MIPS Helmets for EBikes : The Next Level in eBike Safety

Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), a clever technology designed to give cyclists an extra edge in safety. Don’t be fooled by the acronym. MIPS isn’t a separate brand, but rather a hidden feature found in many MIPS helmets. 

Angled crashes are a common scenario for cyclists. MIPS helmets are designed to prevent head and brain damages for cyclists in such situations. Of Course, we know that you own an ebike and ebikes barely lose their stability. But here’s the catch.

While eBikes offer more stability than traditional bikes, they can still reach speeds that put riders at risk of serious head injuries in a crash. The higher speeds translate to potentially more forceful impacts, making MIPS helmets even more valuable for eBikers’ safety. Let’s delve deeper and see how MIPS helmets tackle the specific challenges of e-cycling.

What is MIPS?

MIPS aka Multi-directional Impact Protection System, is a safety technology designed to enhance protection for cyclists in the event of a crash. It’s incorporated into many ebike helmets by various manufacturers.

MIPS helmets have a low-friction layer placed between the helmet’s padding and the EPS foam liner. During an angled impact, this layer allows a slight rotational movement (10-15mm) of the helmet relative to the head. This helps to absorb and redirect rotational forces that can be transmitted to the brain during such impacts, potentially reducing the risk of concussion and other brain injuries.

How Does MIPS Work in eBike Helmets?

MIPS helmets tackle a specific type of impact brain injury in cycling accidents. Traditional bike helmets excel at absorbing the force of a direct blow. However, angled impacts, which are common in cycling mishaps, can cause the head to twist inside the helmet. This twisting motion creates rotational forces that can damage the brain.

Here’s how MIPS works:

  • Inside a MIPS-equipped helmet, there’s a low-friction layer between the padding and the main shell. This layer is designed to move slightly upon impact.
  • During a crash, especially an angled impact, the MIPS layer allows your head to rotate a bit relative to the helmet itself. Those extra millimetres of movement can help reduce the rotational force transmitted to your brain.
  • Rotational forces are a big concern in head injuries because they can cause the brain to twist inside the skull, which can lead to concussions and other serious injuries.
Choosing the Right eBike Helmet with MIPS

Why are MIPS Helmets Important for eBikers?

The higher speeds associated with eBikes can potentially lead to more forceful impacts, making MIPS helmets even more crucial for eBike helmet safety. Here’s a breakdown of why MIPS is important for eBikes:

Addressing Rotational Impacts

Traditional eBike helmets excel at absorbing the impact from a straight-on crash. However, real-world accidents rarely happen at a perfect 90-degree angle. MIPS steps in for these angled impacts, which are more common with ebikes due to higher speeds and potential for unexpected falls. By allowing a slight rotational movement between the helmet liner and your head, MIPS absorbs rotational energy, mimicking the way your brain naturally moves within the cerebrospinal fluid. This can significantly reduce the strain on the brain and minimise the risk of concussions and other brain injuries.

Improved Safety for Everyday Riders

Ebike speeds can be significantly higher than regular bikes, and falls can have more force. Even with responsible riding, accidents can happen. MIPS offers an extra layer of protection in these everyday situations, making it a valuable addition for all eBike riders, not just those who go on challenging trails. It’s particularly important for riders who might be new to cycling or unfamiliar with ebike handling.

Complementary Technology

MIPS works in conjunction with the existing impact absorption properties of a helmet. The EPS foam liner in a good eBike helmet remains crucial for mitigating the force of a blow. MIPS adds another line of defence by specifically targeting rotational forces, which can be especially damaging to the brain.

Wider Availability and Growing Adoption

MIPS is becoming increasingly common in eBike helmets across various brands and price points. You can find MIPS-equipped helmets without necessarily having to spend a premium. This wider availability makes MIPS technology more accessible to riders of all budgets, promoting overall safety in the e-cycling community.

MIPS – Not a Replacement for Safe Riding Practices

It’s important to remember that MIPS technology, while valuable, is not a substitute for safe riding practices. Always wear a properly fitted helmet, regardless of the type of bike you ride, and obey traffic laws. MIPS helmets are one of those extra protection measures, but basic safe riding habits are the foundation of eBike safety.

Choosing the Right eBike Helmet with MIPS

  • MIPS Logo and Certifications: Reputable helmet manufacturers will clearly display the MIPS logo on their helmets that incorporate the technology. While MIPS is a valuable addition, ensure the helmet meets safety standards (like CPSC in the US or EN 1078 in Europe) and offers a good fit. A properly fitted helmet is essential for optimal protection in any accident.
  • Beyond MIPS: Consider other features like breathability, adjustability, visor compatibility, and weight. These features all contribute to comfort and visibility during your rides, making your overall eBiking experience more enjoyable.

Enjoy eBiking for a Long Time

Why are MIPS Helmets Important for eBikers

Knowing your helmet offers advanced protection against the specific forces common in eBike accidents can provide valuable peace of mind. This allows you to focus on enjoying the ride without constantly worrying about the “what ifs.” With MIPS helmets, you can feel more confident knowing you have an extra layer of safety in case of an unexpected fall. 

That doesn’t mean you can be reckless. No matter how small, head and brain injuries can cause permanent damage to your life. So take all the safety precautions and ride responsibly so you can enjoy e-biking for a long time.


  • What is MIPS?

    MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It’s a technology built into some bike helmets to improve protection during crashes. It’s not a separate brand, but a special layer inside the helmet that allows for slight movement during an impact.

  • How does MIPS work in eBike helmets?

    MIPS focuses on angled impacts, common in cycling accidents. These can cause your head to twist inside the helmet, creating harmful rotational forces on the brain. The MIPS layer allows your head to rotate slightly upon impact, absorbing this rotational force and potentially reducing the risk of brain injuries.

  • Why is MIPS important for eBikes?

    While eBikes are more stable than regular bikes, their higher speeds can lead to more forceful impacts in a crash. MIPS is crucial because it specifically addresses these rotational forces, which can be especially dangerous.

  • Should I only consider MIPS helmets for eBikes?

    MIPS offers an extra layer of protection for all cyclists, not just eBike riders. It’s particularly valuable for new riders or those unfamiliar with eBike handling.

  • Does MIPS replace safe riding practices?

    No! MIPS is not a substitute for safe riding. Always wear a properly fitted helmet and follow traffic laws. MIPS equips you with extra protection, but safe riding habits are key for eBike safety.

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