Best Electric Bike for Hunting – How To Make Your Hunting Easier with an E-Bike?

Hunters know that the best way to get closer to their prey is by being silent and as stealthy as possible. One of the best ways to do this is with an electric bike for hunting. These bikes are fast, quiet, and can go almost anywhere a traditional hunting bike can go.

They also have an extremely low profile which makes them harder for animals to see on the trail or in wild terrain. I put together a list of my top three favorite electric bike for hunting currently available on the market today so you’ll never be at a loss for finding one that suits your needs!

Editor’s 1st Choice

Best Electric Bike for Hunting – How To Make Your Hunting Easier with an E-Bike? 1


Overall Rating:

  • Motor: Bafang 750W high-end rear hub.
  • Battery: Panasonic 48v 14.5ah, 17.4ah, or 21ah
  • Range: 40+ Miles 

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Editor’s 2nd Choice

Best Electric Bike for Hunting – How To Make Your Hunting Easier with an E-Bike? 2


Overall Rating:

  • MOTOR: Bafang 1,000W BBSHD High Torque Mid Drive
  • BATTERY: Samsung 48V 21AH
  • RANGE: Up to 48 miles

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Editor’s 3rd Choice

Best Electric Bike for Hunting – How To Make Your Hunting Easier with an E-Bike? 3

RadRover Step-Thru 1

Overall Rating:

  • 750W brushless geared hub motor with 80 Nm of torque
  • 48V, 14 Ah (672 Wh) with Lithium NMC Samsung 35E cells
  • Intelligent 5 level pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensor

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Electric Mountain Bike for HuntingBest Electric Bike for Hunting – How To Make Your Hunting Easier with an E-Bike? 4

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An electric bike for hunting not just provides the necessary mobility when hunting for a prey. It can also strategically reduce your physical effort—diminishing your body scent from excessive sweating, which animals easily detect. Here’s a quick guide when looking for an electric bike for hunting.

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Electric Mountain Bike for Hunting

Hunters are a passionate bunch. They spend time in the field scouting and tracking their game, so they know what they’re looking for when it comes to gear. For many hunters, finding the right hunting rifle is an important decision that can mean all the difference between success or failure on a hunt.

But others might be surprised to learn that there’s another weapon just as important…An Electric Bike For Hunting!


Best Electric Bike for Hunting – How To Make Your Hunting Easier with an E-Bike? 5

Ride the Flatlander on your next hunting trip and get where you need to go at high speed with 40+ miles of range. This electric bike is perfect for any pursuit where only speed will do. Want to know how fast your BAKCOU FLATLANDER ELECTRIC BIKE FOR HUNTING E goes? With one click of a button, check your mileage & distance travelled just like fuel efficiency on a car dashboard using a top-of-the-line digital display!


Best Electric Bike for Hunting – How To Make Your Hunting Easier with an E-Bike? 6

Comes with Thumb Throttle and Pedal Assist (PAS), 1000-Watt Motor, Samsung High-Capacity Battery, and Ruggedized Electronics. This fatbike is an electric bicycle built for all purposes – powered by a Bafang Mid Drive Motor and strong enough to hold the weight of any rider. With a carbon finish dipped in paint or more durable plastic coatings. The long range electric drive system has two distinct modes: Pure throttle (throttle only) and pedal assist mode (pedal bicycles). Meaning that there’s always plenty of energy when needed on demand.

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What is Pedal Assist?

Pedal assist is one of the most significant benefits to an ebike. It allows riders to ride more easily on hills and go farther with less effort. Most pedal assist systems work by detecting how hard you are pedaling and then either adding or reducing power from the motor accordingly, meaning that your legs do some of the work. The harder you push down on the pedals, the more assistance you will get from your electric bike’s motor. 

Travel Farther, Reach New Areas, and Do it Silently

In the sport of hunting, it is best to do it as silently as possible so as not to make wild animals out there scared. While going to a hunting area on your feet is an ideal way to do it, using an Electric Bike for Hunting can make the experience much more enjoyable and productive.  

Going farther into the woods is the way to go if you aim to increase your chance of slaying a prey. You can easily and quickly go 5 to 10 miles farther into the hunting area in no time when riding an e-bike than when going on foot, which could exhaust you even before the hunt begins. Riding an e-bike would also enable you to carry even up to 50 pounds of important hunting gear without any hassle. 

Electric Hunting Bikes are Much More Undetectable than ATVs and Dirt Bikes

Most enthusiasts who are serious in hunting as sports could agree that electric hunting bikes are among the most useful tools to invest in. Aside from facilitating faster mobility when hunting, an electric bike comes with many features that are more advantageous in this purpose compared to the standard dirt bike and the all-terrain vehicle (ATV). 

An electric hunting bike runs more quietly, making it more undetectable than an ATV or a dirt bike. Quietness is necessary as it could allow getting into the position or getting closer to a prey without spooking the target. It is an advantage that an e-bike is engineered to have a light body so it could be highly mobile without producing much noise (like the ATV’s typical whirring sound and the dirt bike’s sound from pedaling) and requiring much physical effort from the user.

