Wolf Warrior vs Dualtron Thunder (Review/Comparison)

By Doug Morneau

Are you having a hard time choosing between the Wolf Warrior 11+and the DualTron Thunder?  While the two may share similar qualities, differing features may improve one's performance in a specific area over the other's. This usually results in a dilemma when looking for the best high-powered electric scooter for your needs.

Wolf Warrior vs Dualtron Thunder (Review/Comparison) 1

Most resources online aren't exactly helpful in resolving this dilemma.

 They either argue that the Wolf Warrior 11+ is the best all-around high-performance e-scooter, or insist that the DualTron Thunder's power is yet to be rivaled by any other high-powered electric scooter.

Well, don't worry. Today, we'll be giving you the lowdown on each e-scooter's features – their strengths, their weaknesses, special features, etc — and advising you on which scooter best fits your riding style.

Dualtron Thunder

Comparing The Dualtron Thunder's Features With The Wolf Warrior 11's


According to each e-scooter's specifications, they're both powered by dual 1200W motors that put out a maximum of 5400W power at peak performance, however, after being tested under real-world conditions, the Dualtron Thunder proved to be a more powerful electric scooter than the Wolf Warrior 11+. 

In a real-world hill-climbing test, performed by a popular YouTuber who reviews electric scooters, the Wolf Warrior 11+ struggled and eventually failed to travel up what looked like a 35° incline on two attempts while the DualTron Thunder, albeit slow, climbed up the same hill - twice! 

The DualTron Thunder also beat the Wolf Warrior 11 in an acceleration test carried out by the same rider. The Thunder was able to zip from 0 to 19mph in 2.6 seconds while the Wolf Warrior attained that same speed in 3.5 seconds.

If you're a heavy rider, say between 200lbs and 300lbs, looking for a powerful 50mph electric scooter, the DualTron Thunder might be a good fit for your needs.

Editor's 1st Choice 
The Wolf Warrior

Overall Rating:

  • Power: 5400W (dual 1200W brushless motors)

  • Range: 70 miles (113km)

  • Weight: 101lbs (45Kg)
Editor's 2nd Choice
Wolf Warrior vs Dualtron Thunder (Review/Comparison) 4

Overall Rating:

  • Power: 5400W (dual 1200W brushless motors) Real-world tests prove the DualTron Thunder is more powerful.
  • Range: 75 miles (121km)

  • Weight: 95lbs (43Kg)
Wolf Warrior

Ride Quality

Let's face it, there's no such thing as a "perfect road". Even the smallest road irregularity can knock your electric scooter off balance and cause you to lose control. This is why performance e-scooters are equipped with high-grade shock mitigation systems – to absorb the vibrations from bumps and improve overall ride quality.

The Wolf Warrior 11+ utilizes telescopic forks (a form of hydraulic shocks) for its front suspension and steel springs for its rear suspension, while the Dualtron Thunder is equipped with swingarms for both its front and rear suspensions.

When compared to stiff swingarm suspensions, telescopic forks are better at smoothening bumpy rides. This is because the forks are able to isolate the e-scooter's weight and completely soak up the vibrations from the wheels as the scooter rides over bumps.

However, the cartridges in the Dualtron Thunder's front and rear swingarms can be replaced with softer ones if the e-scooter is to be adapted for off-road riding.


Both e-scooters lack in the area of portability (The Wolf Warrior weighs 101lbs/45Kg and the Dualtron Thunder weighs 95lbs/43kg). However, carrying the DualTron Thunder might not be as inconvenient as carrying the Wolf Warrior 11

When folded, the DualTron Thunder's proportions beat the Wolf Warrior in terms of portability and practicality. Unlike the Wolf Warrior that has two stems, the DualTron Thunder's single stem makes it a bit more convenient and practical to carry (assuming you want to lift it by the stem)

Also, the Dualtron Thunder's handlebars are foldable, making it a more portable alternative to

the Wolf Warrior which maintains its 23.6in width (because its handlebars are not foldable) and spans an even lengthier 59in when folded (compared to its 49in length when open)

Wolf Warrior


The Dualtron Thunder's front-facing deck lights might not be the best option for riding at night as their beams don't exactly illuminate far ahead of the rider. Unlike the Wolf Warrior 11+'s front-facing LED headlights that are located in-between the stems just below the handlebars.

