Electric Bike Wheel Size Comparison – Which Wheel Size is Right For You?

If you are among those who are seriously considering buying and riding an E-bike, you must have the knowledge for comparing electric bike wheel sizes. You don’t want to own an E-bike that is either too small or too huge for your physique, do you? When buying an E-bike, your overall comfort and safety must be your primary priority so check out this quick guide.

Electric Bike Wheel Size Comparison – Which Wheel Size is Right For You? 1

Electric Bike Wheel Size Chart

To know the ideal E-bike wheel size based on your height and inside leg/inseam length (the length from feet up to crotch), this standard electric bike wheel size chart will a very good start. Take note of the recommended electric bike wheel size based on your height and inseam length:

Height (feet-inches)

Inseam length (inches)

Suggested E-bike wheel size

4’ to 4’4”

22” to 25”


4’5” to 5’3”

24” to 28”


5’4” to 5’7”

25” to 30”


6’ to 6’6”

28” to 34”


Upon checking the chart, you might wonder how to choose if you are between two sizes or if you think a prescribed size is not comfortable for your size. Most experts will advise to opt for the bigger wheel size if your body height is taller than 5’4”. If you are shorter than that, you are advised to opt for the smaller size.

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Though you could still enjoy riding an E-bike that is not ideal for your body stats, using the wrong electric bike wheel size can manifest in some setbacks. The most pressing of those would be back aches you may experience. The wrong electric bike wheel size may also have you realize that the saddle is either too high or too low, both cases would lead to discomfort, which you must not feel or experience when biking.

Comparing Electric Bike Wheel Sizes according to your body Physique

The 24-inch E-bikes

What age is a 24-inch E-bike suitable for?

Based on the standard E-bike chart above, a 24-inch E-bike is ideally suitable for children and teens in the age range of 11 to 14 years old. However, there are older bikers who can still comfortably ride this electric bike wheel size. The height and physique are determining factors.

How tall should you be for a 24 inch E-bike?

The 24-inch E-bike is recommended for individuals who are about 4’5” to 4’9” tall—ideal for the E-bike’s frame. Another factor to consider when opting for this electric bike wheel size would be your inseam or inside leg length. It will be comfortable for individuals whose inseam length falls between 24 inches and 28 inches.

Is a 24 E-bike good for adults?

This electric bike wheel size can still be good for some adults especially those whose height falls between 4’5” and 4’9”. It is a must for every biker to feel comfortable and to move freely when they are biking. As a rule of thumb, anyone whose feet can still touch the ground while standing over the E-bike frame could comfortably ride this electric bike wheel size.

Can a woman ride a 24-inch E-bike?

Women who are below 5 feet tall may find comfort riding this electric bike wheel size. In general, most female physical frames come within the height (between 4’5” and 4’10”) and inseam length (between 24” and 28”) to accommodate their legs’ length and facilitate comfortable peddling.  

Comparing Electric Bike Wheel Sizes

Can you put 26 tires on a 24 E-bike?

Putting tires for a 26-inch E-bike into a 24-inch E-bike may not be a good idea. It can be possible, but doing so would not lead to an ideal result as 26-inch-E-bike tires may not find ample clearance to fit into the rear triangle and fork of a 24-inch E-bike. 

A drastic shift in lifestyle during the new normal has been ushering in the rise of alternative modes of mobility. This propelled 2020’s to become the biggest years for E-bikes since the two-wheeled E-bikes’ boom in 1973, according to data released by cycling advocacy group PeopleForbikes.

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The 26-inch E-bikes

What is the difference between a 26 and 24 E-bike?

When compared with the 26-inch E-bike, the 24-inch E-bike will apparently have a slightly smaller frame. But aside from that, the capability and quality of the ride may vary. The 24-inch E-bike will be a more fun ride for cruising on an even road surface trail. On the other hand, the 26-inch E-bike is an ideal size for a mountain E-bike, which could be fun for more challenging trails.

Is a 26-inch E-bike good for what height?