Using an electric bike for hunting does not produce any scent that can easily be detected by wild animals. In comparison, the ATV produces fumes from its internal combustion engine, while using a standard dirt bike requires more pedaling that makes the hunter sweat more, which in turn is easily detected by animals. 

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Do Electric Bikes Go Without Pedaling

The electric bike has two usual modes—the pedal assist and the throttle. The pedal-assist e-bike gives a more intuitive feel as it combines the power of the motor and physical pedaling of the biker. This type of electric bike can’t give power without the rider’s own effort. Its torque sensor determines the power the motor has to produce to match the output from physical pedaling. It would be impossible to run the pedal-assist electric bike without pedaling. 

On the other hand, the throttle-mode electric bike makes it possible to run the bike without pedaling. It operates more like a scooter or motorcycle—just provide the initial kick back and let the motor take care of the rest. The throttle mode has become a popular electric bike feature in the US. 

For hunting purposes, the throttle mode is more advantageous as it would not require much physical effort from the hunter, so his energy can be reserved for catching the prey. However, the pedal-assist mode could yield more power especially in more challenging terrains. It can also facilitate greater range. 

Advantages of Electric Hunting Bikes

When hunting, quiet mobility in the area is of utmost importance. Getting into your deer stand or duck blind must be carried out without creating much noise, or your prey could alarmingly move away and be more conscious of the surroundings. This is an advantage that an electric hunting bike brings about along with more. 

While walking into the hunting area is a good option, carrying the necessary hunting gear makes using an electric bike more ideal especially when the hunting destination is quite remote and you intend to spend days doing the sport. The electric bike can be accessorized with saddlebags and a pannier rack for greater storage space to carry all the gear you’ll need. 

The electric hunting bike can handle even difficult terrains with much ease. A strong and stealth e-bike would enable the hunter to go deeper into the wilderness where there are lots of rough terrains that are challenging to traverse. Accessing more remote areas within the hunting lot increases the chances of finding and hunting wild animals. 

An electric bike is more lightweight compared to other forms of vehicles for hunting. This advantage makes the vehicle easier to carry along wherever the hunting destination could be. The e-bike could also easily go anywhere, especially in areas where an ATV could not easily go due to its size. 

Lastly, using an electric bike for hunting will make recovering your prey much easier. It would be physically exhausting to carry a deer carcass out but pulling it along using your electric bike can spare you from exerting much effort, also making it possible even if you are alone. 

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Things to Consider when Purchasing an Electric Bike for Hunting

Before going to a shopping spree for a good electric hunting bike, you must check out the most ideal features to ensure your safety as you aim to hunt for any prey out in the wilderness. 


An electric bike equipped with front suspension could facilitate a smooth ride. But for an electric mountain bike for hunting, having a full suspension is much better and is considered a necessity. That is because it could handle just about any terrain. Full-suspension e-bikes can provide more control and comfort even on rough road surfaces. A front suspension with 150mm of travel and a rear suspension with 120mm of travel can be very effective in handling even the most rough terrain. 

Speed and Power

An electric hunting bike is powered by its motor and battery. The power may vary, but the top speed is usually between 20 mph and 25 mph—enough to go deeper through the woods with rough terrain. There are pedal-assist electric bike for hunting that can achieve faster speeds. The power is typically from 500 to 1,000 watts. 

Weight Limit

In general, electric bikes can withstand a weight of up to 250 pounds. For hunting purposes, a heavy-duty hunting electric bike is most suitable as it can carry a weight of about 280 to 330 pounds. That could comfortably carry a rider’s body weight combined with the weight of a deer or any prey plus the necessary hunting gear. Moreover, the electric hunting bike also comes with stronger tubes that will not only withstand heavy weight but also handle the friction brought about by the steep surface on the hunting areas. 


Just like in any type of electric bike, the electric bike for hunting could have a variable range depending on the battery size. A typical electric hunting bike could run more than 30 miles on a single charge of the battery, without pedaling. Those with pedal-assist mode could travel longer as the power does not depend solely on battery output but also on the physical pedaling effort by the rider. 

An electric hunting bike with 48v 11.6Ah battery can run up to 38 miles on a single charge. An upgraded 48v 21Ah battery, in comparison, could run up to 75 miles. It would be wise to opt for an electric bike with greater battery capacity and longer range to make sure you’ll never run out of power in the middle of the sport. 

Which Motor is Best

An electric hunting bike can be equipped with any of the three types of motor, each delivering varying performance on different terrains. The rear hub motor (placed in the back wheel) produces massive raw power and is a practical choice as it requires less maintenance and is usually priced more affordably. However, its low torque makes it weak when climbing up a trail. 

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The mid drive motor (located between the bike’s pedals) has a stronger torque compared to the rear hub motor. Thus, it can climb better and more easily. On the downside, bikes with this type of motor could be costlier and require more maintenance. 

Lastly, the ultra mid drive motor provides the best control and performance among the three types. As the mid drive motor’s upgraded version, it is more powerful and efficient especially when traversing an uphill. But as expected, it comes with a greater price tag though it requires less maintenance. 

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