How to Choose the Right Bike for Your Electric Motorcycle Lifestyle

Do you dream of living a bike rider lifestyle? Cruising down streets with the wind in your hair like Tom Cruise from those Mission Impossible movies. But then, you’re also worried about the environment or rising gas prices.

What if we told you to ditch your worries and embrace your dreams? Electric motorcycles are revolutionizing the scene, offering an exciting, sustainable, and cost-effective way to ride.

But with so many models in the market, finding the perfect fit for your electric motorcycle lifestyle can feel overwhelming. This guide will be your roadmap to navigating this exciting world. We’ll address common concerns like range anxiety and charging infrastructure, while also diving into the exhilarating world of electric motorcycle performance. 

We’ll explore how these bikes can seamlessly integrate with your riding style and daily needs. By the end, you’ll be equipped to make a confident and informed decision, ready to embrace the electric motorcycle lifestyle on the perfect bike for you.

Assessing Your Electric Motorcycle Lifestyle: Matching Your Ride to Your Style

The world of electric motorcycles offers a thrilling variety, but before you get swept away by the sleek designs and futuristic features, take a moment to consider your electric motorcycle lifestyle. This self-reflection is key to finding the perfect match–an e-bike that seamlessly integrates with your daily routine and riding desires. Let’s delve deeper into this crucial step and explore some recommended electric motorcycles for various lifestyles:

The Commuter

 If you are an urban traveler, and are looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to go work or other daily places. Then you are living a commuter lifestyle.

  • Needs: Efficiency, manoeuvrability, affordability, and range suitable for daily commutes (typically 20-50 miles).
  • Priorities: Low maintenance, easy charging, storage options for helmets and work essentials.

Electric Motorcycles for Commuters

Ather 450X: This Indian-made e-scooter boasts a practical range, comfortable ergonomics, and ample storage under the seat. Its lightweight design and easy manoeuvrability make navigating city traffic a breeze.

Ather 450X for electric motorcycle lifestyle

Super Soco TC Max: This feature-packed scooter offers exceptional value with a comfortable ride, a removable battery for easy charging at home or work, and a range suitable for most commutes.

Super Soco TC Max

The Weekend Warrior

If you are somebody who craves weekend getaways, exploring scenic routes. You want your ride to keep up with our adrenaline requirements, then you are a weekend warrior.

  • Needs: Balance between range (ideally 100+ miles) and performance for enjoyable weekend getaways. Comfort for extended rides and luggage capacity for overnight trips are desirable.
  • Priorities: Versatility for city riding and highway cruising, weather protection options like windscreens.

Electric Motorcycles for Weekend Warriors

Zero SR/S: This Californian powerhouse combines a sporty riding position with a comfortable seat, making it ideal for weekend adventures. Its impressive range and powerful motor ensure you can conquer miles with ease.

Zero SR/S

Harley-Davidson LiveWire One: Embrace the iconic brand in electric form. The LiveWire One offers a comfortable riding experience, a stylish design, and a range that lets you explore scenic routes without range anxiety.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire One

The Thrill Seeker

If  you are drawn to the exhilarating power and instant torque electric motors offer, then you are a thrill seeker.

  • Needs: Top-tier performance, high horsepower for exhilarating acceleration, and a design that prioritises handling and control. Range might be less crucial for shorter, adrenaline-pumping rides.
  • Priorities: High-performance motor, nimble handling, advanced braking systems for precise control.

Electric Motorcycles for Thrill Seekers

  • Arc Vector: This British-built marvel boasts a futuristic design and mind-blowing performance. It’s not for the faint of heart, but for those seeking unparalleled acceleration and a truly electric thrill, the Arc Vector delivers.
Arc Vector for electric motorcycle lifestyle

Lightning LS-218: This American muscle on two wheels offers unparalleled power and a lightweight design for superior handling. It’s a pure adrenaline machine for experienced riders.

Lightning LS-218

The electric motorcycle market is constantly evolving and these are just a few examples  depending on the current trends. By understanding your electric motorcycle lifestyle, you can effectively navigate the options and find the perfect e-bike to elevate your daily rides and weekend adventures. 

Range and Battery Performance

One of the most crucial factors shaping your electric motorcycle lifestyle is range and battery performance. Unlike their gas-guzzling counterparts, electric motorcycles require strategic planning when it comes to charging. But this doesn’t have to limit your adventures!

Let’s say you enjoy scenic day trips around 100 miles. Opting for a motorcycle with a 150-mile range ensures you have ample buffer room for unexpected detours or spontaneous explorations–all without the anxiety of running low on juice.

