Himiway Launches New Mission and Products to Revolutionize E-Bike Transportation

Himiway has announced their new mission to change the way people travel. With the goal of encouraging everyone to choose E-BIKE transportation as their preferred means of commute, their new mission includes more than just words. To implement this mission, Himiway has debuted new thinking, products, and a new logo. 

The new logo was introduced as part of Himiway’s rebranding efforts. The old logo had been used since the company’s inception in 2017, with the goal of thanking the 100,000 riders and all e-bike riders for accompanying them through their first chapter. 

The new logo, however, reflects a different vision and mission. It depicts a rocket, representing the breakthroughs and progress in human civilization. The Himiway team embodies this spirit and aims to push forward to new heights and accomplishments. With their new logo, Himiway seeks to help users go further, physically and mentally, and enjoy the freedom of e-bike transportation.

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New Himiway E-Bike Transportation Vehicles Launch 2023

Himiway is introducing four new e bike-transportation vehicles- the Himiway Pony, Rambler, Rhino and Rhino Pro – as part of their rebranding effort. 

Himiway Launches New Mission and Products to Revolutionize E-Bike Transportation 1
Himiway Pony

Himiway Pony

Overall Rating:

  • Riders Weight Limit240 lbs (109 kg)
  • Motor | 300W Geared Hub Motor
  • Range | Up to 20 Miles per Charge
  • Battery | 36V, 5/10Ah Lithium Battery
  • Speed | 16 MPH

Himiway Rambler

Himiway Rambler

Overall Rating:

  • Riders Weight Limit330 lbs (150 kg)
  • Motor | 500W Geared Hub/ Mid-Drive Motor
  • Range | Up to 55 Miles per Charge
  • Battery | 48V, 15Ah Lithium Battery
  • Speed | 20 MPH

Himiway Rhino

Himiway Rhino

Overall Rating:

  • Riders Weight Limit | 400 lbs (182 kg)
  • Motor | 1000W Geared Hub/Mid-drive Motor
  • Range | Up to 100 Miles per Charge
  • Battery | 48V, 15Ah*2 Lithium Battery
  • Speed | 28 MPH

#1. Himiway Pony to Make E-bike Transportation Accessible

Himiway Pony- E-bike transportation 2023

The Himiway Pony is the company’s latest portable electric mini bike which was designed to make e-bike transportation more accessible to people. Feedback from test ride events showed that younger people desired a smaller and more portable e-bike for commuting and traveling within cities and this led to the design of the Himiway Pony. The Himiway Pony is the brand’s smallest e-bike model in their history, with a total length of 49 inches and height of 41 inches. The bike has an adjustable seat height from 28.3 to 33.5 inches, which fits people from 4’1″~6’2″. It’s also lightweight, weighing only 35 pounds with a reinforced aluminum frame that can carry up to 240 pounds. 

The Pony comes with a powerful 300 watt motor, allowing it to cruise at 20 mph. Along with that, the bike is equipped with a 36-volt, 360 wh battery which provides up to 22 miles of travel on just the throttle alone. The Pony uses an EV-grade 21700 battery, which is the most high-density battery (21% higher than the 18650 battery). The bike also features 20×2.4 inch standard city tires with spoked wheels that can handle all city terrains and a 160MM mechanical disc rear brake. No front brake was included to prevent riders from flipping over the handlebars at high speeds. 

This bike is extremely practical, with its compact design and lightweight frame. Furthermore, the Himiway Pony doesn’t require pedaling, making it easy to ride and avoiding arriving drenched in sweat. On top of that, the bike comes in five different colors, which were personally voted on by the Himiway’s social media followers. The Himiway Pony is priced at $649, but can be pre-ordered during the spring event for only $599. A 180wh version of the bike is available for $499, making it the most cost-effective e-bike transportation option for users. 

#2. Himiway Rambler for Smooth E-bike Transportation Experience

Himiway Rambler

The Himiway Rambler is a versatile and powerful electric city bike that was designed for anyone seeking a reliable, stylish, and easy-to-use e-bike that can handle complex urban roads and offer smooth e-bike transportation experience. The Rambler is equipped with a powerful 48-volt, 500-watt motor, allowing it to cruise at up to 25 mph. It also has a large capacity 48 volts, 720 wh battery with the EV-grade 21700 battery cells, providing a larger capacity charge within the same battery size and a proven impressive range of up to 55 miles.

The Rambler also comes with hydraulic brakes for better braking distance and safety during leisurely rides and a larger and brighter Himiway taillight. The bike is available in three colors – mint green, pearl white, and Himi Grey – for either a hydraulic brake version at $1499, a mechanical brakes version at $1299, or a mid-drive and hydraulic version at $2199. 

#3. Himiway Rhino for Long Range E-Bike Transportation

Himiway Rhino

The Himiway Rhino is an innovative electric mountain bike that was designed for the ultimate long-range off-road e-bike transportation experience. The bike is equipped with two powerful batteries, each with a 48 volt and 15 ah capacity, 1440 wh in total, and can travel up to 100 miles per charge. These dual batteries are built into two tubes to reduce charging time and equipped with two chargers to charge both batteries at the same time – this cuts the charging time in half compared to a single 1440Wh battery pack. 

The Rhino also comes with Himiway’s signature 26×4.5 inch fat tires and 180mm hydraulic disc brakes for safety. Additionally, the bike also has a brand new headlight and taillight with the rocket logo for visibility and safety during nighttime rides, as well as a new 9-level speed shift system for a better riding experience. It retails at a $3199 pre-order price and $3999 standard price and is available in two colors, Midnight Forest and Space Gray.

#4. Himiway Rhino Pro- Affordable E-Bike Transportation

Himiway Rhino

Finally, the Himiway Rhino Pro is the brand’s latest mid-drive dual-battery electric mountain bike. It features a powerful 1000-watt Mid-Drive Motor that provides greater torque, with a maximum of 160 Newton meters, and its very own Shimano 10-speed gear shift system for higher precision and smoother shifting for better control performance.

The dual batteries total to a 1440 wh capacity and offer a range of up to 100 miles. The Rhino Pro also has Himiway’s signature 26×4.5 inch fat tires, 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, a full-color LED display, and brand new headlight and taillight. At $3999, the Rhino Pro is one of the most affordable mid-drive e-bike transportation options in the market and is available in two colors – Midnight Forest and Space Gray. 

Himiway continues to innovate in technology and provide the best e-bike transportation experience for its users with the introduction of its new logo, mission, and four electric bikes. The Himiway Pony, Rambler, Rhino, and Rhino Pro all have their own unique features and offer an amazing e-bike experience. With their cutting-edge technologies, Himiway aims to make e-bikes more accessible and affordable to everyone and help everyone enjoy the freedom of e-bike travel.

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