Best Helmet for Electric Scooter: Get Protection in Style

Best Helmet For Electric Scooter

Safety in electric scooters takes many forms.

The first line of defense and most popular way to keep you safe on an electric scooter ride is through protective gear. Here, a combination of knee guards, Best Helmet for Electric Scooter and elbow pads can help to keep you protected.

However, of all the protective gears, none is as vital as an electric scooter helmet. A great helmet for an Electric Scooter is necessary to keep your head protected against crashes, falls and impacts.

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The best helmet for electric scooter create an additional layer for the head, protecting the rider from the severe brain damage.

And considering some electric scooters are super fast, the need for a protective head shield is undebatable.

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However, while it’s one thing knowing you need an electric scooter helmet, it can be challenging to pick the right helmet for you.

To help you choose the best electric helmet, we’ve whittled a comprehensive guide, outlining everything you need to know about selecting the best electric scooter helmet.

Now, if you’re in a hurry to find the best helmet options, here are three of our favorite picks:

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Top 3 Electric Scooter Helmets

1. Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

Best Helmet for Electric Scooter: Get Protection in Style 8

Triple Eight, featuring a durable construction along with some smart engineering, meets all the safety requirements and will keep you safe from a gnarly fall at 30 mph to a silly one at one mph.

The helmet for Electric Scooter is comfortable too, with the outer solid outer shell and ultra-soft and plush padded interior helping to wick the sweat from your face. This is not to mention it comes complete with two sets of pads for a more customized fit.

More importantly, the helmet is certified, complying with several regulatory bodies, including ASTM Safety Standards and CE EN1078.

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2. Thousand Helmet

Best Helmet for Electric Scooter: Get Protection in Style 9

Our second favorite is yet another practical solution for electric scooter riding and will keep you safe even in the darndest accidents.

It has a solid shell to keep you protected from the falls and hits, yet the interior is lined with a plush material to keep your head cozy.

The greatest draw on the Thousand Helmet is the proprietary Pop-Lock that allows you to conveniently and safely leave the helmet with your electric scooter.

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3. S1 Lifer

Best Helmet for Electric Scooter: Get Protection in Style 10

Our top picks for best Helmet for Electric Scooter can’t be complete without mentioning the S1 Lifer. We love this helmet for several reasons.

For starters, the safety reliability of this helmet is unmatched, with the fusion foam construction helping to shield your head from impacts.

S1 is also a comfortable helmet, with the S1’s Deep Fit design sits lower than other helmets helping to enhance more comfort.

We feel the greatest selling point is the certification from multiple impacts and a single high impact. Thus it will always keep you safe regardless of the conditions.

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Are Scooter And Bike Helmets The Same?

Currently no helmets made specifically for electric scooters.

So, yes, scooter bikes and bike helmets are the same.

However, the regular bike helmets or those rated for bicycle safety standards will only protect you when riding your electric scooter below 20 mph and in low-risk conditions.

If you need a helmet for Electric Scooter to protect you at high speeds and in high-risk conditions, you should opt for a motorcycle helmet.

For speeds above 20 mph and in high-risk conditions, we would suggest you pick an e-bike or motorcycle helmet for your electric scooter.

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Is Helmet Required For An Electric Scooter?

Generally, the need for wearing an electric scooter helmet is not a mandatory requirement in most states.

In California, for instance, Governor Brown signed a bill late last year, exempting adults from wearing a helmet when riding a scooter.

So, Do you need helmet for electric scooter ? The only sure way of determining whether you need to wear a helmet is by checking with your local or state law.

Can I Use A Bike Helmet For A Scooter?

Yes, a bike helmet can double up as an Helmet for Electric Scooter, but it needs to meet certain requirements.

First, Helmet for Electric Scooter should offer a form-fitting design as ill-fitting helmets can be as dangerous as not wearing one.

Another important aspect of keeping you safe is using a certified bike helmet complying with the recognized safety standards.

It will also help if you choose a MIPS helmet to protect you against oblique falls.

Finally, ensure the bike helmet isn’t damaged. Steer away from second hand or rather used helmets even if their damage isn’t visible as they might be compromised already.

What Kind Of Helmet Do I Need For An Electric Scooter?

Ultimately, the choice of your helmet will depend on your riding style, speed, and risk.

You need to assess the risk involved and choose a helmet appropriate for you.

The full-face options, for instance, are more protective, offering more face and head shield surface.

However, if you don’t feel the closed motorcycle helmets comfortable, you can pick the open bike helmet, but that might compromise your overall safety.

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Electric Scooter Helmet Law

In general, the law doesn’t require riders to wear a helmet. Adults, in particular, are exempted from the need of having a helmet.

Kids, however, are required to have their helmets on in most states. They must wear Helmet for Electric Scooter also.

While that’s the general rule, the policies regarding the usage of helmets on electric scooters vary depending on the country or individual state.

So, the definitive way to check on the electric scooter law is to follow up on the local laws and regulations.

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Best Full Face Helmet For Electric Scooter

1. ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

Best Helmet for Electric Scooter: Get Protection in Style 11

The ILM is a lightweight yet reliable helmet offering uncompromised safety to the users.

It features an aerodynamic design, reducing the wind noise and drag for improved rolling performance.

More importantly, it meets the FMVSS-218 and DOT standards, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your safety.

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2. Triangle Full Face Helmets

Best Helmet for Electric Scooter: Get Protection in Style 12

Triangle Helmet is a full-face option, approved for safety reliability. Sporting a sturdy ABS shell, this option will keep your head safe against any impacts or collisions.

It’s comfortable, too, with a multi-density soft EPS liner helping to offer a perfect resting place for your face while wicking the moisture and sweat away.

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Lightweight Helmet For Electric Scooter

1. Flybar Multisport

Best Helmet for Electric Scooter: Get Protection in Style 13

The Flybar is a lightweight yet practical electric scooter helmet suitable for both adults and kids.

It sports a sturdy ABS shell for the ultimate safety protection and an EPS foam liner for comfort.

It’s not a premium option, though, but a lightweight and good alternative to the expensive helmets.

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2. Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet

Best Helmet for Electric Scooter: Get Protection in Style 14

If you’re seeking a real stylish and cushy helmet for electric scooter , you can’t go wrong with the Vega Warrior.

This half helmet, weighing a measly 2.2 pounds, is also lightweight, and you’ll hardly feel its weight or get fatigued for wearing it for long.

The protective outer shell is practical and will keep your head safe from the impact. On the other hand, the inner is lined with a Wick-Dri liner to eliminate moisture and offer a comfortable and flush resting place for your head.

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