Got a Companion? Best Electric Bikes with Passenger Seat (Adult, Child or Dog)

By Chris Wilson

E-bike commuting is growing rapidly in major cities all over the US, which is a phenomenal trend, but there’s a major challenge; you can’t offer anyone a ride. Or at least you couldn’t.

Traditionally, other than the expensive utility and cargo e-bikes, there weren't other options for carrying a companion on an e-bike.

Editor's Choice

Editor's 1st Choice 
Got a Companion? Best Electric Bikes with Passenger Seat (Adult, Child or Dog) 1

RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

Overall Rating:

  • 750W
    Geared Hub Motor
  • Up to 45+
    Miles per Charge
  • 350 lb
    Payload Capacity
Editor's 2nd Choice
Got a Companion? Best Electric Bikes with Passenger Seat (Adult, Child or Dog) 2

HyperScorpion Express

Overall Rating:

  • Range
    70+ Mile Range
  • Speed
    30+ MPH
  • Transmission
    8 Speed Shimano Cassette
Editor's 3rd Choice 
Got a Companion? Best Electric Bikes with Passenger Seat (Adult, Child or Dog) 3

Tern GSD S10 Electric Bike

Overall Rating:

  • Bosch Performance Line, 250W Motor
  • Battery Capacity (Wh)
    400 watt hours
  • Pedal Assist Range
    31 - 68 miles

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Fast forward, manufacturers are getting more creative, and now, there’re plenty of e-bike options that will let you hitch a ride.

Also known as companion e-bikes, these commuter electric bikes come with a passenger seat where other users or pets can hitch a ride.

They offer a fun and interesting way to bring a friend along on your commutes.

That said, these e-bikes are vastly different and her is a list of my top picks

To give you an idea of the different types of electric bikes with passenger seats, we've compiled a definitive guide outlining all the different e-bikes requirements for adults, kids, and pets.

Electric Bike with Baby Seat

Got a Companion? Best Electric Bikes with Passenger Seat (Adult, Child or Dog) 4

Deciding to take your baby out in public and around others for the first time is pressing and worrisome, especially for first time parents.

The biggest concern when strapping a baby for a bike ride is the age factor.

When is the best time for yourbaby’s debut?

In general, it's 9 to 12 months. It's at this age babies develop the neck strength needed for supporting the weight of their helmet.

Also, around this time, the neck is usually developed enough to keep the head from bobbing, especially when riding on the uneven terrain.

However, it’s not always so much about the question of age, but more of physical development.

As with all things in parenting and babies, there’s a wide range of normal. Some babies will gain stronger necks from the start, while others will take time.

The development of infants varies quite a lot as to the age in which they can sit up unaided.

But generally, as we’ve mentioned above, this is usually about nine months.

Now, when it comes to the choice of the passenger seat for babies, understand most of the infants find the riding motion so soporific, and they might even nod straight away.

And when they do, they’re likely to slump forward with their head slouched. It’s an uncomfortable position, but it doesn’t harm the baby.

To avoid the discomfort, we suggest you get a seat with a reclining backrest that can adjust to the kid's sloping.

What’s the Best Premium E-bike for Carrying Babies?

Got a Companion? Best Electric Bikes with Passenger Seat (Adult, Child or Dog) 7

Few cargo e-bikes have a cult-like enthusiasm than the Tern GSD.

This cargo e-bike is a real monster on the road and will even let you bring two babies with you.

The best part?

It has the footprint of a regular bike, making it a super convenient purchase for the small families who need to take the bike on the train, store it in a small apartment or even maneuver in tight city spaces.

Electric Bike with Child Seat

Got a Companion? Best Electric Bikes with Passenger Seat (Adult, Child or Dog) 8

Now that we've learned the best carriers for babies and toddlers, let's look at the children's e-bikes.

They’re not so much different from the baby carriers, but here, preference isn’t paid too much to age and development, but rather on the mounting of the seat.

You need to determine what type of seat system would suit your kid.

Generally, there’re three types of seat mounting systems, and each of them has its benefits and drawbacks.

  1. Rear Seat

The rear seats are the most popular types of seats in the market and suitable for kids aged between 12 months to 48 pounds.

The rear seats are the largest seating system, and they provide far more features than other systems, including the ability to recline, suspension, shoulder straps, and adjustability.

The rear seats are further classified into frame-mounted and rack-mounted.

The frame-mounted seats attach directly to the bike's frame without needing a separate rack. 

The rack-mounted seat, on the other hand, mounts into a rack connected to your bike frame.

  1. Front Seat

The front-mounted seats are the smallest seat system and are ideal for kids between ages of nine months and 2.5 years.

The front seats have the kids place directly between an adult's arms, and provide unparalleled bonding time with babies.

Kids feel more comfortable with this seating position, and it becomes easy for a parent to hold a conversation with their young one.

