Should I Get an Electric Scooter?

By Electric Ride Team

September 30, 2020

Should I Get an Electric Scooter?

Whilst growing up in a city, I traveled through public transport to go to class and around town. Later on, when car-sharing came along, I began traveling through cars a little more.

However, in recent times, electric scooters have been my main go-to, to travel in and around the city. They are now my favorite and I simply love riding them. 

I mean, who wouldn’t? Navigating in traffic is so much easier! And the parking nightmare is now a thing of the past. The electric scooter industry is booming in metropolitan cities that have been battling soul-smashing traffic. However, are electric scooters the way of the future?

The Big Question Is, How Good Are Electronic Scooters and Are They the Future?

But before we get to that, do you know who invented the electric scooter?

Back in the 1890's, a plank and 4 wheels (skateboard) was a humble start for traveling inter-city. It soon became popular and was the most widely chosen mode of transportation.

Today, hundreds of electric scooter manufacturers are working towards improving and creating new features that add an edge of convenience for riders. There are multiple reasons why so many people over the globe are inclined towards electric scooters over fuel-controlled ones.

But Is It Worth Buying an Electric Scooter? Are They Really Good for Commuting?

Should I Get an Electric Scooter?

In my opinion, absolutely. Electric scooters have so many advantages! They have a
slender design and are packed with features that make for a worry-free ride on
any surface.

What’s so good about them, you ask?

  • A great alternative to gas-fueled bikes: They are cheap in price, what’s more, you don’t need fuel to ride them as they run on battery. Environmentally conscious? Electric Scooters are a great option.
  • Permit prerequisites: Electric scooters aren’t super-fast. With moderate speeds, they are easy to control. Which is why they don’t require a license to ride.
  • Compactness: Because of their slender design, electric scooters are convenient to ride in traffic. If there are any problems with the motor, chain or tire, they can be easily fixed at a nearby garage.
  • Safety: Electric scooters have many safety features. Right from hand-operated acceleration control to easily accessible rare-wheel brakes. Some of them have taillights too.
  • Simple to maintain: Electric scooters are easy to maintain, thanks to the sturdy material they are made with. All you have to be careful about is maintain the handlebars, deck, and brakes.
  • Parking easiness: Since they are so compact, finding parking is super easy. Not just that, if you don’t want to park it on the road, you can also take it with you to places.
  • Cost: Electric scooters are budget-friendly and are available at various price points.

So If They Don’t Use Gas, Are Electronic Scooters Environmentally Friendly?

Should I Get an Electric Scooter?

Each kilometer traveled through traditional bikes release around 350 grams of carbon. Now, let’s imagine a world where riding electric scooters is the standard and make a few projections…let’s begin?

Say an electric scooter runs for 12 kilometers daily. That compares to a day by day decrease of 3,500 grams of carbon for each electric scooter. A city with 10,000 electric scooters would then lessen discharges by 35,000,000 grams, or 35 mt. tons daily. Multiply that with 500 metropolitan cities, and we are currently relieving 17,500 measurements huge amounts of carbon every day.

You can now figure why electric power is a lot more naturally agreeable than gas.

However, electric scooters do use power. Whether they use the power that is generated from exhaustible resource or in-exhaustible resource, is debatable. Also, research suggests that materials used in making electric scooters cause significant greenhouse gas emissions. The benefits of electric scooters with respect to climate remains unclear.

How Do I Choose an Electric Scooter?

Since you're puzzled with the subject of "which electric scooter should I purchase?" or "which electric scooter is the best for me?", worry not! You're in the right place.

There are essentially 5 things you must consider while purchasing an electric scooter: 

1. Range

How much can the electric scooter travel on a single charge? Do you require long
travels or are you going to use it for short trips?

2. Top Speed and Quickening

If you’re living at one end of the city and need to get to the other end quickly,
you need to choose an electric scooter with higher speeds. If you’re using it
for pleasure, or for running chores around the corner, speed shouldn’t really
be a feature you should focus on.

3. Battery Type and Warranty

We have two battery types that help run Electric Scooters - Lithium-ion and Lead Acid Batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are more reliable and increase the range of travel while reducing charging time. The only issue of Lithium-ion batteries is that they are expensive. They cost more than Lead Acid batteries. Likewise, what term of warranty would you say you are getting with your electric bike?

4. Cost

Consider who you’re buying the scooter for and how much you want to spend to help narrow down the choices. Scooters are available in different sizes, styles, features, and colors. There are also scooters better suited for adults and licensed drivers compared to those deemed to be more kid-friendly and suited for younger riders. Some of the higher-end models of electric scooters for adult riders cost upwards of $600 with an electric motor battery charge time of 3.5 hours and a speed of up to 15 mph. However, the average electric scooter cost is around $300.

5. Purpose

Why are you buying an electric scooter? Is it because you love riding it or are you going to use it every single day to get to work? Or then again, do you want it for your kids? When you know the reason, you will be able to narrow down on the right scooter for you and your family.

In Conclusion

Since the beginning of time, roads were made for people to walk on foot, sellers, and ponies. Later on, roads became more organized and lanes were formed. Followed by highways. Today, streets have become dangerous for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers. This new electric scooter technology represents the amazing determination of a mission that began with the oil embargoes and ecological development of the 1970s, when hopeful architects imagined ultralights, "right-sized" electric vehicles as an approach to break the dependence on petroleum derivatives. Today, electric scooters and bicycles are less gaudy than before and are harbingers of a similar vision.

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