E-Bike Cargo Trailers – Everything You Need To Know

E-bikes, in particular, offer a convenient, fast, and sustainable way to get from one point to another.

With a motor power, users can effortlessly commute without expending a lot of energy as they would do with traditional bikes.

Nonetheless, there’re certain departments E-Bike Cargo lack; inadequate cargo spaces.

If you need to carry cargo, or even bring your kids and pets with you in your next commute, you need to get creative.

The good news is, there’s a simple solution to the space dilemma which is an e-bike cargo trailer.

E-Bike Cargo
E-Bike Cargo Trailers – Everything You Need To Know 1

The idea of towing an e-bike cargo trailer might seem a bit alien to many, there’re numerous reasons why you may want to take a trailer when touring with your e-bike.

First, E-bike Cargo trailers offer a convenient way of turning your e-bike into a cargo bike. More importantly, they’re a safe option than regular seats and great for hauling kids since they come with harnesses and barriers.

They’re also a comfortable option, and depending on the model, you might find double-wheeled trailers, which are quite stable.

That said, choosing an E-bike Cargo trailer is much like selecting an e-bike.

If you plan to add an e-bike trailer to the list of accessories, you need to know what to look for.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to wander in the unchartered territory alone. In this article, we will answer some of the common questions regarding the E-bike Cargotrailers.

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What are Some of the Important Things to Consider When Choosing an E-bike Trailer?

The first aspect to consider when picking an e-bike trailer is the weight capacity.

Though the e-bike motor hauls the trailer, it’s better not to strain it much to avoid compromising its integrity.

If you get a heavy trailer, your motor and battery will drain fast, meaning you won’t achieve a long-range.

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Now, this is where material construction comes into play.

Generally, steel is the go-to material for e-bike trailers because it strikes a balance between lightness and performance.

However, if you’re willing to spend extra, you can get an even lighter version-steel alloy.

The second aspect is the storage.

See, e-bike trailers take up much space, and unless you’ve plenty of space to work with, you might need to choose a compact trailer.

However, compactness doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve to compromise of cargo space. You can choose foldable trailers, allowing you to compact them even further during storage.

Finally, you need to consider the compatibility of the e-bike trailer with that of your e-bike.

Before making a purchase, ensure the trailer can be attached to your e-bike.

Typically, e-bike trailers are attached to your e-bike through two main ways- bolting on the seat post or on through a quick-release skewer.

Either way, ensure that none of your e-bike components, including brakes, drivetrains, or axles, are obstacles to the trailer attachment.

More importantly, ensure the hitch is universal and not limited to any specific manufacturer.

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How much weight can an electric bike tow?

Most e-bikes will reliably pull weights of 150-250lbs. Yet, electric cargo bikes should be able to haul an additional 50lbs without stress. The reason is simple, cargo bikes are built to carry additional weight. 

Having said that, the weight an e-bike cargo can carry certainly depends on the brand, make, and stated payload capacity. The e-bikes above can all carry up to 300lbs. 

This is the recommended weight the e-bikes can haul safely without causing wear, tear or damage to the rider and the bike itself. 

Remember, the weight payload capacity includes the rider’s weight plus the load. For riders on the heavy side, it may be advisable to pack on lighter loads when cycling.

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How do you attach a bike trailer to an electric bike?

It may seem tricky searching for the right trailer or some universal adapter that helps attach various trailers to e-bikes. However, it’s much simpler than you think, most trailers will fit a wide range of electric bikes, regardless of the brand. 

What could make things a bit tricky is the axle, there are two major types: quick-release and thru-axles. Thru-axles are thicker and interconnect from the wheel to the frame. The reason a trailer may not fit on your e-bike is if it has a thru-axle. 

In some cases, you may need to get an adapter to help attach a trailer to your e-bike. If things get too confusing, don’t hesitate to watch an online tutorial. 

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What’s the Maximum Speed for E-bike Trailers?

E-bike trailers don’t have a speed rating.

Instead, most of the trailers are designed to be used as e-bike cargo trailers, so they can withstand the normal speeds you can achieve with your e-bike.

Of course, some models, especially those with suspension for the wheels, can accommodate the consistent bumpy terrains without damaging the spokes or wearing down.

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How Do I Make My E-bike Trailer More Comfortable for my Kid?

Trailers may be the safest way to take your kid along.

Unlike seats, kid’s trailers are lower on the ground, so even when you crash or turn the trailer over, the baby will fall a shorter distance.

But safety shouldn’t be confused with comfort.

In fact, most parents have no idea how rough a trailer ride can be.

See, tires are directly under your kid, so all the roughness is directly transmitted to the kid.

Fortunately, there’re several ways to make the trailer ride more comfortable while maintaining safety guidelines.

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First, it’s recommendable to ask the pediatrician if your kid is ready for a trailer ride. From there, find them a trailer that will accommodate their weight and size.

According to the Helmet Organization, lowering tire pressure can reduce the small vibrations to your kid. But it’s a good idea to verify the lowest possible tire pressure from the manufacturer.

Another crucial aspect is trailer arrangement-it’s best if you can support your kid’s head on both sides to avoid bobbling, especially when they fall asleep.

For the reclining or upright baby trailer, a pillow offers clearance for the helmet in the back and prevents their chin from dropping.

You could also opt for a trailer with a low-mounted hitch as they’re generally more stable than those attached to seatposts.

Finally, you may want to consider a trailer that meets the ASTM trailer standards.


Can I Haul a Mower on an E-bike Trailer?

Yes, it’s possible to haul a mower or even a weed eater on an e-bike trailer.

Size and weight limits are the most crucial aspects when towing a lawn.

First, you must ensure the lawn’s weight doesn’t exceed the advertised weight limit of the trailer.

 Secondly, you must consider the dimension of the mower and see it perfectly fit in your trailer.

Typically, hauling a medium-sized zero-turn mower and probably two other pieces of lawn equipment may require a 5” by 10” wood floor trailer.

At the same time, make sure to avoid much full throttle and high speeds while hauling the mower.

Can E-bike Trailers Haul Wheelchairs?

Yes, e-bike trailers make it easy for those with simple balance issues, or special needs issues to join you in your ride.

Also known as special need e-bike trailers or wheelchair bike trailers, these e-bike trailers have a large platform capable of carrying most wheelchairs with ease.

The wheelchair trailers have passengers securely strapped in their wheelchairs, saving you from the inconvenience and hassle of transferring the passenger to the trailer.

However, contrary to the regular e-bike trailers, most of the wheelchair e-bikes are custom-built to meet the user requirements, and include several variations to suit the needs of the users.

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