What Can We Do RIGHT NOW To Save The Earth?

It can be pretty scary to think of all the dangers of climate change in the past. We may have heard somewhere why we should care. But let's find out how to be proactive about about saving the enviroment. 

 fight against climate change

One way to help is to drive less when you can. Rather than using your own personal car, try to carpool or use public transportation. Electric powered methods are also a great option such as electric bikes or electric scooters. If your destination is close enough, maybe even consider walking or riding a regular bike.

Carbon dioxide or CO2 is a major contributor to climate change and vehicles are a large portion of the CO2 humanity produces. In fact, it's estimated that for every two mile car trip you take, two pounds of CO2 are put into the atmosphere.

Please thank all those kids riding skateboards because they're kind of saving the world even though they won't get off your lawn. 

You can also help out by recycling and reusing things when you can. Rather than throwing out all your gadgets, see if you can find another use for them or donate them to charity if the product is still in good shape,

Recycling helps fight climate change because it takes less energy to make something from recycled products than starting from scratch. Also, consider buying things with less packaging in the first place or items that use recyclable packaging.

This next one might be a little scary to everyone who has ever taken part in the war for the thermostat. But I challenge you to try and let your homes be a little warmer in the summer and a little colder in the winter, even if it's just by a few degrees. Moving your thermostat up two degrees in the summer and down two degrees in the winter could eliminate an estimated 2000 pounds of CO2 a year. 

Another thing you can do is inspire others to join the fight against climate change. This can be as simple as talking to your friends and family about the issues or organizing groups and events in your local community. You can even contact your government officials and urge them to take action and have policies that lead to a healthier, greener future.

And finally, think about this. If you lose your world, well, then I will lose mine. 


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