Emove Cruiser Review [Updated] – Nice Upgrade But With Some Problems

By Chris Wilson

Emove Cruiser is a premium electric scooter offered by Voro Motors.

The folks at Voro present the cruiser as an all-around electric scooter, geared towards the casual riders.

It's easy to see why the Emove Cruiser is such a sensational electric vehicle.

However, it’s not the all-perfect electric scooter; it has some serious design flaws such as bulkiness and also it has extended charging time.

But are the flaws sufficient enough to make you look away?

We shall find out here shortly in this detailed Emove Cruiser review

Let's dig in!

Emove Cruiser electric scooter

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For starters, it has pretty much everything you would need for an electric scooter, all packed in a nifty and compact pavement-cruising machine.

Considering it’s an upgrade to the already popular Emove Cruiser 2019, you should also expect some convenient improvements to its predecessor. Notably, it has an enhanced water resistance, upgraded battery for improved real-world range, semi hydraulic brakes from the previous cable brakes, and tubeless pneumatic tires.

Who It's Best For

Emove Cruiser is an extremely well-rounded e-electric scooter, catering to the needs of the casual riders.

In particular, the Cruiser is suited for riders looking for an electric scooter for the long-range excursions.

The long-range also appeals to those who only need an option for short commutes to work without constantly having to recharge.

Emove Cruiser electric scooter

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Who It's Not For

While the Emove Cruiser's speed is reasonable, it might not appeal to the speed enthusiasts or rather racers.

And though there’s a specified age limit for the Cruiser, we wouldn’t recommend it for kids.

Best Features

Foldable: Though quite a hefty electric scooter, it's foldable, which to some degree, enhances portability and storage.

Generous weight capacity: Emove Cruiser has a generous weight capacity of 330 pounds, meaning it can easily hold even up to two average adults.

Comfortable: This electric scooter excels in comfort, and this is evident through the 10-inch wide deck, fantastic suspension system, and convenient placement of the controls.

Waterproof rating: The folks at Volor have waterproofed this electric scooter to keep it from getting compromised from water contact. The IP67 water rating means the electric scooter can easily handle the water splashes and rain drizzles without compromising structural integrity.


·         Durable

·         Long-range (62 miles)

·         Generous weight capacity

·         Decent speed (25 mph)

·         Comfortable


·         Long charging times

Emove Cruiser Review [Updated] – Nice Upgrade But With Some Problems 1

Emove Cruiser Electric Scooter

Main Features:

  • The Motor
    1,600 W
  • The Speed
    25 mph miles per hour
  • Range 
    62 miles

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Emove Cruiser Top Speed

Power is one of the defining features for this Cruiser, and probably what separates it from the rest of the pack.

The fantastic motor with a peak power of 1600W propels the Emove Cruiser to a top speed of 25 mph.

A combination of a larger frame, larger wheels, and fantastic suspension also mean the electric scooter easily achieves the maximum speed without compromising the stability.

It's not the highest, but way faster than a majority of the other electric scooters in the market.

For the adrenaline junkies, the 25 mph is a bit on the lower side, but the Cruiser doesn't target the extreme sports market. After all, it’s aptly named a “cruiser” and not a racer.

Still, the speed isn't low by any means, and faster than what we would even recommend for most scenarios.

Emove Cruiser Battery

Battery performance is essential as it determines the electric scooter's overall range, and the Emove doesn’t fail in this department.

The high voltage 30 Ah battery on this cruiser has a maximum range of 62 miles, and it’s easy to see why it’s touted as a long-range commuter electric scooter.

However, the long-range is not only ideal for the long-range commuters; users practicing short range commutes should ride for several weeks on a single charge without recharging.

I agree range is excellent, but how long does the battery last?

The battery on the Emove Cruiser is a typical lithium-ion type, which on average have 500-1000+ charge cycles. Even daily charging, which isn't the case with this option, a lithium Ion battery lasts anywhere from2 to 3 years.

But the emphasis on quality on this option (ISO-certification and LG manufacturing) allows you to expect the batteries of the Emove Cruiser to last longer than 1000 charges.

Emove Seat

Standing on an electric scooter for long is taxing, especially when commuting for long distances.

Fortunately, Emove Cruiser has a proprietary seat-install option, allowing you to fix a seat on the Cruiser for a comfortable ride.

The Emove Seat with Base Plate for this Cruiser is easy to install. When in use, it’s sturdy and not rickety at all.

However, it’s not foldable, but not a deal breaker since it can be removed for easier storage.

