Best Electric Scooter Locks – Most Secure Ways to Lock It


So you just purchased an electric scooter, and now you’re wondering- how do I keep my electric scooter from being stolen? Regardless of what you’re riding, everyone is looking for ways to keep their personal transportation safe. 

Electric scooters are a blessing for thousands of us, who live in over-populated areas. With the rise of electric scooters across the world’s biggest urban cities, comes a problem that was bound to occur – theft, wrecking and exploitation of these transportation vehicles.

Sadly, electric scooters are seen as the most accessible properties by street offenders. Here we dive into best electric scooter locks and answer most common questions about electric scooter theft prevention,  can you lock up an electric scooter and best ways to secure it.

I like to start with the end in mind. Therefore, here is a list of my top choices for solving this dilemma. Want to dig deeper? keep reading!

Best Electric Scooter Locks

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First things first, can electric scooters easily be stolen?

Sadly, the answer to that is a loud, resounding yes, and in broad daylight too. Back in 1990’s, bicycle owners were left shocked and frustrated at the way their vehicles were being stolen. Soon after, companies started creating locks that stopped thieves in their tracks.

Today, electric scooters are suffering the same fate. If a thief is resourceful, he’ll manage to steal your e-scooter within minutes, and sometimes, seconds. So even if you’re going to step into a store to quickly get something, by the time you come out, your electric scooter can be stolen!

So then, the question arises,

Can you lock up an electric scooter?

The good news is you can prevent electric scooter theft. If you wish to leave your scooter on the street for a prolonged period of time, you can protect it from theft by locking it.

Today, companies have started creating various high-end locks, to safeguard these valuable units while they are parked on the street. With the advancement in technology, these locks are almost unbreakable and will ensure your scooter is in the same place you left it at when you come back. 

How electric scooters theft  prevention started?

E-scooters being stolen posed a great deal of threat to companies and that was evident in the dip of their sales earlier in 2019. 

Soon after, they started informing people about ways they could prevent their electric scooter from being stolen. From asking them to keep it out of sight most times, to urging the owners to carry their electric scooters inside their home. In case of foldable units, this is much easier.

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How do I keep my electric scooter from being stolen?

There are various options to protect your electric scooters, which includes chain locks, cable locks, alarms, and other protection systems designed for e scooters.

Lightweight electric scooters can easily fit in a simple gear for easy possession, which possibly is the safest option. However, most riders tend to use more powerful electric scooters, thus making it quite difficult to have them in proximity due to the associated hefty weight.

While some of these electric scooters are cheap, others are costly and become a medium of easy money for thieves.

If your electric scooter is super expensive, you can attach a theft alarm system too. This way, you can immediately know if someone is trying to tamper with your scooter.

Best ways to lock electric scooters

When locking, consider using the shortest chain/cable or small D-locks where possible to prevent objects from being slipped in between the lock and the scooter.

No single lock is invulnerable, and a resourceful thief will get away with whatever they can. However, you can always make things too hard for them and keep your valuable e scooter safe. Just a mere presence of a lock will hold your cycle from being rolled away and repel most petty crooks. 

Make sure to keep the locks high enough from the ground, so they don’t get striked with a hammer. Always remember to secure your electric scooter to a solid and fixed object. The best lock for an electric scooter should be designed appropriately to fend off even the determined thieves.

How to lock electric scooter with chain

Chain locks are arguably a step up from other forms like cable locks. They are hard to get rid of using regular wire cutters. Of course, bolt cutters and hacksaws might do the trick but it will take long to conquer. Wherever you park your electric scooter, remember to lock it to something to make it harder to throw into a van.

Keep the chain off the ground to prevent potential insertion of tools by thieves to pinch your scooter. Make sure you invest in a quality hardened chain lock, something that can be easily set in the top box or under the seat without problems if your electric scooter is equipped with a seat.

Big chains are heavy and can be a hassle to carry around, but they are more robust and will certainly secure your scooter to a fixed object. Furthermore, they take time to cut, keeping the risk too high for a thief to manage.

