Unagi Electric Scooter Review – The Model One E500

By Chris Wilson

Are you looking for a high-powered electric scooter that is portable and convenient enough to be carried around on your daily commute?

Most high-powered electric scooters are bulky — weighing more than 50lbs — and can be very uncomfortable to convey around especially for commuters. 

Unagi Electric Scooter Review – The Model One E500 1

Enter the Unagi Model One — a lightweight electric scooter (26lbs/12kg) with a maximum power output of 1000W (for the E500) that folds with just the push of a button.

The Unagi model one may not rank as one of the most powerful hill climbers or one of the baddest off-road electric scooters on the planet, however, the stylishly designed lightweight e-scooter can support up to 275lbs over 15.5 miles on a full charge.

Specifications Of The Unagi Model One

Model One (E250)

Model One (E500)

Maximum power output

500W (Single 250W motor located in the front wheel)

1000W (Dual 250W motors located inside the front and rear wheels)

Hill climbing ability

6 degrees (6°)

15 degrees (15°)

Maximum load capacity

275lbs (125kg)

275lbs (125kg)

Scooter weight

23lbs (10.4kg)

26.5lbs (12.2kg)

Charging time

5 hours

5 hours

Battery capacity

9.0Ah (9000mah lithium-ion batteries)

9.0Ah (9000mah lithium-ion batteries)

The total range on a full charge

15.5 miles (25km)

15.5 miles (25km)


Bright LED headlights and LED taillights 

Bright LED headlights and LED taillights

Folded dimensions

37.8 × 16.5 × 14.9 inches (L×W×H)

37.8 × 16.5 × 14.9w inches (L×W×H)

Tire type

Airless rubber tires

Airless rubber tires




Top speed

15-17mph (24.14km/h - 27.4km/h)

17mph (27.4km/h)


- Dual electronic anti-lock braking system

- Physical brake 

- Dual electronic anti-lock braking system.

- Physical brake

Unagi Electric Scooter Review – The Model One E500 2

Features Of The Unagi Model One

1) The most stylish electric scooter on the planet.

With its futuristic handlebars, sexy paint job, and sleek stem, the Unagi Model One is often regarded as the "iPhone of electric scooters".

Unagi Electric Scooter Review – The Model One E500 3

As if its unique design wasn't impressive enough, the designers at Unagi decided to put more power in the hands of their customers by allowing them to choose the color of their e-scooter from a variety of colors and patterns on the product page.

What this means is you can get your e-scooter delivered to you in whatever paint job you want.

If you're the kind that likes to step out in style, grab people's attention — maybe even your crush's — then this e-scooter might be a good option for you.  

2) Lightweight Frame

If you already read through the specs, I'm guessing you're already familiar with the fact that the Unagi Model One is one of the lightest electric scooters in the market — weighing about 26.5lbs (12kg).

Unagi Electric Scooter Review – The Model One E500 4

According to a list comparing the average weights of different electric scooters in ascending order, the Unagi Model One 250W ranks among the top 17%, just 7.5lbs (3.4kg) heavier than the lightest e-scooter on the planet — the SoFlow Air Carbon (15.4lbs/7kg).

Unagi Electric Scooter Review – The Model One E500 5

Crafted from some of the lightest metals on the planet — magnesium and aluminum — the Unagi Model One offers a perfect blend of durability and simplicity.

 3) Impressive braking system

This electric scooter comes with two different types of brakes — a dual electronic anti-lock braking system and a friction brake (or scrub brake).

What is an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

Well, an ABS system prevents a vehicle's wheels from locking up — possibly resulting in a skid when on slippery surfaces — completely when the brakes are applied.

How does this improve a scooter's performance or the safety of its riders?

 In the case of emergency braking, the rider doesn't lose control of his scooter because instead of the brakes locking the wheels causing the scooter to move uncontrollably, the ABS smart control system releases the wheels intermittently as the brakes are applied, allowing the rider to steer to safety.

Or, you can use the good old friction — or scrub — brake on the rear wheel.


Unagi Electric Scooter Review – The Model One E500 6

Pros And Cons Of The Unagi Model One

Pros of the Unagi Model One

1) Portability: 

For riders who commute by scooter, this is probably the most suitable electric scooter for your needs. It's not just lightweight — its folding mechanism is so straightforward all you need to do to fold it into a portable size is push a button.

Unagi Electric Scooter Review – The Model One E500 7

Image credit: Unagiscooters.com

Weighing 1.5 times the weight of an average bowling ball (or two times the weight of an average house cat) the Unagi ensures a convenient conveying experience between commutes. 

2) It is a low-cost maintenance e-scooter

The Unagi Model One is equipped with 7-inch airless tires that are crafted from solid rubber. Because of their puncture-proof nature, these tires can be ridden on for years without replacing or re-inflating them.

The same applies to Unagi's paint job. Coated with laminate and high-abrasion-resistant paint, this electric scooter won't be needing a new paint job anytime soon.

 Cons of the Unagi Model One

1) It has no shock absorbers (suspension):

A shock mitigation system — or shock absorbers — cushion the bumps from uneven terrain and help riders — especially off-road riders — experience a smooth ride.

 An electric scooter without shock absorbers? 

It will literally send vibrations through your body on every bump — don't even try to ride this one off-road. 

It's a good thing it is unable to reach speeds above 30mph because an electric scooter without shock absorbers travelling at that speed better not hit a bump or come to a sudden halt – you know why! 

Unagi Electric Scooter Review – The Model One E500 8

2) It is expensive

In my opinion, the Unagi Model One is overpriced.

 With its price ranging between $840 and $1000, the Unagi's "pretty–much–average" features don't exactly justify its price considering that there are higher-performance e-scooters — reaching top speeds of 30mph and covering 40miles on a full charge —  that cost considerably less than the Unagi Model One. 

They (the affordable higher-performance electric scooters) are not as aesthetic as the Unagi Model One though!

Who's the Unagi Model One for?

The Unagi Model One is one of the best commuter scooters, as such, people who have to carry their e-scooters around in-between commutes might find it a better option to heavier high-powered electric scooters.

Also, those who consider aesthetics a primary determinant in selecting the best electric scooter for adults might find that the Unagi Model One meets their requirements for a stylish and customizable electric scooter.

Who's the Unagi Model One "NOT" for?

This e-scooter is not for off-road riders and people who live in areas with very steep hills. The air pockets spread throughout the rubber tires can't compare to the Kaabo Wolf warrior's motorcycle-grade suspension in terms of shock mitigation.

While its powerful dual 500W motors might suffice to climb moderately steep hills, the Unagi Model One is not powerful enough to travel up very steep inclines.

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