Best Electric Bikes for Tall Riders

By Chris Wilson

When you’re a taller rider or shorter rider than average, it can be a challenge to find an electric bike suiting your height.

If anything, the average rider height is 5'8," and most electric bikes are designed for these people.

However, it's still possible to find a few amazing e-bikes, specifically designed to meet the needs of the riders with outside the average height.

So, how unique are these electric bikes, and what do they have that the conventional e-bikes lack?

Best Electric Bikes for Tall Riders (Editor's Pick)

Editor's 1st Choice 
Best Electric Bikes for Tall Riders 1

RadRunner 1

Overall Rating:

  • Robust 750 W motor
  • Up to 45+
    Miles per Charge
  • 48V, 14 AhLithium-Ion Battery
Editor's 2nd Choice
Best Electric Bikes for Tall Riders 2


Overall Rating:

  • Motor750W Geared Hub (1,300W Peak)
  • Battery52V / 13.0Ah Extended Range
  • Range
    45+ Mile Range
Editor's 3rd Choice 
Best Electric Bikes for Tall Riders 3


Overall Rating:

  • Bafang Geared Hub 750 Watt Motor
  • 25-45 Miles Per Charge
  • 48 Volt 14AH battery Samsung Cells
Best Electric Bikes for Tall Riders 4

Electric Bikes Net Weight and Riders Weight Capacity / Limits

There’re several reasons why you should consider the weight limit of an electric bike before making a purchase.

Crack-Arm Length

The cram-arm length refers to the length from the bottom axle to the center of the pedal axle.

For taller riders, they should select an electric bike with a longer crank as it promotes optimum performance.

Although most experts agree that shorter cranks are comfortable, that’s not the case with the taller individuals.

Generally, the average e-bikes have a crank length of 165mm, and these will fit riders of height 5'8" and 5'10".

So if you’re a tall rider, you should choose an electric bike with a longer crank for more comfort.

Handlebar Height and Frame

If you always find your arms extending over the handlebars, then you need an e-bike with a longer stem.

For most tall riders, the handlebars are often placed too low. While it’s possible to add spacer for increasing the height, the best remedy would be using a long, angled stem.

Wheel Size and Frame

Generally, taller people have a greater weight mass compared to the shorter people.

So, the frame material and wheel size play a crucial role when selecting the electric bike for tall people.

Ideally, the perfect e-bike should feature a frame, preferably steel or titanium. Both of these materials are high-tensile, durable and can withstand the extra weight or the tall people.

In the same breath, the wheels should be generally larger, ideally, those of size 32” and 36”. These wheels will effortlessly provide the riders with a comfortable and smooth ride.

On the other side of the scale, short people may equally have a hard time finding an electric bike model suiting their cycling needs.

However, it doesn’t always need to be so. If you are a short person, this guide to find out about the best electric bikes for short riders


Finding the right fitting bike is necessary for comfort and a fun riding experience.

Now, if you feel the available models don't address your height concerns, you can as well go off-shelf and maybe consider a custom electric bike.

Though the purchase might be way expensive, it’s much better than investing in an e-bike you feel uncomfortable riding or even one you can't ride altogether.


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