speed thumb shifters and direct drive motors.

15. Special Features

Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Aventon


Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Rad Power Bike

Rad Power Bike

Most Aventon e-bikes enable throttle operation and pedal assist, all-terrain water-resistant builds, as well as built-in displays.  You may equally find integrated front and rear headlights, and for most of the newer models, a companion app that tracks ride stats.

Rad bicycles feature well-engineered frames, pre-installed fenders, LED control panels, and water-resistant wire connectors. However, the newer models have even more stepped-up features like the hydraulic and ceramic brake pads, an easy-to-swap battery system, as well as front, rear and brake lights.

Best Brand Has To Offer In Terms OfRad Power BikesAventon


20 mph in pedal- and throttle-assist modes

28 mph without throttle

Motor power

750 watts and is a brushless geared, threaded hub motor

Bafang 750-watt rear hub motor


25-50 miles of range

Up to 53 miles on pedal assist level 1 and about 19 miles on level 5



IPX4 Water-resistant


Rad expand 5 is foldable and portable

Foldable handlebars and frame make it convenient to carry around when needed

Net Weight and Weight Limit

Weigh 73.4 lbs and weight limit is 275 lbs

Weighs 73 lbs, weight limit is 300 lbs

Display and Controls

Colorless. Includes information such as battery charge level, pedal assist level, speedometer, etc.

Full color display, app pairing and a USB slot

Build Quality

Built for urban commutes. Come with plastic fenders.

Can withstand both rough and smooth terrains. Incorporate branded metal fenders.

Upgrades and Accessories

Radrunner LCD display, enhanced saddle, premium headlights, etc.

LCD display, rear racks, bike bags and panniers.

Suspension and Tire

No suspension fork. Increased air volumeFat tire options, comfortable saddle, adjustable handlebars, etc.

4 inch fat tires and 80 mm of travel in the front suspension.Kenda puncture-proof 4-inch tires with good suspension for smooth rides

Turning Control and Balance

Fat tires enable balance. come in different sizes to accommodate different heights and body weights for control.

Fat tires enable balance. come in one size fits all for control.


Overall impressive performance.Class 2 e-bikeCan reach a speed of 20 mph

Overall impressive performance.Class 3 e-bike.Can reach up to 28 mph.Bafang 750-watt hub moto


Twist grip throttles can accelerate from 0-20 mph in roughly 18 seconds.

Class I and II bikes can accelerate up to 20 mph and class III bikes can go up to 28 mph.Left-hand thumb throttle and locking grips enable acceleration within seconds.

Special Features

Most of their ebikes come with preinstalled rear racks and mounts for a front rack.

Enabled throttle operation and pedal assist.Full-colour LED display and integrated, battery-powered front and rear lights.

16. Lifespan, Durability, Defect Rates

Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Aventon Aluminum Frame


Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Rad Power Bikes Aluminum Frame

Rad Power Bike

The average lifespan of Aventon and Rad e-bikes is estimated to be about 5 years depending on various factors like storage and frequency of use.

Aventon bikes are quite strong and durable, fitted with a svelte, aluminum hydroformed frame and metal fenders, they’re able to stand strong and function properly even after a few hits.

However, some users did report certain defects which required a return or refund on their purchases.

Much like Aventon bikes, Rad bikes are sturdy and strong. Their frames are made from solid aluminum material and their tires are quite thick and puncture-proof. Same as Aventon e-bikes, Rad bikes have reported very few defects, giving both bikes a low defect rate.

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18. Known Issues and Downsides

Aventon bikes have few known downsides but unfortunately, some reviewers have experienced a lag in the turbo effect from the motor. Users have also complained that the Aventon Pace 500’s throttle does not work from a complete stop.

The rider will have to pedal at least one revolution before the throttle kicks off because of this, which is inconvenient at the traffic lights.

Also, there’ve been reports of the battery turning off at random intervals during a rider’s commute. Users have also complained about a lag in power assist and a lack of customer support.

On the other hand, it’s been reported that Rad e-bike brakes require lots of adjustments to maintain tightness. The issue of loose spokes has also come up on several occasions.

Some downsides include high prices, relatively short battery life, colorless LCD display, and no front suspension forks.

19. Shipping and Returns

Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes Aventon: Shipping and Returns


Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes: Rad Power Bikes Shipping and Returns

Rad Power Bike

Aventon ships within 3-5 working days while accessories ship within 7-10 business days. The company ships bikes to all the states in the US and accessories to Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada and other APO, DPO and FPO addresses.

Bikes cannot be shipped outside of the US (except through partner companies) due to shipping regulations on high capacity lithium batteries. Lithium batteries, LCD displays and controllers are included too.

Shipping charges do not include Import duty or taxes, however, returns of new and unused products can be returned within 14 days after delivery and a full refund will be made.

Furthermore, used items may be returned within 30 days and a 50% refund will be made using the same payment method.

Rad Ships to all states within the US only, but has Canadian and European sites for customers from those regions. Orders under 150 dollars will include a flat charge of 10 dollars. Free returns are accepted 14 days after receipt.

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20. User Satisfaction and What Owners Are Saying

Overall Customer satisfaction for Aventon bikes is generally great. Users love the fact that it is cost-effective due to rising gas prices and it is great for the environment.

Additionally, customer service is said to be great and people generally love the large LCD screen, speed and comfort. The pedal assist is also a favorite amongst owners since it’s an energy saver.

For Rad bikes, overall customer satisfaction seems to be dropping. Customers are concerned about rising prices with no upgrades. Owners complain about the uncomfortable seats and admit to spending an extra $200 on a seat upgrade. Owners are also still anticipating upgrades on other features like the hydraulic brakes, coloured LCD screens, derailleur, and more.

21. Warranties

For the Aventon company, warranties are governed by the laws of the state you purchase your e-bike from. These warranties apply only to bikes purchased directly from Aventon or official Aventon retailers.

Aventon warranties apply to all defective electric bicycle components such as bicycle frames, batteries, controllers, displays, etc.

Rad warranties cover all defective bicycles and their corresponding components. The Rad warranty lasts for up to a year.

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