However, if your electric motorcycle lifestyle leans more towards urban commuting, a smaller range might suffice. Many city dwellers find that a 70-mile range perfectly covers their daily errands and commutes, allowing them to conveniently charge overnight at home. 

Battery performance also comes into play in the same stretch. Most electric motorcycles offer rapid charging options, knowing how long a full charge takes can impact your daily routine. If you have access to a Level 3 DC fast charger during your workday lunch break, a longer charging time at home might be less of a concern.

By prioritising range and battery performance, you can ensure your electric motorcycle becomes a seamless extension of your eco-friendly, adventurous spirit.

Performance and Speed

The electric motorcycle lifestyle isn’t just about saving the planet, although that’s a pretty awesome perk. It’s also about harnessing a whole new kind of riding experience. Let’s talk about performance and speed– because electric motorcycles can definitely hold their own in this department.

Electric motorcycles offer a silent surge of power. Imagine twisting the throttle and feeling the instant torque propel you forward. That’s the magic of electric motors–they deliver maximum torque right from the start. No need to wait for the revs to climb; electric motorcycles give you exhilarating acceleration that can leave some gas-powered bikes in the dust.

If you are a city commuter, your electric motorcycle lifestyle leans towards city commuting. You might prioritise a lighter bike with zippy acceleration that lets you weave through traffic with ease. On the other hand, if you crave weekend getaways with a touch of adrenaline, there are electric motorcycles with enough power and range to handle highway cruising and carve up winding roads.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Living an electric motorcycle lifestyle requires finding an e-moto that seamlessly integrates with your daily routine. Imagine being able to effortlessly navigate city streets on your e-moto, feeling comfortable and confident throughout your ride. That’s where ergonomics, the science of human-machine interaction, comes in.

E-motos come in a variety of styles, from cafe racers with a forward lean to adventure bikes with a more upright posture. The key is to find a motorcycle that positions your body for optimal comfort on your electric motorcycle journeys. Let’s say your commute involves weaving through traffic. A more upright position, like those found on naked bikes or adventure bikes, might be ideal for better visibility and manoeuvrability. On the other hand, if you’re cruising along scenic coastal highways, a cafe racer or sport touring motorcycle might provide a comfortable riding posture for extended periods.

Consider factors like legroom, footpeg placement, and backrest options. If you plan on carrying a passenger, ensure there’s ample space and support for them as well. Test riding different e-motos is crucial. Imagine yourself on your ideal electric motorcycle–exploring a national park or zipping through your city–how does your body feel? Does the motorcycle accommodate your posture and riding style for a comfortable electric motorcycle lifestyle? By prioritising ergonomics, you’ll transform your e-moto from a simple mode of transport into a trusted companion on your electric adventures.

Maintenance Costs: A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Electric Motorcycle Lifestyle

Let’s talk about something that might surprise you, the joy of low maintenance with electric motorcycles. Electric motors have far fewer moving parts. This translates to a significant reduction in the frequency and complexity of maintenance needs. 

With an electric motorcycle, your main focus will be on keeping the tires inflated, the brakes operational, and the chain (if your model has one) lubricated. These are all tasks you can easily handle yourself at home, or have done at a service centre with minimal cost. 

Let’s put this into perspective. A typical oil change for a gas motorcycle can run you anywhere from $30 to $100, depending on the oil and labour costs. Electric motorcycles eliminate that expense entirely. Over a year, with regular riding, these savings can add up quickly, freeing up more of your hard-earned cash for weekend adventures on your electric steed.

Reduced maintenance translates to more time riding and less time tinkering, keeping you on the road and enjoying the freedom of electric mobility.

Test Ride and Embrace the Electric Motorcycle Lifestyle

So you’ve researched the environmental benefits, dug into the specs, and narrowed down your electric motorcycle choices. But before you sign on the dotted line, there’s one crucial step remaining: the test ride. This isn’t just about getting a feel for the handling or ergonomics–it’s about experiencing the electric motorcycle lifestyle firsthand.

The test ride is your chance to dip your toes into this exciting e-moto world. Feel the instant torque that propels you forward effortlessly. Listen to the symphony of the city instead of the roar of an engine. Experience the ease of charging at home, waking up to a “full tank” every morning.

So don’t just read about the electric motorcycle lifestyle–take the leap and test ride one for yourself. It might just be the start of a thrilling new adventure.


Electric motorcycles offer an exciting and eco-friendly riding experience. By considering your riding needs, budget, and charging capabilities, you can find the perfect ride for your electric motor lifestyle. Not only will you be enjoying the smooth power and instant torque of electric propulsion, but you’ll also be contributing to a greener future. So, gear up, embrace the charge, and get ready to experience the future of motorcycling.

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