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Chain locks

As mentioned, chains are usually better than cable locks, as they are made up of interlinked hardened steel links. They are covered by a cloth or plastic to protect your electric scooter from scratches. The best part about this lock is that it can be tied to various immovable objects due to their length and flexibility. Some of these use the traditional lock and key, while more modern ones use an inbuilt combination lock.


Sportneer Bike lock with resettable combination and 3.2 ft stainless steel chain

  • Keyless secure lock mechanism with 5-digit combination
  • Extremely durable cut resistance cable
  • Easy to set and reset

Best chain locks for electric scooters

Terra Hiker Coiling 5-Digit Combination Lock for Bicycles

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If you’re not satisfied with those cheap wire or self-coiling locks, you’re bound to be impressed by the Terra Hiker Coiling 5-Digit Combination Lock. It is tough, flexible, and remains easy to unlock. This combo lock works great, smooth and you can configure your own five-digit combo number.

The lock takes less than two minutes to set and is offered with simple guidelines in multiple languages. It is perfect for protecting your electric scooter overnight in a conspicuous area, though we don’t recommend leaving your e scooter out like that. The only downside is that the chain might not be thick enough.


  • Sturdy, flexible, and a bit heavier than others
  • The combination is easy to set
  • Simple instructions in many languages
  • Long enough to lock most electric scooters


  • The chain is sturdy but feels a little thin for invincible security.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1415

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If you want to safeguard more than just wheels and frame, or your e scooter requires a longer lock, you will be wise to choose the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1415. It is among the best in the range, and comes with an extra key just in case you lose the first one somewhere while scooting.

We’ve seen other chain locks out there- tougher and more solid to cut through- but the cost is nearly twice as much, making it more feasible to buy a second piece instead. The lock uses three feet of 14 mm indurate series linked together by a 15 mm Kryptonite Disc Lock and is designed to keep even the most resourceful thieves at bay.


  • Sturdy and reliable, ideal for any scenario
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Comes with two keys in case one get lost
  • Made of hard chains, so they don’t break


  •  Heavy for regular use

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Sportneer Bicycle Resettable Combination Anti-Theft

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This resettable combination lock promises to keep your electric scooter secure. Contrary to most cables, this one comes with a keyless safety lock, meaning you will only have to remember your code.

The chain links are sewed and coated with zinc to prevent corrosion while the black cover keeps it looking great on your electric scooter. The Sportneer Bicycle lock features a 5-digit dial that provides a max of 1000 combinations, making it almost impossible to crack. Despite being long and thick, the lock weighs only 1.48 pounds.


  • Comes with a long-lasting cut-repellent cable
  • Easy to set and reset a new combination
  • Waterproof and dustproof cover
  • Features keyless safety lock mechanism


  • Possible to cut through with advanced supplies

Best U Lock for Electric Scooters

Via Velo Heavy Duty Bicycle U-Lock

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The Via Velo Heavy Duty Bicycle U-Lock is an excellent choice when it comes to best U locks for electric scooters. It is incredibly secure and reliable enough to withstand heavy-duty bolt cutters. Regular tools like hacksaws will certainly bow down before the Via Velo.

And even the most resourceful machinist will take a long time for sure. This best U lock is durable in all weather conditions, and it features a hexagonal PVC upholstery to prevent water and dust damage. Additionally, the model is incredibly priced, considering the quality level, which is fairly budget than most U locks under the same category.


  • Amazing security and convenience
  • Strong but easy to lock your e scooter
  • Durable all-weather protection
  • Simple installation


  • The keyhole may get corroded.

Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7

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Next up on our list is the Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7. It is another best investment to secure your e scooter and for a good reason. This U-lock is designed to survive attacks from everything, maybe excluding power tools under certain circumstances.

With its 13 mm hardened shackle, this big U-shaped scooter lock can hold out bolt cutters and deter a large percentage of the would-be thieves. Measuring 7 inches long, this could be a one-stop choice for most people. It is long enough to lock the frame and the wheel of most scooters- not to mention the cut-out edge that makes it even harder to remove after cutting.