Front-facing LED headlights are better suited to nighttime riding because they illuminate the road ahead and help riders spot objects located in front of them before coming within close range with said objects. Besides the LED headlights, the Wolf Warrior 11+, like the DualTron Thunder, also has front-facing deck lights.

However, it's worth noting that the Wolf Warrior 11's rear lights don't suffice as brake indicators because they are not very bright compared to the Thunder's bright brake lights that flicker whenever the brakes are applied.


Both electric scooters are powered by 60V 35Ah lithium-ion batteries, however, the DualTron Thunder's range on a full charge exceeds the Wolf's by 5 miles (75 miles VS the Wolf's 70 miles).

This slight difference in range might be due to the fact that the Thunder weighs six pounds less than the Wolf Warrior 11+

It is worth noting that each e-scooter's mileage may be affected by external factors like rider weight and road conditions. Also, switching to more conservative motor modes may also extend your electric scooter's range.



The Wolf typically costs between $2600 and $3400, while the Thunder costs between $3600 and $4500. People who are interested in the Wolf Warrior and the DualTron Thunder can acquire any of the electric scooters with flexible payment plans when they purchase from Vormotors and MinimotorsUSA respectively.

Table showing the differences between the Wolf Warrior 11+ and the DualTron Thunder

Wolf Warrior 11+

DualTron Thunder


5400W (dual 1200W brushless motors)

5400W (dual 1200W brushless motors)

Real-world tests prove the DualTron Thunder is more powerful.





101lbs (45Kg)

95lbs (43Kg)

Shock absorbers

Front hydraulic forks and rear spring suspension.

Facilitates smoother and softer experiences especially during off-road rides.

Front and rear Swingarm suspension.

Total range on a single charge

70 miles (113km)

75 miles (121km)


-Two front-facing LED headlights;

-Two front-facing deck lights;

-Deck lights for visibility;

-Rear brake lights;

-Four front-facing deck lights;

-Multi-color stem lights;

-Two rear lights

-Two brake lights that flicker when the brakes are applied;

-Below-deck lights.

Folded dimensions

150×66×48cm (L×W×H)

124×32×54cm (L×W×H)

Editor's 1st Choice 
The Wolf Warrior

Overall Rating:

  • Power: 5400W (dual 1200W brushless motors)

  • Range: 70 miles (113km)

  • Weight: 101lbs (45Kg)
Editor's 2nd Choice
Wolf Warrior vs Dualtron Thunder (Review/Comparison) 4

Overall Rating:

  • Power: 5400W (dual 1200W brushless motors) Real-world tests prove the DualTron Thunder is more powerful.
  • Range: 75 miles (121km)

  • Weight: 95lbs (43Kg)

Wolf Brand Electric Scooters Review | Only if Power Is Your Thing

As Porsche is to performance cars, so is Wolf line up to high-performance electric scooters.

Wolf Brand is a popular and trusted brand of electric scooter that has been around for quite a few years.

Their more premium models are made with higher quality materials, offering more features for those who have more money to spend or are looking for something more durable.

If you're in the market for a high-powered, super-fast electric scooter with motorcycle-grade hydraulic shocks, you might want to check out though this Wolf Electric Scooters review article the Wolf's range of extreme electric scooters.

Editor's 1st Choice 
The Wolf King

Overall Rating:

  • Max Load: 400-lbs (181.4 kg)
  • Range of 50 miles (~80.4km)
  • Top speed of 60 mph
Editor's 2nd Choice
The Wolf Warrior

Overall Rating:

  • Max Load: 450 lbs (204 kg)
  • Range of 42 miles (~62km)
  • Top speed of 50 mph
Editor's 3rd Choice 
Kaabo Mantis Pro

Overall Rating:

  • Max Load: 330-lbs (149-kg)
  • Range of 40 miles (~64km)
  • Top speed of 37 mph

Founded in 2013, the Chinese-owned technological company, Ningbo Kaabo Technology Co. Ltd. originally started out manufacturing various kinds of electric rideables before shifting its focus to high-powered electric scooters in 2016.

