What Is The Best Hybrid Electric Bike? Riding to the Future

By Chris Wilson

If you need an e-bike that suits the pavements on the town as much as they do on the rugged countryside terrain, then a hybrid e-bike would be an intriguing option.

But what exactly are hybrid e-bikes?

Let's look at everything about hybrid e-bikes and look at some of the most popular and best hybrid e-bike options.

hybrid e-bike

What Is A Hybrid Electric Bike?

Hybrid e-bikes are exactly what they sound like- a blend of different e-bikes.A typical hybrid e-bike combines the characteristics of different e-bikes such as mountain e-bike, road e-bike, and cruiser e-bike into a single unit.

The result is a general-purpose e-bike capable of tolerating a gamut of riding conditions and applications.

However, hybrids are not all-inclusive per se, meaning they can't take all the traits from specialized bikes.

They vary a lot, taking much of their design influence from either one or two genres.

For instance, most of the common hybrid e-bike borrows design cues from road e-bikes and mountain e-bikes.

hybrid e-bike

For such a hybrid e-bike, you'll find out they feature an upright and comfortable seating for mountain e-bikes, and at the same time, a lightweight design, with thinner tires for road e-bikes.

The result is an e-bike with the comfort and performance of a mountain e-bike, yet with the speed of a typical road e-bike.

However, always keep in mind hybrid e-bikes can’t match the performance of the specialized options. Depending on the model, for instance, a hybrid e-bike performance pales to that of a mountain bike on the rugged, mountainous terrain. The same case applies to the road bikes on the pavements.

However, it's the closest you get to either model's performance, without compromising on flaws of the specialized models.

When doubling as a mountain e-bike, a hybrid e-bike offers just the right amount of power, without compromising speed. And when doubling as a road bike, it gives you the speed of a road bike without compromising on power.

What's The Difference Between An Electric Bike And A Hybrid Electric Bike?

There’re numerous differences between a regular e-bike and a hybrid e-bike.

For the sake of our comparison, we shall use road e-bikes to represent the "regular" e-bike.


Road e-bikes, as the name suggests, are meant to be used primarily on paved roads.

They're a common commuting option as they're optimized for use on paved roads.

On the other hand, hybrid e-bikes have the characteristics of both road and mountain e-bikes.

Design and Geometry

Road e-bikes are distinguished by lighter frame, dropped handlebar, and smooth and thin tires for smooth riding on paved roads.

The geometry of road e-bikes promotes a hunched riding position for optimal aerodynamics for speed.

Hybrids, on the other hand, have relatively wider tires than those of a typical road e-bike.

They’re smaller in size than the mountain bike and ideal for off-roading.


Road e-bikes excel at long-distance commuting, including racing and touring. They're also optimized for speed, thanks to the even distribution of weight.

Hybrids, on the other hand, are suitable for both the on and off-road riding.

And as we had mentioned earlier, hybrids don’t perform specialized riding any better than road e-bike or mountain e-bikes would.


Road bikes are built for fun, speed, and long-distance commuting.

Hybrid e-bikes, on the other hand, are rugged and more robust, ideal for adventure. They’re also more versatile, a practical option for casual-paced riding.

Table Comparison of Road E-bikes and Hybrid E-bikes


Hybrid E-bike

Road E-bike


An e-bike for both the smooth and mountainous riding

An e-bike for paved road alone







Weight distribution

Bodyweight is placed on the seat for less effort in extremities

Even weight distribution

Best for

Off-riding and casual riding

Leisure and long-distance riding

hybrid e-bike

What Is The Best Hybrid Electric Bike

Like any other e-bike purchase, the "best" e-bike depends on your needs.

The best hybrid e-bike for me may not work for you.

To help you choose the best option, we've prepared a guide outlining some of the traits of the best hybrid e-bikes.

1)      Type

The two common groups for hybrid e-bikes are;

Commuter E-bikes

The urban/commuter hybrid e-bikes are built for power and performance and are even capable of carrying a load.

They feature rigid forks, slick tires, and suited for those who need to ride to work.



The recreational e-bike terms encapsulate many hybrid options, covering everything from the shopper e-bikes, classic e-bikes, bridleway to light off-road e-bikes.

The recreational hybrids are suitable for lightweight tasks, including short journeys and short errands.

Recreational ebike

2)      Frame Style

The second primary classification for a hybrid e-bike is the frame style.

It’s what determines what orientation a hybrid inclines to.


Hybrids with step-thru frames make the e-bike accessible as you don't have to hoist your leg over a waist top bar.

It's an excellent option for those who struggle to get on or off the conventional e-bike.

Step-Thru e-bike

Slopping Tube

Hybrids with sloping tubes are yet another intriguing option for women.

The sloping tune also creates space for addition of specific components such as a rack on the back, all the while avoiding altering the standover height.

Slopping Tube e-bike

3)      Gears

Hybrid e-bikes are available in a broad range of gears. When you factor in combinations of multiple cogs, different teeth, and chainrings, things can get pretty confusing.

To keep it simple, consider your fitness level and terrain.

If you handle a lot of hills, you'll want an option with more gears.

On the flip side, if you're a strong cyclist riding on flat terrain only, you'll do fine with few gears.

4)      Bike Suspension

Many hybrids lack suspension because the suspension fork adds weight, making pedaling less efficient.

However, if you need smoothing your ride on the rugged terrain, you might consider a hybrid e-bike with front suspension. 

Hybrid Folding Electric Bike

Hybrid folding bikes are a suitable option for those who value portability.

A folding e-bike doesn't consume much space and can easily be stashed in your car's trunk when going for a vacation.

Lightweight Hybrid Electric Bike

Lightweight hybrid e-bikes are also another incredible option for those who need a portable e-bike.

It's also an excellent option for seniors and those who aren't physically endowed.

A lightweight e-bike is easy to lift and won’t fatigue you even when carrying it for extended periods.

Best Women's Electric Hybrid Bike

A major characteristic of the women's electric hybrid is a step-thru frame, which allows easy mounting and dismounting.

With the frame design, women won’t have to struggle hoisting their legs above their waist to get on or off the bike.

Additionally, the e-bikes for women are relatively lighter.

Best Electric Hybrid Bike Under 1000

Electric Hybrid Bikes Under 1000 are a step-up to the budget option e-bikes.

They’re a popular option, largely because they strike a balance between cost and performance.

They’re more than the basic and frills-free options; rather, they’ve a ton of features, and pragmatic, too.

Best Electric Hybrid Bike Under 2000

These e-bikes are a premium option, suitable for the experienced and serious riders.

They're feature-rich and sophisticated in every way you could imagine.

However, they're not ideal for beginners.

Hybrid Commuter Ebike

Hybrid commuter e-bikes are suitable for those who need to commute short distances, such as getting around in town or going for groceries.

Most of these e-bikes have similar traits to the road bikes and are optimized for speed and comfort.

Hybrid Cruiser E-Bike

Cruiser hybrid bikes are a step-up to the commuter e-bike, but a step-down to the hybrid mountain e-bikes.

They're suited for the relatively moderate to heavy-duty tasks, including tackling the rugged terrain.

What sets this option apart from the rest is the super-charged and powerful performance.

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