Best Ebike Brands – Unbiased Comparison

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Best Ebike Brands

Are you in the market for a high-quality electric bike? Maybe you're just tired of scrolling through e-bike product pages with fake reviews.

Well, we did the work for you and came up with an exhaustive list of the most reliable electric bike brands out there. This article will cover every aspect of your journey, from finding the most ideal e-bike for your needs to choosing the best e-bike vendor.

What Are the Top Brands of Electric Bikes

Top Brands of Electric Bikes

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Shopping for a new electric bike can be very exhausting. The market is flooded with poorly-designed ebikes from China. Even if you eventually find an e-bike that meets your requirements, you might still have to deal with delays in delivery - if your package ever gets delivered in the first place.

In this post, we'll be listing some of the most trusted e-bike manufacturers on the planet. This list will help narrow your search for a quality e-bike down and reduce the amount of time you spend verifying the legitimacy of electric bikes brands in the market today.

Electric Bike Brands List

Electric Bike Brands List

We have compiled a list of the best e-bike brands in the world. Each brand in this list has at least one award-winning electric bike in its line-up.

They are rated in order of the overall performance of their e-bikes, their logistics, and customer service.

E-bike Brand

Location (Headquarters)

Overall Rating

Costa Mesa, California


Seattle, Washington


Morgan Hill, California


San Diego, California


Waterloo, Wisconsin


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Los Angeles, California


Dieren, Netherlands


Fountain Valley, California


Seattle, Washington


Seattle, Washington


San Diego, California


Wilton, Connecticut


Carrollton, Texas


Phoenix, Arizona


Taipei, Taiwan


Ontario, California


Denver, Colorado


What Electric Bikes Are Made in the USA

Electric Bikes Are Made in the USA

Finding an American-made electric bike these days is super hard. Most e-bike brands (Aventon, Radpowerbikes, Ride1Up, Trek, Pedego, Juiced, etc) manufacture their products abroad.

The bikes are designed in the US but built from the ground up in countries like Taiwan and China where manufacturing costs are lower. Nevertheless, we were able to find a few e-bike brands with local manufacturing hubs.

The table below contains the names of e-bike brands that design and manufacture their bicycles in the US.

Electric Bike Brand

Where They Are Manufactured

Newport Beach

Los Angeles


Other brands like Specialized and Gazelle manufacture their e-bikes in Europe; Switzerland and Netherlands respectively.

What to Look for in an Electric Bike

Now that we've covered "where" to get quality e-bikes, let's dive deeper into "what" makes a good electric bike. Below are a few things you might want to consider when shopping for a new e-bike.

1. Power Output (Motor Rating)

Power Output (Motor Rating)

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Every electric bike comes with a power rating (usually measured in Watts). The higher this number, the more power said electric bike will be able to put out.

E-bike motors can be grouped into three major classes - low, medium, and high-powered. Low-powered electric bikes — usually with power ratings between 250 & 350 Watts — are ideal for light riding. They are not powerful enough to climb steep gradients nor transport heavy loads.

Higher-powered electric bikes on the other hand — typically equipped with 750-1000W motors — are better adapted to heavy-duty riding. So, if you're going to search for a great e-bike online, make sure it meets your requirements "powerwise".

2. Battery Capacity

Battery Capacity

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The last thing you want to do is pedal a 50-pound-plus machine five miles to your home without motor assistance; your legs will make you pay. In order to avoid such a situation, purchase an e-bike with a reliable battery.

Lithium-ion batteries have evolved since they were first introduced into the power sector in 1991. Today, there are e-bike battery packs that can store up to 20,000 mAh of current.

Don't lower your standards. As long as you're sure you'll be covering long distances with your e-bike, don't settle for just any bike, buy one with a long-lasting battery.

Read our guide on electric bike batteries here

3. Weight and Weight Capacity

Weight and Weight Capacity

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Electric bikes are usually 40 - 50% heavier than traditional bicycles. Their motors and batteries make them weigh more than their rider-powered counterparts.

That said, choosing the right e-bike for you will also depend on how much weight you're comfortable dealing with. If you constantly have to carry your e-bike up a flight of stairs, it's probably best that you purchase a lightweight electric bike.

These are not usually as powerful as heavier e-bikes, but with a mid-drive system, they should be able to overcome almost any resistant force.

Another metric you need to pay keen attention to is a bike's maximum payload capacity. These numbers represent the manufacturer's rating of how much weight the e-bike can support and still operate at optimal performance.

E-bike weight limits can range between 220 lbs and 350 lbs. It's only natural that heavy riders go for electric bikes with higher weight capacities as it ensures that they get the most out of their rides.

Read our guide on electric bikes weights and riders weight limits here

What Is the Most Reliable E-bike Motor

E-bike Motor

In most cases, a reliable e-bike motor is one that is efficient and durable. Cycling enthusiasts often refer to mid-drive motors as the most reliable and efficient e-bike drive system.

This is because they integrate with the bike's gear system and can be easily adapted to any riding condition. Need to go faster? Switch gears and let the motor take care of the rest. The same applies to situations where riders need to travel up steep inclines.

However, with companies improving on their hub-drive technologies, we're starting to see hub motors that are torquey enough to compete with even the best mid-motors. So, it's safe to say a reliable e-bike motor must have the following characteristics;

  • A decent enough power rating
  • Enough torque to flatten hills
  • Must be durable (maybe even come with a long warranty)

Some of the best e-bike motors include;

What Is the Most Dependable Electric Bike

Electric Bike

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Reliability is one of those qualities that everyone hopes for in an electric bike. No one wants to purchase a $1500 electric bike and end up spending ×2 of that amount replacing faulty components.

This is why we've put together a list detailing some of the most reliable electric bikes on the market. These award-winning e-bikes are made up of high-end parts and are guaranteed to give you the best bang for your buck.

What Is the Best Value for Money Electric Bike

If you don't have too much money to spend but want to get the best out of your e-bike purchase, check out our picks of the best value for money e-bikes.

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