Best Dual Motor Electric Scooters| Double the Power of Motion!

By Chris Wilson

Thanks to the improvements and modifications of electric scooters, going fast and going off road isn’t limited to a truck or ATV.
With the best dual motor electric scooter you can feel the power underneath your feet and reach your destination faster. Not all high performance dual motor escooters are made the same and here we’re going to go over the top 3 choices that are efficient and super fun to ride.

Editor's 1st Choice 
Turbowheel Lightning+

Overall Rating:

  • Top speed of 40+ mph
  • Range of 30-40 miles 
  • Max Load: 330lbs
Editor's 2nd Choice
KAABO Mantis Pro SE

Overall Rating:

  • Top speed of 40+ mph
  • Range of 35-40miles (~ 40km)
  • Brushless DC Motor
    60V 2000W (Dual Motors)
Editor's 3rd Choice 
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ Electric Scooter

Overall Rating:

  • Top speed of 40+ mph
  • Range of 70+ miles
  • Max Load: 450lbs 204 kg

Kaabo Wolf King

With over 7 years experience making electric scooters, Kaabo takes things up a notch with the Wolf King. It comes standard with a gold look but lacks mode indicators, something you can live without.

With a nice build, a tested top-speed of 59.4 mph and 33.4 mile in range, the Wolf King is the most well-rounded scooter out there. With full hydraulic brakes and rider weight max of 400-lbs, you won't go wrong with this one. Well, except for stealth. If you're looking to move without attention, the gilded appearance might not be a good option. That said, if you fancy the looks, the features are even better.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+

It was the baddest scooter until the king came along. But the wolf warrior can still hold its own among its peers. Like most scooters, it takes more time to charge, but this beauty would glide in any terrain—with ease. Doing 42 miles(turbo mode) in range, it's nowhere close to the speed or range of the wolf king, but the warrior 11+ is no slouch either. 

It takes 450 lbs max capacity, beating the king in weight load. What's more, it folds easier than the wolf king. For the price, it's a steal.

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

The Dualtron thunder had the world's first ABS brake. It comes with foldable high quality handlebar grip and handle LED lights with remote control. It, however, has a lackluster suspension and no water resistance for a scooter of its class. 

With dual LED headlights and hydraulic brake, this nimble scooter has a single motor throttle and would sprint to 50 mph and tops at 75 miles in range. If you want a scooter for daily commuting, Dualtron thunder is probably your best bet.

It also has a cool feature other scooters don't: underneath mood lights. Cool right? 

What should I look for when buying a 50 mph electric scooter

No matter how good an e-scooter looks, if it can't clock your desired speed, it's less useful. Here's what to look out for when buying a 50 mph scooter.

You see, the mile-per-hour quoted by manufacturers are usually done in optimal conditions. But most times, these are not the conditions you'll be riding in. Other factors can affect the top speed of a scooter. For instance, the grip of the tires, wind resistance, weight of the rider, terrain, or even battery power.

You could research tested reviews to find out which scooter actually does 50 mph in real world conditions before purchase.

What is the fastest electric scooter you can buy?

Most electric scooters top speed are mere numbers. Knowing the actual top speed in real-life scenario would help you make a better choice that suits your need when it's time for purchase.

Take a look at the tested top speed before making your pick.

Electric scooters are doing impressive speed numbers now. Some e-scooters are even daring sports car territory. But not too long ago, clocking 25 mph was a tall order for e-scooters. Whew! Thank goodness those days are becoming a memory.

You've got the need for speed? Great. So what's the fastest electric scooter on the market for adrenaline junkies? If you've got the money for a performance scooter, the Dualtron X 2 would quench your thirst for speed. This beauty can move at 68 mph, an absolute beast with serious torque and acceleration. Most e-scooters would struggle to keep up.

How fast does a 2000W electric scooter go?

Frankly, that's a tricky question. There's no definite answer or a specific number for a 2000W scooter. As said before, other factors influence the speed of any scooter no matter the watts. Things like road condition, rider size and battery power would significantly play a factor in speed.

That said, an e-scooter with a 2000W motor would probably hover around 38-40 mph. For instance, MISTLI D5+ tops at 40 mph on a 52V lithium-ion battery and 2000W motor power. Also, keeping up that pace would be difficult over long periods. It becomes lesser in unfavorable conditions. 

What is the best electric scooter for the money

E-scooters vary in build, range, speed and price. Their features and specs dictates their worth. But the Kaabo Mantis seems to be the best electric scooter for the money. The base model offers tons of value and performance for far less what others cost. It offers 29.1 miles of real-world range. 

For under $1700, it's packed with impressive performance. With a tested top speed of 37.5 mph and a top-notch suspension, it offers the best value for your buck. It lacks water resistance and fitting grip, but so does more-expensive scooters.

What is the most reliable electric scooter?

Like all machines you have to question if electric scooters are reliable. When you step out with a scooter, you'd want to know if you'd come back with it; what distance your e-scooter can travel before it runs out of battery power. Thankfully, e-scooters are becoming more reliable with new releases. 

How reliable a scooter is, is subjective. Depending on how often and what distance you ride your scooter. Nonetheless, some scooters have been used extensively by lots of users and have proven to last a while without any defects. The Ninebot Max is a proven reliable scooter for commuting, while the Xiaomi M365 Pro is the most tested reliable scooter.

Can you ride electric scooters through water?

A running concern from electric scooter riders is if you can use your scooter through water. The simple answer is no. Sure, some electric scooters are water resistant and won't develop fault from water droppings. But they're not highly rated water resistant. Most e-scooters are not water resistant and the few that are have a water resistant IPX4 rating. What it simply means is, resistant to water splashes from any direction.

So your e-scooter can survive water splashes NOT flooded runways. You should avoid riding your scooter through water. For safety reasons and sustenance, no matter if it's water resistant. 

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