Since then, the technological pioneer has launched and distributed a series of high-performance e-scooters to customers worldwide establishing itself as one of the most recognized manufacturers of high-end electric scooters.

Today, if you Google search the fastest electric scooters on the planet, you'll find at least one of their high-powered scooters listed in the search results generated.

Wolf Brand Scooters Review - Kaabo's Most Popular Electric Scooters

The Wolf King

The Wolf King

Technical Specifications

  • Range: 50 miles / ~80.4 km on a single charge
  • Acceleration: 4.8s 0-50 mph
  • Top Speed: 60 mph / 96.5 kmph
  • Ride: Dual Motor All-Wheel Ride
  • Brake type: Full hydraulic
  • Weight: 105 lbs (46.5 kg)
  • Gradability: 1:1 (100%)
  • Hill Climbing Ability: 45 degree
  • Charging Time: 5 hours (1x fast charger and 1x standard charger)

The wolf king is the most powerful Kaabo electric scooter. It is equipped with dual 1500W brushless motors that generate a maximum of 6750W at peak performance.

The Wolf King

And it's not just power. The Wolf King is the fastest Kaabo e-scooter, topping out around 60mph — 10mph faster than the Wolf Warrior (50mph). And what's even more impressive is its ability to accelerate from 0-50mph in less than 5 seconds.

Yes, you read that last part right – The Wolf King can reach the Wolf Warrior's top speed in 4.8s. And to counter all that tremendous speed, the manufacturers equipped the Wolf King with full hydraulic disc brakes and high-end motorcycle-grade shock absorbers.

The Wolf King

The Wolf King

Wolf Brand Electric Scooters Review

The Wolf Warrior

The Wolf King

Technical Specifications

  • Range: 42 miles (~62km) at turbo mode. 70 miles (~112km) with eco mode.
  • Acceleration: (0 to 15mph) 1.9 seconds
  • Top speed: 50 mph / 80.5 kmph
  • Climbing Ability: Up to 30 degree - Based on 150-lbs rider
  • Weight of the Scooter: 101 lbs (45.8 kg)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 450 lbs (204 kg)
  • Hill Climbing Ability: Upto 30 degree
  • Brake Type: Front and Rear Zoom Full Hydraulic Brakes; Electronic anti-lock brake system (eABS)
  • Battery Type: LG/Samsung Li-ion 60V 35Ah Battery with Battery Management System Protection

A cheaper and less powerful alternative to the Wolf King – the Wolf Warrior comes with dual 1200W brushless hub motors that put out 5400W of power at peak performance — 1350W less than the King.

The Wolf Warrior

While its features cannot be compared to that of the king's, Kaabo's Wolf Warrior is still considered an off-road beast among scooter enthusiasts. It is a great 50mph electric scooter whose shock mitigation system makes it a suitable choice for riding on uneven terrain.

It even beats the Wolf King when it comes to mileage. Thanks to its 60V 35Ah Li-ion battery, the Wolf Warrior can cover up to 70 miles on every full charge, which is almost two times the Wolf King's mileage.

However, like the Wolf King, the Wolf Warrior isn't portable. It weighs 101lbs (45.8 kg) and, while it's foldable, might prove very inconvenient to carry.

The Wolf Warrior

The Wolf Warrior

Wolf Brand Scooters Review

Kaabo Mantis Pro

Kaabo Mantis Pro

Technical Specifications

  • Range: 45 miles (eco mode), 30 miles (turbo mode)
  • Acceleration: (0 to 15mph) 2.0 seconds
  • Top speed: 40 mph / 64.3 kmph
  • Scooter Weight: 65lbs (30kg)
  • Max Rider Capacity: 330lbs (149kg)
  • Brake: Full hydraulic disc brakes
  • Charging Time With a Fast Charger: 4 to 6 hours
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Battery Type: LG or Samsung 24AH

The Kaabo Mantis Pro is one of the most portable high-performance electric scooters in the market.   Weighing just 68lbs, this electric scooter's motors can generate up to 3200W of absolute power to climb steep hills and reach maximum speeds of 40mph. 