A 26-inch E-bike, considered the standard for a typical mountain E-bike, is ideal for individuals whose height ranges between 5’4” and 5’7”. Their inseam length should ideally be between 25 inches and 30 inches.

Is a 26-inch E-bike big enough for a man?

This electric bike wheel size can be big enough for a comfortable and safe ride for a man, especially if the person’s inseam length ranges from 25 inches to 30 inches. Anyone taller than the prescribed height can opt for the bigger 27.5-inch or 29-inch E-bike. 

Can a 10-year-old ride a 26-inch E-bike?

A 10-year-old child can be ready for a 26-inch E-bike if he/she is ready to ride an adult-sized wheel E-bike and if his/her height reaches 4’10”. It would be comfortable for a child to ride that electric bike wheel size if his/her inseam length already reaches 25 inches or longer. 

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24 of 26 mountain E-bike?

If you are fond of riding down trails on mountain sides, the 26-inch mountain E-bike is for you. It can produce greater turbulence drag. At the same time, its consequent shock dampening mechanism will get going through downward trails more comfortable.

The 26-inch E-bike had been the standard mountain electric bike wheel size for about two decades (until the 29-inch E-bikes gained popularity) as it easily fits any rider with any biking style. It is the most popular among beginners to mountain biking.

What if I used a 24 tube on a 26 bicycle tire? Will it work?

Putting on a tube for a 24-inch E-bike may not work on the 26-inch E-bike tire. If the tube is used beyond its intended wheel size, it may become more vulnerable to popping due to exceeded specification. 

Can you put 24-inch tires on a 26-inch E-bike?

Some bikers may consider altering the tire sizes for the 26-inch E-bikes to make possible adjustments. Tires for a 24-inch E-bike can possibly work on a 26-inch E-bike—an adjustment that is at times done for kid bikers who need a little more standover without greatly affecting pedal strikes.

Can I put 27.5 wheels on a 26-inch E-bike?

Results may vary when you consider putting on tires for bigger E-bikes into the 26-inch E-bike. The 27.5-inch wheels can still be compatible with some 26-inch E-bike frames. The tires can still easily rub on the E-bike’s bottom bracket. It will not be the case if you put 29-inch E-bike wheels into the 26-inch E-bike.

Electric Bike Wheel Size Comparison – Which Wheel Size is Right For You? 2

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The 29-inch E-bikes

Are 29-inch wheels better than 26?

To beat all categories, the 29-inch E-bikes are the more capable climbers. The 26-inch E-bike pales in comparison in this regard as the 29er is equipped with bigger diameter wheels, increased traction, and higher attack angle. Obviously, the 29-incher is also more stable when in speed.

However, in comparison, the 26-inch E-bike does not easily give up the crown. First, compared to the 29er, the 26er is quicker to accelerate, because the lesser comparative mass makes it easier to start moving and gaining speed. But in terms of keeping that velocity, the greater rotating mass of the 29-inch E-bike is better.

How tall should you be for a 29-inch E-bike?

The 29-inch E-bike or the 29er is ideal for bikers who are 6-feet in height or taller. This is because given the E-bike’s height and frame, an individual who is at least 6-feet tall can take a more natural and comfortable riding position considering the E-bike’s geometry and size. However, bikers who are at least 5’6” or taller can still possibly ride 29-inch E-bikes with ease, though they are advised to stick to the smaller 26-inch models.

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Do 29-inch E-bikes go faster?

In terms of maintaining speed, the 29-inch E-bike can considerably be speedier because of its bigger rotating mass. Thanks to its greater traction, it is also the safer and faster ride for tearing up trails.

This electric bike wheel size category is the most preferred by bikers who are after comfort, stability, and speed particularly when going through local trails, E-bike parks, or beginner-downhill trails. 

Can you put 29-inch wheels on a 26-inch E-bike?

In general, it is unlikely that tires for the bigger 29-inch E-bikes would fit a 26-inch E-bike, particularly on the E-bike’s rear. The wheels are obviously and logically too big for the frame of the smaller E-bike.

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