Emove Cruiser Review [Updated] – Nice Upgrade But With Some Problems 2

Emove Seat

Main Features:

  • Base Plate
  • Locking mechanism
  • Seat rest
  • Hydraulic tube
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    Emove Cruiser Design and Ergonomics

    When it comes to design and ergonomics, Voro has knocked it out of the park on this Cruiser.

    No expenses are spared, and this is evident from the frame quality, braking system to comfort.

    The high-quality aluminum frame is quite sturdy for starters, delivering a durable cruiser that will easily stand up to the rugged conditions. The aluminum frame also helps in extending the durability of the cruiser.

    The semi-hydraulic brakes, a takeoff from its predecessor's disc brakes, provide safety and ensure stronger braking performance.

    Emove Cruiser electric scooter

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    The 10-inch wide deck on this cruiser is spacious when it comes to the ergonomics, offering a generous foot room.

    Both the front and rear brakes are functional, but we like the rear fenders' responsiveness as they offer an incredible backup for when your brake levers aren't operational.

    The controls are conveniently located for easier operation, with the LCD console situated at the center of the handle to ensure you always stay situated and updated at a mere glance.

    Emove Cruiser electric scooter

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    Emove Cruiser Off-Road Capability

    The ride quality of the Emove Cruiser is the top of its class; it's not the best, but something worth reckoning.

    The magical combination of the large wheels and high-quality rear and front suspension gives the users a comfortable ride even in the most rugged terrain.

    Here’s a breakdown of the performance of the wheels and suspension on this unit that will give you an idea of the overall ride quality and off-road performance.

    The 10 inch wheels on this cruiser are noticeably big compared to the standard 8-inch wheels and will offer a smoother ride. The tires have also been upgraded to pneumatic types, reducing the likelihood of punctures.

    The suspension is also amazing; the front suspension soaks up the bumpy terrain and allows you to tackle the curbs effortlessly. On the other hand, the rear suspension utilizes an air set-up, leveling the ground and taking out any bumps.

    The high deck height adds jewelry to the crown, allowing users to handle the off-road terrain with greater ease.

    Emove Cruiser Problems

    The biggest flaw with the Emove Cruiser is the long charging time. Taking 9 to 12 hours, this Cruiser might inconvenience some of the users. This is particularly true compared to what you’ll be paying for the Cruiser.

    Emove Cruiser Specifications



    62 miles

    Top Speed

    25 mph

    Peak Power

    1,600 W

    Max Weight Capacity

    330 pounds

    Charging time

    9-12 hours

    Emove Cruiser electric scooter

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    Emove Cruiser Review [Updated] – Nice Upgrade But With Some Problems 1

    Emove Cruiser Electric Scooter

    Main Features:

    • The Motor
      1,600 W
    • The Speed
      25 mph miles per hour
    • Range 
      62 miles

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    Emove Touring Vs. Cruiser

    The Emove Touring Vs. Cruiser are two perfectly comparable e scooters from the very same manufacturer, Emove. Right from the start, the Emove Cruise exceeds the Touring in various major respects, including max load capacity, range, and overall design and construction.

    As such, you can expect the Touring to bow down to its peer Emove Cruise in terms of range and performance. Here is a quick comparison table of Emove Touring Vs. Cruiser:


    Emove Cruiser


    Emove Cruiser Review [Updated] – Nice Upgrade But With Some Problems 4
    Emove Cruiser Review [Updated] – Nice Upgrade But With Some Problems 5

    Product Weight

    39 lbs

    52 lbs

    Dimension (folded)

    37 x 7 x 10 Inches

    48 x 10 x 16 Inches

    Motor Power Brushless

    500 Watts with 750w Peak

    600 W with 1600 W Peak 

    Max Speed

    24 mph

    28 mph

    Battery Range

    25 miles

    62 miles

    Recharge Time

    3-4 hours

    9-12 hours

    Max load

    308 lbs

    352 lbs

    LED lights

    Front & Rear

    Front, Rear & Side


    756 Watt

    1560 Watt

    Tire Type

    8-inch pneumatic/Solid

    10-inch pneumatic

    Warranty (Months)



    Final Thoughts

    Emove Cruiser excels in different departments, and rightly so, it's the ideal all-around electric scooter.
    The performance, especially the range, is simply amazing, and few electric scooters can match.
    It’s not the fastest option, but the speed is decent, and overkill for the casual rider.
    The construction is heavy-duty, too, meaning the Emove Cruiser is a reliable electric scooter that will give you years of service without breaking down.

    Now, if you think you need an above-average electric scooter that will rack up some miles, we don't think you can get anything better then the Emove Cruiser electric scooter. If you think this escooter is for you, check price here.

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