Best Electric Mountain Bike Under 2000

By Chris Wilson

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NAKTTO 26" 500W Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Mountain EBike 6...
Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike 21 Speed 36V 8A...
NAKTTO 26" 500W Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Mountain EBike 6...
Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike 21 Speed 36V 8A...
A 500W Brushless High-speed Waterproof Motor.
A 250W stable motor and front and rear mechanical disc brakes.
Editor's 2nd Choice
NAKTTO 26" 500W Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Mountain EBike 6...
NAKTTO 26" 500W Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Mountain EBike 6...
A 500W Brushless High-speed Waterproof Motor.
Editor's 3rd Choice
Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike 21 Speed 36V 8A...
Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike 21 Speed 36V 8A...
A 250W stable motor and front and rear mechanical disc brakes.

Things start to get more impressive when you close the $2000 mark, and you get a lot more choice on fully trail-capable e-bikes. Nonetheless, there are still a couple of surprises below that price mark, which boast a decent suspension fork and motor for the technical trails.

Below the 2000 price point, you can still find decent electric mountain bikes from a brand with a mountain biking heritage, and which is ideal.

There is still a good range of e-bikes available, and depending on your preference and needs, you can choose between full suspension and hardtail units, and kill it out there on the track or trail.

Best Electric Mountain Bike Under 2000

#1. CZFJ Mountain Fat Tires Electric Bicycle

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CZFJ is definitely not one of the popular electric mountain bike brands, and so it does not have a considerable fanbase like the rest of them. The e-bike is also not the best option for the most challenging trails out there.

Yet, it is one of the budget-friendly surprises for beginners. The unit is easy to assemble according to the provided video, which should only take you a couple of minutes. And to prevent battery theft, the electric bicycle has a battery lock function.

The 24-inch tires may provide adequate snow and beaches stability and a powerful combo of 750 W brushless motor. It has a large capacity 48V 13ah battery for the steep inclines.

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#2. NAKTTO Fat Tire Mountain EBike

NAKTTO 26' 500W Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Mountain EBike 6...

The NAKTTO pedal assist is entirely not the greatest, and there have been several complaints about the hard brakes which may need a bit of adjustment when you first buy it.

But far from these shortcomings, the fat tire mountain bike has a 500W Brushless High-speed Waterproof Motor. It also has durable fat tires for use and stability in various terrains on your outdoor adventure. The e-bike can handle up to 260 lbs in weight.

Well, you may find the high-strength front fork carbon steel and 100% aluminium alloy frame as sufficient for the challenging trails on your way to explore nature.

NAKTTO 26" 500W Electric Bicycle Fat Tire Mountain EBike 6...
  • ❤ Strong Motor & LED Display ❤:500W...
  • ❤ High-quality material ❤:The electric...
  • ❤ Intelligent central control digital LCD...
  • ❤ 3- working modes ❤:1.Pure electric...
  • ❤ 7x24h on-line Service & 100% 1 YEAR WARRANTY...

#3. Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike

Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike 21 Speed 36V 8A...

Kemanner is not very powerful for serious mountain biking. The aluminium alloy frame may not give you much confidence, especially when it comes to some of the most challenging terrains.

However, it can be a decent option for people that are into occasional mountain riding. The 250W stable motor and front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide proper control in various weather and outdoor conditions. For the hill climbing capability, the e-bike boasts a Shimano 21-Speed gear.

The aluminium alloy body is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, with less drag, in different areas. The high-strength front suspension fork is one feature that may provide considerable ride comfort when riding up and downhill.

Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike 21 Speed 36V 8A...
  • 【THREE RIDING MODES】 Non-Foldable E-bike &...
  • 【ULTRA STRONG WHEEKS】 26 inch bead spoke...
  • 【Guarantee】 Buy this item with confidence. If...

#4. LJ Adult Folding 26-Inch Mountain Bike

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LJ Adult does not come in adequately fat tires for some terrains such as sandy beaches, like other options on the market. On the other hand, the folding capability may also not give you a lot of confidence where strength is critical.

Nevertheless, the mountain bike comes with a possibly long battery life with improved charge and discharge rate and a large capacity of 48 V Ah. The braking system is double safety hydraulic with high sensitivity and better heat dissipation. For riding comfort, the mountain e-bike has six shock absorption systems and hydraulic front fork.

Other features include the manual three-speed adjustment real-time odometer and precise speed measurement.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Mountain Electric Bike

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Getting the most range out of your e-MTB or electric mountain bike is the ideal. With a 500wh battery or 700wh, it is possible to push the mountain e-bike a bit farther on an exploration adventure.

