Longest Range Electric Bikes

By Chris Wilson

August 28, 2020

The range of an e-bike refers to the number of miles or how far an e-bike can go on a single charge.

And surprisingly, the range goes beyond your e-bike specifications, particularly the battery.

In this article, we dive into the general range of e-bikes, talk about the e-bikes with the highest range, look at some of the aspects affecting range, and how to improve your e-bike range performance.

Longest Range Electric Bikes in 2020

Longest Range Electric Bikes 1

Delfastbike Prime 2.0


Prime 2.0 is a step-up to the Original Defast with the official Guinness World Record.
This e-bike has a fantastic range of 245 miles on a single charge. It's a rather bulky option, but a comfortable one, ideal for the long trips, thanks to successful weight distribution.

Longest Range Electric Bikes 2



RD11 is yet another capable e-bike. It's not as powerful as Prime 2.0, but it a sporty and responsive e-bike. It rides more like a traditional bike, but with the added kick of a motor. It has a decent range of up to 110 in eco and a reasonable speed of 28mph.

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Longest Range Electric Bikes 3

QWIC MN7VV Premium


MN7VV is a lightweight and comfortable e-bike and a practical option for daily use in the city.
It boasts of an efficient motor and larger battery option for seamless performance.
The e-bike also comes with a step-thru frame for easier mounting and getting off.
Performance-wise, this e-bike can manage 145 in Eco mode and can ride for 30 miles even with maximum power-hungry assistance.

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How Far Will An Electric Bike Travel?

The range depends on several variables, but the real answer boils to how much energy your e-bike has vs. the energy needed to cover a mile. So figure out how far can you go on an electric bike is somewhat difficult and cannot be distilled to an exact number. 

But how far do e-bikes go in general?

Currently, e-bikes with the highest range can rack up 200-250 miles on a single charge. Normally, such e-bikes are powered by powerful batteries, some with a 3kW capacity.

For the standard e-bikes with typical 400-500 watts, you can expect 100 to 200 kilometers. Finally, the less powerful options with less than 250W offer around a little over 30 miles on a single charge.

But as we had mentioned earlier, the range is by no means ideal as it depends on a variety of factors.

Notably, the battery capacity of your e-bike affects how far you can go. Generally, if all aspects are equal, an e-bike with a higher battery capacity will ride for longer.

Unfortunately, our world isn't perfect, so, yes, the external factors will also influence the range.

At times, you’ll be surprised at how fast the battery drains.

Away from the battery, some of the factors that may affect range include:

  1. ·         Level of peddle assistance offered to the e-bike
  2. ·         Terrain
  3. ·         Weight
  4. ·         Weather
  5. ·         Tire pressure
  6. ·         Frequency of stop and start

We shall briefly look at some of the above factors, and see how we can use them to our advantage to extend the e-bike’s range in the section below.

How Can I Increase The Range Of My Electric Bike

How Can I Increase The Range Of My Electric Bike?

Ease into the Throttle

It’s fun twisting the throttle, but every time you accelerate, you use comparatively more energy than you would when cruising.

So, instead of going all out on the throttle ease into it to conserve the battery.

Keep Tires Pumped Up

How Can I Increase The Range Of My Electric Bike

Tires at maximum pressure offer less rolling resistance, and so your battery won’t use much of the energy moving you forward.

Plan your Route

How Can I Increase The Range Of My Electric Bike

Photo created by freepik

It's not always possible to change routes, but choose a route with less rugged and steep terrain if there's an alternative way.

Generally, steep terrains affect the range of your e-bike as they drain your battery faster. On the other hand, gentle gradients don't consume a lot of power.

So, always plan your routes, and surprisingly, you might realize that longer routes could be more energy saving, provided you don’t encounter steep hills.

Capitalize on Regenerative Braking

Though the effects of regenerative braking are minimal and still debatable, it wouldn’t hurt using them to extend your range.

Ride on Efficiency Mode

Some e-bikes have different riding modes, and depending on the mode configured; it could affect the range of your e-bike.

We recommend switching to power efficiency mode, especially if you'll be riding for a longer time.

Which Electric Bike Has The Longest Range?

Delfast Prime e-bike, a Guinness world record holder, can go for 367 km or 228 miles on a single charge.

Typical of e-bikes with the longest range, it has a battery with over 3 kWh.

However, the range isn't to be confused with speed because this model isn't the fastest. It's not slow either as it can achieve a generous speed of 35 miles/h, which can be matched by few other electric bikes. Of course, with such speed, you should check with the authorities to determine whether it’s street legal.

What Is a 1000w Electric Bike Range?

1000w ebike is likely to give you anywhere from 40 to 70 miles, depending on the battery capacity and many other factors.

How we arrived at this number you might ask!

The range is the biggest consideration when choosing an e-bike, and every rider wishes to know how long their e-bike can go before running out of power.

As we had pointed earlier, several factors affect an e-bike range.

These factors are broadly classified into two: non-electrical and electrical factors.

Non-electrical factors affecting 1000W Ebike Range

Numerous variables affect an e-bike range, including rider weight, terrain, tire inflation, bike design, and riding style.

We shall not delve much into the non-electrical issues because most of them are quite variable.

Instead, we shall look at the electrical factors affecting the e-bike range.

Electrical Factors Affecting E-Bike Range

All e-bikes have three essential components separating them from the conventional bike. They're the motor, controller, and battery.

Each of the components has a critical role, and if one isn’t working properly, it can drastically affect the overall performance of your e-bike.

Normally, we use watt-hours to determine the energy capacity of a battery pack, and this is essential in determining how long your e-bike will ride on a single charge.

Before we look at how Wh affects range, let’s fist define watt.

A watt (W) is a unit of power. On the other hand watt per hour is energy in wattage, expended per hour.

E-bike batteries normally come with voltage and amp-hour rating. To calculate the Watt Hours of an e-bike battery, you multiply amp-hour by voltage.

Wh= V * Ah

So, if your 1,000W e-bike battery is rated at 36 V and 10.4 Ah, the total watt hour will be:

36 V * 10.4 Ah= 374.5 Wh.

On average, it’s estimated that the average e-bike battery yields one mile of distance for every 20 Wh of energy.

So, if you plug the numbers, you’ll see that an e-bike with 1, 000 w is likely to give you anywhere from 40 to 70 miles, depending on the battery capacity.

Again, you also have to factor the non-electrical factors we had earlier mentioned.


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