Aventon eBikes Problems To Be Aware of Before Buying

Aventon is one of the biggest manufacturers of electric bikes in the United States. The brand has sold over 200,000 e-bikes since its inception in 2012 and still continues to delight customers with its range of affordable bicycles.

However, like every other human-run company in the world, their products aren’t perfect. While the brand has established itself as one of the more reliable e-bike manufacturers in the US, there are complaints from unhappy customers that paint a different picture of the brand.

In this article, we will cover some of the Aventon ebikes problems you’re very likely to experience if you purchase an Aventon electric bike. Please keep in mind that the problems mentioned in this piece were gathered from comments and reviews from a small fraction of Aventon customers and don’t reflect the general quality of Aventon e-bikes

Most common Aventon Ebikes Problems

Most Aventon Electric Bikes Can’t Generate More than 750W Of Power

Almost every Aventon e-bike is equipped with a hub motor that delivers under 1000 Watts of power. Both the Soltera and the Pace 350 come standard with 350W motors.

The Level and Pace 500 take second place with nominal power ratings of 500 Watts and peak power outputs of up to 750 Watts. The first and most powerful model in Aventon’s lineup is the Aventure. This model is equipped with a 750W motor that puts out around 1130W of power at peak performance.

While these e-bikes are powerful enough  for commuters and people looking to move from point A to B, they might not be suitable for heavier-duty tasks like hunting and heavy off-road riding. One manufacturer that designs some pretty powerful electric bikes is Juiced.

Juiced sells some of the most powerful budget-friendly electric bikes available on the market today. Some of their e-bikes are able to generate up to 2000W of power and reach speeds exceeding 30 miles an hour.

Juiced’s electric bikes are also very affordable.  Now, they might be pricier than Aventon bikes, but none of them costs over $3000.

Aventon Ebikes Problems- Cadence Sensors Are Slow To Pick Up Signals

When you start an Aventon e-bike, it takes a few pedal strokes for the motor to kick in. This also happens when you stop pedaling – the motor doesn’t stop providing assistance instantaneously.

This issue is common among electric bikes that use cadence sensors. They are not as responsive as torque-sensing pedal-assist systems.

Aventon Ebikes Problems- Don’t throttle on Demand

One of the biggest joys of riding an electric bike is that you can engage the bike’s motor without actually pedaling. This feature allows users to sit back and enjoy leisurely rides as the motor takes care of propelling the bike.

Most production electric bikes today come with throttle-propelled systems and Aventon e-bikes aren’t any different. The only issue with Aventon e-bike throttles is that they don’t work unless certain conditions are met.

So, unlike other electric bikes that provide power on demand when their throttles are twisted (or pushed), Aventon e-bike throttles only work when the bike is in pedal-assist levels 1 through 5. What this means, essentially, is that you can’t use the throttle-assist function on an Aventon e-bike unless you crank the PAS to, at least, the first level.

Older generation Aventon electric bikes were even worse. Before throttling an old gen Aventon e-bike, one would have to pedal the bike for a few seconds.

I think this is a safety program that Aventon installs on all their electric bikes to prevent riders from accidentally engaging the throttle.

Aventon Ebikes Problems- Not Easy to Assemble

Most Aventon electric bikes (with the Sinch being the only exception) are delivered to customers 90% assembled. Even with that level of assembly, their bikes still require a little technical knowledge to put together.

The good thing is that they provide step-by-step videos on how to assemble their bikes on their official Youtube channel. And if you’re not feeling very confident in your assembly skills there’s always the option to purchase a fully-assembled/serviced unit from one of Aventon’s third-party dealers.

Another option would be to purchase the bike of your choice and take it to a bike shop for assembly. Aventon e-bikes are pretty popular so your chances of finding a bike shop that’ll be able to put your ebike together are pretty high.

Aventon Ebikes Problems- Mishandling During Shipping

This is why many of their customers complain about receiving e-bikes with broken or faulty components. There really isn’t much that Aventon can do as a large part of this problem is caused by the people who handle the bikes during shipping.

The brand conducts most of its operations from its headquarters in Ontario, California and has a warehouse in North Carolina. People who live outside of these areas (in other states) are more likely to receive beat up products due to poor handling by third party carriers .

I feel like the only thing Aventon can do to mitigate this problem is to package their e-bikes as Lectric Ebikes does. Lectric packages their e-bikes in boxes that have images of TV sets on them.

This sends a clear message to shipping carriers to handle the package with extra care.

Aventon Ebikes Problems- Shipping Delays

Aventon usually takes between 2 and 5 business days to ship bikes to customers and around 10 days to ship accessories to addresses in the 48 contiguous states. However, in some rare cases, delivery could take up to three or four weeks (sometimes even months).

One of such rare cases was documented by a customer who took to social media to express their displeasure with the brand’s logistics — and customer service — department. This customer said they ordered two Aventure e-bikes in August and were told that both bikes would arrive on or before the 23rd of September that same year.

Weeks went by and Aventon was unable to deliver on its promise. It wasn’t until November that same year (almost three months after) that Aventon finally shipped one of the bikes (this was after a lot of back and forth with the support team).

The customer didn’t leave any updates as to whether or not they received the other bike, but three months seems like a pretty long time to wait for an order.

Aventon Ebikes Problems: Poor Customer Support

A lot of Aventon customers have taken to online review communities to complain about the brand’s “non-existent” customer service. One customer said; “Terrible. You can’t reach anyone. They do not respond to emails. I have waited 2 months on my order to ship,( a basket and some fenders) and no one has anything to say…”

Another customer, who posted a complaint on Better Business Bureau’s official website, said they have reached out to Aventon’s support team on multiple occasions to request another charger for their Aventure but haven’t gotten any positive feedback.

According to the customer’s own words; “…No one answers the phone, and I get canned replies when using other means of contact with them…”. Even If you went through the reviews on their official Facebook page, you’d find out that most of the dissatisfied customers on there mainly criticize the brand’s poor customer service.

I think the biggest reason behind this is that Aventon is understaffed. At the time of this writing, the number of Aventon employees using LinkedIn is under 50. Compare that to Rad Power Bikes which has close to 500 employees using the social networking site.

While their official LinkedIn page might not provide the most accurate information as to how many people actually work at the company (which is about 350 in China and 70 in the US), it does provide an insight into the total number of employees currently working for the e-bike brand.

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