  1. Mid-Mount

The mid-mount seating position is suitable for kids or ages 2 to 5 years.

This seating system is free of harnesses, and it places the kids between the adult rider and the handlebars.

Which Seating Position is Right for my Kid?

The right seating system depends on the age of your kid, your style of riding, and the compatibility of your bike.

Here’s a breakdown on the three seating positions:

Seat Position






Below the handlebars

Between the handlebars and seat


12 months/48 pounds

9 months-3 years/ 33 pounds

2-5 years

Best For

Extended use

Babies and toddlers

Older kids



·More room or growth

·Plenty of accessories including reclining seats and adjustability


·Ideal for babies and kids

·Easy conversation

·Doesn’t affect balance

·Proximity  to kid

·Proximity to kid

·Easy conversation

·Doesn’t take much space

·Ideal for the aggressive riding

·Ideal for older kids


·The child is out of sight

·Challenge to hold a conversation

·Might affect balance


·Easy for kids to outgrow the seat

·Kids must support themselves since there's no harness

Which is the Best Premium E-bike for riding with a Child?

Yuba Spicy Curry Bosch Electric

Got a Companion? Best Electric Bikes with Passenger Seat (Adult, Child or Dog) 11

If you're considering an e-bike with the capabilities of carrying you and your child, consider the Yuba Curry.

This popular bike has recently been upgraded with the iconic Bosch power, so you can always speed up even on the steep help.

It’s affordable, yet it comes with all the extras you would need for a convenient and hassle-free ride.

Electric Bike with Passenger Seat

There’re several essential elements you need to consider when selecting an e-bike with a passenger seat.

Most of these elements aren’t even about the comforts and convenience, but safety.

  1. Wheels

First, you need to determine the tire pressure.

Most e-bikes have a specified weight limit, and when it's exceeded, it's likely to fail.

Overloading is likely to cause blowouts, which might cause you to lose control and eventually crash.

While still on the wheels, you need to determine the number of spokes on the wheels. 

You must ensure the spoke tension is correct. If it's not, the rim is likely to

bend, and the spokes might break, which might result in both of you getting thrown from the e-bike.

  1. Braking

If you're riding with almost double the mass, then the requirement for the braking system needs to be higher.

Ideally, you should pick an e-bike with strong mechanical disc brakes or hydraulic disc brakes.

Either of the braking systems can bring you to a sudden halt without compromising on the safety of both of you.

What is the Best Premium E-bike with Passenger Seat?

Got a Companion? Best Electric Bikes with Passenger Seat (Adult, Child or Dog) 12

Tern HSD P9 Electric Bike is a heavy-duty e-bike designed for urban cycling.

It's a great option for carrying passengers thanks to the low center of gravity that ensures you can easily maintain stability even when on the go.

It’s not the strongest option, but the 400W is sufficient to allow both of you to commute conveniently.

Electric Bike with Sidecar

Sidecars provide a retro-style design and offer a truly wonderful choice for riders who need to have their kids or pet by their side during a city ride.

The sidecar can also be a valuable helping hand for those who need to use their e-bikes for daily shopping or commuting.

A pivot bearing connects a sidecar to an e-bike and lets the sidecar to move freely up and down about your e-bike.

What’s the Best Premium Electric E-bike with a Sidecar?

Trumki Parent/Child Car TKES-004-ET-03

Got a Companion? Best Electric Bikes with Passenger Seat (Adult, Child or Dog) 13

Trumki is a three-wheeled sidecar electric bike, built for the parents who need to bring their kids or pets in a more comfortable style.

It's a heavy-duty option, with the 1000W/1500W motor and 60V/12Ah, or 60V/20Ah battery provided the power needed to take you through the difficult terrains.

It's also capable of hauling the heaviest of your kid or pets, thanks to the 440-pound weight capacity.

And the best part?

It has a decent speed of 21 miles per hour. It's not high, but for a commute vehicle that you'll bring your child with you, I don't think you need to go any faster than that.

Electric Bike with Wagon

If you need to haul heavy and large cargo, you’ll need to purchase an e-bike with a wagon.

Generally, the weight limit for the wagon e-bikes is set between 220 to 300 pounds.

Of course, the more power an e-bike has the greater the weight limit capacity.

Some of the models, such as the foldable e-bikes, for example, are designed to carry less weight. On the other hand, other models such as the cargo e-bikes could carry even more weight.

What’s the Best Premium Electric Bike with a Wagon?

The Cargo Hauling Electric Bike

Aptly named the Cargo Hauling Bike, this e-bike has a back cargo rack, which you can use to haul your cargo.

It's built for heavy-duty applications, and this is evident through the strong aluminum alloy frame capable of supporting up to 350 pounds.

It also has a powerful 750-watt motor that assists the rider during pedaling or promotes effortless cruising across the different terrains.

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