  • Lightweight and convenience
  • Weatherproof, so it doesn’t rust
  • Durable and compatible with most scooters


  • The plastic cover peels away easily
  • Keys not corrosion resistant

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SIGTUNA Bike Locks Shackle Bicycle

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These days, a good pair of bolt cutters is more than enough for any determined thief to get away with your electric scooter, unless you have the SIGTUNA Bike Lock. It is a 16 mm hardened steel lock that comes with an anti-cutting locking mechanism that is so sure to keep even the old-hand thieves at bay.

This weather-resistant alternative comes with a cable lock that allows you to grip the front wheel for complete anti-theft protection. You don’t have to stress about storage as you can easily get your SIGTUNA Bike lock attached to your scooter frame, thanks to the solid mounting bracket.


  • Weather-resistant hardened steel lock
  • Includes a mounting bracket
  • Three-year warranty
  • The best bike lock for its price


  • Keys could be duplicable.

Grip locks:

These are one of the smartest ways to protect your electric scooter from being stolen. They are usually mounted on the handle-bar of your electric scooter and pull on to the brakes, resulting in the immovability of your scooter. Ever imagine a thief dragging an electric scooter through the streets? We think not! But if your scooter is foldable and easily liftable, we wouldn’t recommend using this as the sole lock.

What they aren’t? Expensive. What they are? Effective.

Recommended: Grip-Lock GLRed Red Motorcycle and Scooter Handlebar Security Lock

  • Made with hardened steel rods and are unbreakable.
  • Fits most of the electric scooters.
  • Lock and unlock within 10 seconds.
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight.

No products found.

Folding locks:

Our absolute favorite simply because they are really strong and can be tied anywhere on the electric scooter. Many times, when you have to carry a lock, there is a possibility that you forget it somewhere, but not these. You can leave them on the scooter, even when you don’t use them. Moreover, these are almost impossible to cut through and require heavy-duty equipment if they are to be removed. These locks are on the costlier side, but if you get them, chances are, thieves won’t even bother stealing your e-scooter. They can be mounted to almost anything and anywhere.

Recommended: FoldyLock – An extreme electric scooter lock with heavy duty steel bars

  • Made with anti-drilling components
  • Hardened steel links
  • Super flexible
  • Fast and easy to use

No products found.

Cable locks

Similar to chain locks, these are widely used and are easily available in the market. Although many riders use these, they are pretty easy to cut through. In any case, choosing one made with high quality makes all the difference.

Recommended: Titanker Bike Lock Cable with resettable combination and complimentary mounting bracket

  • A locking mechanism with 4 digits
  • Protective coating helps prevent scratches on your e-scooter
  • Braided steel cable for strong cut resistance
  • Mounting bracket

No products found.

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Best Electric Scooter Alarm System

Bibowa Anti-Theft Alarm Motorcycle/Scooter Lock 110dB Alarm Sound

No products found.

Although there are various scooter alarm systems to consider, it’s nice to see that the Bibowa lock comes with its visual identity. It features one of the most excellent designs to match most electric scooters, both by size and color.

The alarm will alert you in a matter of seconds upon any attempt to break in with a different key. It has a small 6 mm pin that makes it suitable even for the smallest disc holes. It is versatile and can be integrated with a wide range of electric scooters as a result. The waterproof appliance provides immediate protection to all electronics during rainy days.


  • Comes with three durable keys
  • Ideal for most motorcycles
  • Colorful alarm system
  • Available in five different colors
  • Made with allow steel to resist drilling and sawing


  • Batteries need to be changed from time to time to keep the alarm louder.

In conclusion:

Do not leave your electric scooter on the sidewalk without any locks. Make sure it is always parked in a safe spot, and visible to you whenever possible. We hope this article has been insightful. If you have any other ways to keep electric scooters safe from theft, we’d love to hear from you.

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