Electric Cruiser Bikes – Everything You Need to Know

Electric Cruiser Bikes – Everything You Need to Know 1

Electric Cruiser Bikes are making a huge comeback into the cycling scene. What once were considered “retro-looking” are now gaining popularity among recreational riders and commuters.

These classic designs are now being adopted by many conventional and electric bicycle manufacturers. In this post, we’ll be discussing what electric cruiser bikes are, the differences between them and regular e-bikes, and also the different types of electric beach cruisers.

What Is an Electric Cruiser Bikes

Navigator Go! 5i

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An electric cruiser bike is a motor-powered, low-speed bicycle designed for leisure riding. Cruiser e-bikes are generally characterized by swept-back handlebars, wide seats, balloon tires, curved tubes (that distinguish them from other types of e-bikes), and chain guards.

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Things to Look for in an Electric Cruiser Bike

1) Swept-back Handlebars

Electric Cruiser Bikes – Everything You Need to Know 2

Unlike flat and dropped handlebars that put riders in a kind of leaning position, beach cruiser handlebars curve inwards to meet riders, allowing for users to assume upright riding positions. This position maximizes comfortability and places less stress on your shoulder, back, and wrist muscles.

2) Shock-absorbing Saddles

Electric Cruiser Bikes – Everything You Need to Know 3

Cruiser e-bike saddles are fitted with dual spring suspension systems. These help cushion vibrations from bumpy rides (since most beach cruisers aren’t fitted with any other form of suspension).

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3) Stylish Frames

Electric Cruiser Bikes – Everything You Need to Know 4

Cruiser e-bikes come in different frame designs. Their tubes are curved in a much more stylish manner making them more aesthetic than diamond and triangle frames.

They are also available in a wide array of colors. Most manufacturers will even allow you select what color — or pattern of colors — you want your cruiser e-bike finished in.

4) Geometry


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If you’re a tall, large person, you might want to go for chunkier cruiser e-bikes. The same applies to shorter riders.

This is because cruiser e-bikes are generally shaped awkwardly. They are not your average bike. Riding a smaller — or larger — beach cruiser will be more uncomfortable than riding a BMX bike with wide handlebars.

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Types of Cruiser E-bikes

Cruiser e-bikes are one of the most customizable types of electric bikes on the market. Below are some of the most popular designs of electric cruiser bikes.

Classic Cruiser Electric Bike

Michael Blast 500W Vacay Retro Cruiser Electric Bike

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These are designed to look like older-generation cruiser bicycles. Some e-bike companies even manufacture single-speed variations of this bike; now, nothing says “vintage” more than a single-speed, 27″-wide-handlebars cruiser e-bike.

If you’re hunting for a shot of nostalgia, a classic cruiser e-bike might just help you remember the good ol’ days.

City Cruiser Electric Bike

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City cruiser e-bikes are designed with the needs of commuters in mind. They weigh slightly less than beach and classic cruisers and are better adapted to city riding.

You might also find that city cruiser e-bikes have less tread on their tires than standard cruisers.

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Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

Green Bike 500W USA GB2 Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

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A beach cruiser e-bike’s tires are usually wider than those of regular bikes. They can measure anywhere between 2″ and 5″ wide. These ultra-wide tires help improve the bike’s grip when riding in loose conditions like mud, sand, slippery surfaces, etc.

Their stylish frames and customizable colors make them the preferred option for recreational riders. You can literally order a beach cruiser e-bike in whatever color you want.

Beach Cruiser Folding Electric Bike

Nakto 500W Ox Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

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Beach cruisers are large machines that sometimes have handlebars that span up to 28 inches wide. Now fitting that into the trunk of a car doesn’t seem practical at all.

Thankfully, electric bike engineers have come up with the perfect solution to that problem; collapsible frames. Foldable beach cruiser e-bikes might not have the most customizable frames, however, what they lack in customization, they make up for in portability.

Some foldable cruiser e-bikes can be beat down into half their fully-extended size. This makes storing and carrying them easier.

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Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

RadRunner 1

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You can instantly tell a fat-tire beach cruiser electric bike from any other type of cruiser. They have huge tires.

Although wide tires are one of the standard features of beach cruisers, fat-tire variants are usually fitted with 4 to 5 inch-wide tires. They sometimes look like standard beach cruisers on steroids.

Men’s Electric Cruiser Bike

American Electric 750W Steller Electric Bike

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Men’s electric cruiser bikes are pretty much identical to standard cruisers. They are step-over e-bikes with wide, upright handlebars.

Most electric cruiser bikes in this category are designed to fit taller riders and have a maximum rider fit of 7 feet. Riders can also order these bikes in whatever color they like, however, the majority of men’s electric cruiser bikes you’ll find on the internet are either black or in shades of black.

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Women’s Electric Cruiser Bike

Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru

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Women’s electric cruiser bikes are usually more stylish than men’s. Another distinguishable feature between the two is frame geometry.

Most women’s cruisers come in step-through frames. This makes mounting and dismounting the bicycle easier even when you have a skirt on.

Their handlebars are also slimmer and narrower compared to the wide and chunky grips found on cruiser e-bikes for men.

Lightweight Electric Cruiser Bike

Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle

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 Lightweight cruiser e-bikes are lighter variations of beach cruisers. They weigh anywhere between 35 and 45 lbs which is 10 to 15 lbs lighter than the average cruiser e-bike.

However, they’re more likely to attract heavy price tags because of the expensive materials their frames are cast from.

Best Electric Cruiser Bike

Electric Cruiser Bike Under 1000

Electric cruiser bikes typically cost between $2000 and $5000. However, if you’re on a budget and can’t fork out that amount of cash, there are cheaper alternatives that’ll still get you a good bang for your buck.

Check out some of our top picks of electric cruiser bikes under $1000.

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Beach Cruiser Electric Bike 1000W

Standard cruiser bikes aren’t exactly built for heavy-duty purposes like traveling up steep gradients or transporting heavy cargo. However, a 1000W electric motor strapped to a beach cruiser will make it overcome almost any resistant force.

Below are a few 1000-Watt cruiser e-bikes perfect for almost all purposes.

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Beach Cruiser 500W Electric Bike

These won’t be able to support as much weight as higher-powered cruiser e-bikes or operate at optimal performance when subjected to certain conditions, however, they are more than capable of powering long-distance commutes and light trail rides.

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