But how do you avoid the red flashing notification for the low battery just when you are on the last stretch of the mountain?

Typically, high torque low cadence situations are the main culprits for quick battery drain. To skirt around this, always switch to a low gear and maintain a 50-80 rpm cadence when negotiating a steep incline. This allows you to bear some of the donkey work and keep the motor from drifting into the power-hungry territory.

As you pick up speed, you can shift to a higher gear but maintain the 50-80 rpm cadence.

The best time to charge your batteries is as soon as you get home. Allow it the minimum 3 + hours to charge to capacity. You can as well leave it charging overnight and unplug it right before you embark on an adventure.

If the battery has been sitting for some time, let's say a couple of months, plug it back, even if it was fully charged. This replenishes any losses during the storage.

Other factors that can affect the range of your e-MTB include the type of tire and tire pressure. The 29er trail tire has better range performance than most other types of tires. Also, make sure that the suspension pressure settings and the front tire are all at a reasonable level.

Long-term e-MTB battery care is essential to ensure that you get the most out of it. Don't charge it fully or leave it dead if you're going to store it for more than six months. The ideal battery storage level is between 60 and 70% charge.

This range allows safe increases and drops in voltage through conditions and time while keeping the battery healthy. Don't expose the battery to extreme heat or cold during storage.

Choosing between Hardtail and Full Suspension

Hardtail and Full Suspension

Hardtail and full-suspension are two of the most common terms you will encounter when shopping for e-MTBs or electric mountain bikes. The suspension affects the traction control and riding comfort, and so it is one factor that you should not overlook.

But which one do you go for?

The full suspension e-bike has both the front suspension fork and rear shock. In contrast, the hardtail e-MTB comes with only the suspension fork.

The choice between the two rest on the terrain you will mostly be riding and your budget. Hardtail suspension is much cheaper and best suited for smoother trails and roads. On the other hand, you are better off with the full suspension e-bike if you plan on riding on technical trails quite often, and you have the cash to splash.

If you are peddling through rocky trails and rooty gardens, the full-suspension e-bike will be a more comfortable and fun ride than the hardtail. The jarring bumps are not felt as much with the full suspension e-MTB.

Well, the full suspension system is so effective that you can afford to carry more speed through rough sections than with a hardtail.

Choosing between Hub Motor and Mid Motor

Hub Motor and Mid Motor

The main difference between the hub motor and the mid-motor is the positioning. The hub motor is either in the front or rear wheel, while the mid-motor is directly between pedals.

The riding experience between the hub motor and mid-motor is also a bit different. For the hub motor, e-MTB feels like it is being pushed or pulled, which can be quite uncomfortable for beginners. Some users may find it harder to balance, at least at the beginning.

In contrast, the mid-motor guarantees a low center of gravity and improved balancing. The e-MTB feels more natural, and it's almost like riding a traditional bicycle. You will not feel the motor's additional weight, which gives it stable tracking and directional stability.

The mid-motor hub is well-positioned to work synergistically with the gears to improve its efficiency. As a result, the e-MTB has a slight advantage in the range per charge.

In case of a flat tire, the mid-motor hub e-MTB does not take a lot of time to change. The hub motor is directly linked to the wheel, and changing the tire is a bit of a complicated process that will take some of your time.

Electric Mountain Bike Regional Restrictions

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Typically, the electric mountain bike drive system would be from Shimano, Yamaha or Bosch. What varies is the maximum speed and wattage output depending on where you live.

In the United States, e-bike rules and regulations vary between states. Up to 30 of them classify electric bikes as standard bicycles, and the remaining 20 see e-bikes as scooters, mopeds and something else altogether.

According to federal law, an electric bicycle is a vehicle with two or three wheels, an electric motor of less than 750 watts and fully operable pedals. The law continues to define it as having a speed of less than 20 mph and ridden by an operator weighing 170 pounds.

This law defines the maximum pedal-assist speed, not when you are pedalling. Note that state regulations can supersede federal law.

The current Bicycle Product Suppliers Association's proposals include a three-class system dividing e-bikes based on their maximum assistant speed. However, the motor can only put out not more than 750 watts.

Still, the Bureau of Land Management and the National Parks Service classify electric mountain bikes as motorized. That means you can only ride your e-bike where motorized vehicles are permitted. Check here where mountain e-bikes are legal.

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