Dams-info.org Acquisition

Announcement: Electric Ride Lab Acquired Dams-info.org

Dams-info.org is joining forces with ElectricRideLab.com. It has been an exiting adventure for all of us at Dam-info.org and we can’t thank our dedicated community enough. Let’s start our next chapter together.

About Dams-info.org:

Containing 60% of the world’s remaining tropical rainforests, the Amazon Basin is an area of immense biodiversity. Known as the “lungs of the planet,” the Amazon plays a critical role in regulating the climate not only of South America, but also of the world as a whole. The region is inhabited by nearly 30 million people, including thousands of indigenous tribes and river bank communities whose lives depend directly on the waters of the Amazon River and its tributaries.

Increasingly, the Amazon Basin is being targeted for large dam projects. More than 60 large dams are being planned for the Brazilian Amazon, and neighboring countries Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia are planning dozens of dams of their own. If built, these projects would dramatically affect the Amazon’s fragile web of aquatic and terrestrial life, as well as displacing tens of thousands of indigenous and river bank communities.

Dams-info.org was developed by Fundación Proteger, International Rivers, and ECOA, to provide a database on dams in operation, under construction or planned for the region. It presents technical and economic data about the projects and includes information about their social and environmental impacts. The database only includes dams that have either had a feasibility study started, or in which there are clear indications of a government’s intentions to move forward with the project.