Kaabo Mantis Pro

Because of its portability, speed, acceleration (0-15mph in 2 seconds), hill-climbing ability (up to 30°), etc., the Mantis is often regarded as an all-around e-scooter.

It's worth noting however that the Mantis Pro is not a commuter scooter. While users might find carrying the Mantis more comfortable than carrying either the Wolf King or the Wolf Warrior, at 65lbs, it's still very heavy to be conveyed around in-between commutes.

Kaabo Mantis Pro

Kaabo Mantis Pro

Wolf Brand Electric Scooters Comparison Table


Wolf King

Wolf warrior

Mantis Pro

Max power output

6750W (dual 1500W

The motors)

5400W (dual 1200W motors)

3200W (dual 1000W motors)

Top speed 

60mph (96.5kmh)

50mph (80.5kmh)

40mph (64.4kmh)

Total mileage on a full charge

45-50 miles (80.4km)

70 miles (112km)

40 miles (64km)

Max rider capacity

400lbs (181.4 kg)

450lbs (204kg)

330 lbs (149kg)

Hill climbing ability 




Battery capacity

72V 28AH Li-ion batteries

60V 35AH

60V 18.2AH


0 to 50mph in 4.8 seconds

0 to 15mph in 1.9 seconds

0 to 15mph in 2 seconds

Scooter weight

105 lbs (48kg)

101 lbs (45.8kg)

65 lbs (30kg)

Wolf Brand Scooters

What Makes Kaabo's High-Performance e-Scooters Special (Pros of Kaabo e-Scooters)

1) They Have Some of the Most Powerful Electric Scooters on the Market

Did you know that the maximum power some electric scooters generate is equal to the nominal power of one of the Wolf King's hub motors?

For example, at peak performance, the Apollo Explorer's motors put out 1400W, while one of the Wolf King's motors is just getting started at 1500W.

Kaabo's electric scooters are beasts!

If you're looking for hill-flattening power, instantaneous acceleration, insane speeds even when supporting heavy loads, then, Kaabo's powerful e-scooters might be the best place to start.

2) Superior Shock Mitigation Systems

Kaabo's e-scooters are equipped with some of the best shock absorbers in the industry. From the Wolf Warrior 11+'s hydraulic motorcycle-grade front suspension to the Mantis Pro's front and rear spring suspension systems, Kaabo's high-powered e-scooters are designed to be ridden on any terrain.

Even at high speeds, their shock absorbers will soak up vibrations from bumps and ensure the rider experiences smooth ride quality regardless of terrain type.

3) They Come With Very Powerful Batteries

Unlike other brands' high-powered electric scooters that can only travel short distances, the Wolf Warrior can cover up to 70 miles in eco mode when fully charged.

Even though Kaabo's electric scooters are heavy, the fact that they can cover long distances on a full charge ( and they don't take long to charge as they mostly come with two charging ports and two chargers) means riders can commute to work and back without the need to use any other form of transportation and hence eliminating the need to carry the scooter in between commutes.

Cons of Kaabo's High-powered Electric Scooters

1) They aren't cheap

With Kaabo's e-scooters, you're getting what you pay for — performance. Their extreme scooters usually cost between $1700 and $4000.

However, if you're on a budget and can't fork out all that money once, Voromotors (a distributor for Kaabo) offers qualified visitors an 18-month payment plan at $188/month.

2) Kaabo high-power e-scooters are not portable

Even the Kaabo Mantis pro, which isn't as heavy as the Wolf Warrior and the Wolf King, can't be considered a lightweight electric scooter because it weighs more than a microwave oven (and in some cases, a bear cub).

The very fact that high-performance e-scooters require bigger, more powerful batteries & motors makes them heavier than average e-scooters. 

Final thoughts

If you're a speed junkie who's obsessed with traveling at blazing speeds and conquering steep hills, the DualTron Thunder might be the best 50mph e-scooter for you. However, keep in mind that you might have to install — or replace — a few kits to improve your safety and/ the e-scooter's overall performance. 

The Wolf Warrior on the other hand, is the entire package. It is an all-around 50mph electric scooter. If you're in the market for a cost-efficient high-performance scooter, the Wolf Warrior 11+ might just be up your alley.

About the author 

Doug Morneau