How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go? Expectations vs. Reality

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How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go

Are you in search of an economical ride that is also simple and fun?

Electric scooters are a fun way to travel from one location to another. Unlike a car or motorcycle, you don’t need a driving license to operate one. All you need is an electric scooter helmet and protective gear to protect yourself, and you are good to go.

Like any other vehicle, speed matters. In fact, a lot of people wonder - how fast do electric scooters go?

today, we answer questions in regards to the speed of electric scooters based on age, battery capacity, and motor power.

The Speed of Electric Scooters Based on Age Category

There are many reasons why people would choose electric scooters over regular bikes or skateboards. First, electric scooters can go anywhere faster and easier than a regular bike. Second, they are safer and more comfortable on the joints than skateboards. Third, when it comes to climbing hills, you will not huff and puff when using an electric scooter. But you will when using a skateboard or regular bike. Last, electric scooters are safer.

When shopping for electric scooters, speed is an important consideration. Why? You want to get to where you are going faster. Here we discuss the speed of the stand up electric scooters for adults and the speed of electric scooters for kids.

Speed of Electric Scooters for Adults

How Fast Do Adults Electric Scooters Go?

The top speed of electric scooters for adults is around 20 mph (32 km/h). This is the speed allowed for an adult battery-operated electric scooter to travel on a bike lane. Recent technological improvements in the electric scooter’s battery capacity have shown that they can hit the 30-mph mark.

This is the maximum speed an electric scooter without a chair can travel. If you need to go faster than 30 mph, you have to buy electric scooters similar to a gas-powered one. They have a seat and even a frame where you can rest your feet.

Speed of Electric Scooters for Kids

How Fast Do Kids Electric Scooters Go?

The average speed an electric scooter for kids can go is 15 mph (24 km/h) while the top speed is 18 mph (28 km/h) on a single charge.

When it comes to the speed of electric scooters for kids, manufacturers limit them during production. Why? First, kids are at risk of accidents. Second, it’s unlawful in many states for kids’ electric scooters to go faster.

Is 15 Mph Fast for an Electric Scooter

For adults, 15 mph is not fast as they can control the electric scooter at such high speeds. This is also true when it comes to older teens – 16 to 19 years. Teens love to travel fast, not just to reach their destination but to enjoy the experience.

For kids, 15 mph is too fast, but some kids love speed. As a parent, it’s essential to ensure that any electric scooter you buy for your kids is suitable for kids. This will prevent possible accidents.

Electric Scooter Speed Based on Battery and Motor Power

Since electric scooters are plug-in vehicles, their electricity is usually stored onboard a rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery powers the motor, which in turn speeds up the electric scooter. These two components impact the speed of your electric scooter.

In fact, the recommended motor power parameters are as follows:

  • 90 to 120 Watt – best for kids 6 to 9 years. Average speed is 6 mph while top speed is 5 mph to 7.5 mph.
  • Up to 250 Watt – best for kids 10 to 12 years. Average speed is 10 mph while top speed is 15 mph.
  • 250 Watt to 350 Watt – best for teens 13 to 14 years. Average speed is 15 mph while the top speed is 18 mph.
  • 350 W to 500 Watt – best for teens 15 to 16 years and also for adults weighing less than 90 kg. Average speed is 18 mph while top speed is 20 mph
  • 500 Watt and over – best for adults. Average speed is 20 to 25 mph while top speed is 28 to 30 mph.

In the past, electric scooters had a single 12-volt system. Today, you will come across a 12 Volt, 24 Volt, 36 Volt, and even 48 Volt.

How Fast Does a 12 Volt Electric Scooter Go?

The amount of voltage combined with the number of watts for the motor determines how fast the electric scooter can go. A 12 Volt electric scooter with an 80-watt chain drive motor has an average speed of 8 miles per hour and a top speed of 12 miles per hour. Also, it can offer 40 to 50 minutes of continuous ride time for your kids.

How Fast Does a 24 Volt Electric Scooter Go?

A 24 Volt electric scooter has an average speed of 10 miles per hour and a top speed of 15 miles per hour. Not only that. It can run up to 40 minutes of continuous use on a single charge.

How Fast Does a 1600 Watt Electric Scooter Go?

A 1600 Watt electric scooter has an average speed of 24 miles per hour and a top speed of 28 miles per hour. But such an electric scooter is not road legal. Why? The maximum speed for such a vehicle on the bike lane is 20 mph.

How Fast Does a 1000-Watt Scooter Go?

A 1000 Watt scooter can reach a top speed of 27 mph while its average speed is 20 mph. Ideal for older teens 16 to 19 years and adults, it has a range of 10 miles on a single charge. A 1000 Watt electric scooter can take 4 to 8 hours to fully charge, which is significantly less compared to other models.

How Fast Can a 500-Watt Electric Scooter Go?

A 500 Watt motor is powerful. As such, a 500 Watt electric scooter has a top speed of 16 mph to 20 mph while its average speed is 18 mph. On a single charge, it can run for 45 minutes or 10 to 35 miles on even ground with no hills.

Factors That Make an Electric Scooter Go Fast?

Several factors affect the speed of an electric scooter. They include:

  • Weight of the rider
  • Tire pressure
  • Battery capacity
  • Type of terrain

Weight of the Rider

If the rider is heavy, the motor and battery will have to work harder to push the electric scooter to top speeds. In fact, it takes longer for the electric scooter to achieve top speeds with a heavy rider. When buying an electric scooter, check the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit.

Tire Pressure

If your electric scooter has pneumatic tires, it’s important to check tire pressure. If the tires are too soft, it will impact your range and speed. Also, the tires will not absorb shocks on rough terrain.

Battery Capacity

Batteries with large capacities can store more charge. As such, they offer extended range capabilities.

Type of Terrain

Electric scooters are best for an urban setting with smooth road surfaces and no steep hills. On a dirt track, the electric scooter speed will be slow. Why? The tires will sink into the ground. Also, bumps and lumps will affect the scooter’s speed.

Can I Make My Electric Scooter Go Faster?

Many people crave for speed. To enable your electric scooter to move or go faster, there are a few modifications you can make. But remember, this will void your warranty. Here are the changes you need to make.

  • Attach the negative terminal of the battery to the negative of the motor.
  • Buy a large electric motor to switch with the original motor for your electric scooter.
  • Alter the electric scooter’s sprockets.
  • Buy a powerful battery – 36 V or 48 V and reprogram the controller.
  • Change your wheels for better ones.

Final Thoughts

Hitting top speeds while riding an electric scooter is thrilling. But you need to be extra careful. To avoid possible accidents, train yourself. We recommend picking streets or lanes free from pedestrians and heavy traffic. Once you gain confidence, you can hit the city streets.

Remember to maintain the recommended speed limit of 20 mph or less on bike lanes and city streets. Don’t forget to protect yourself with a helmet and other protective gear. This will prevent fractures in case of accidents.

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