5 Tips for Buying An Electric Scooter

If you have seen electric scooters in action or heard about them, you might be interested in purchasing one for yourself. Of course, they are a relatively new product, so there is not a lot known about their purchase by the average interested buyer. Sure, you can go and look through a bunch of different places for ideas and tips on buying scooters, but lucky you came here for a quick tip listing for the real essentials to know. 

Before buying an electric scooter you might want to consider what you need it for, and what attributes about a scooter you are particularly interested in.  For instance, you may have questions about its speed, size, noise level, charging prowess, range capability, build, price, and warranty. 

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Before purchasing, you need to consider what it is you are specifically looking to get out of it. Of course, you want a scooter that suits your comfort but meets your needs. Are you looking for an off-road electric scooter, a dual-motor electric scooter, or something that will get you from point A to point B at the most cost-efficient price-point? 

Let’s take a quick, but informative look at a few useful tips for buying an electric scooter

Tips for Buying An Electric Scooter

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1. Your Need For SpeedBuying an Electric Scooter

If you are using the electric scooter for commuting purposes, you need a reliable machine (such as those produced by Varla Electric Scooter manufacturing). However, speed may not be your ultimate priority. However, if you do intend to ride for pleasure, you might want an electric scooter that moves. Here is the blunt fact: the top speed of most electric scooters tops out at about 20mph. Of course, you may not need to or want to travel that fast. 

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There are specialist electric scooters that are the highest performers in the speed category, reaching nearly 40mph. But while the top-tier scooters are well built, having control at those speeds is a very challenging attainment. You show us someone who has traveled at nearly 40 mph on a two-wheeler through rough terrain and not been scared, and we’ll show you a liar.

2. Size MattersBuying an Electric Scooter

Consider the size of the scooter before purchase. The primary concern is in terms of storage, as you will need to know that you have sufficient room to keep the scooter safely stored. The scooters tend to fold in two, so most of them can be easily stored in homes, apartments, under decks, or even inside of car trunks. 

The scooter’s weight is a factor too. There are going to be plenty of journeys where you will need to carry the scooter some portion of the way. If you need to do so, you don’t want it to be particularly heavy. Most scooters range from 27 to 34 lbs, so if you are not capable of carrying a heavier scooter, we suggest getting a lighter one. 

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Another size-related aspect of the scooter is to consider the weight capacity that it can accommodate. A typical scooter is sturdy enough to accommodate about 215 lbs of load-bearing, but people who weigh more than that also ride these scooters often, usually without issue. But be warned, the warranty specifies the maximum supportable limit, and if the scooter is damaged due to excess load, the warranty may be voided.

3. Price And WarrantyBuying an Electric Scooter

Speaking of warranties, not all electric scooters come with one, so it’s best to be aware of those who are lacking them. For instance, purchasing a scooter from a manufacturer in another country for cheap on an online marketplace may not come with a warranty that will get you money back if the scooter is cheaply made and breaks. 

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Even if they say they have a guarantee, there is no way to enforce a foreign supplier into honoring one they may provide, and they could come up with a litany of reasons to not permit you to use it, legitimate or not. Reputable companies like Varla do offer warranties. 

As for the price, if we consider reputable electric scooters, the range of price points usually correlates across the quality. The higher the quality, the higher the price. Mid-range scooters could cost anywhere from $250 to $450, while most adult high-end electric scooters tend to fall closer to $600. That, however, is before any additional features are added. Those, depending on the features and the quantity of included ones, can grow the cost to quite a bit more than that.

4. Noise LevelBuying an Electric Scooter

Noise levels also vary between electric scooters. Some make a blatantly audible whistling noise while others are on the quieter side. There are electric scooter users who have cited the noise as the reason they do not use the machine. Ask the seller about the noise level and dig around in the manufacturing specs before purchasing a scooter that might end up being far louder than you have the tolerance for.

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5. Build/Quality/ReliabilityBuying an Electric Scooter

A large number of electric scooters are made in China. Some of the products are top-notch quality, while others look shaky and plasticky. The problem is that while these deficiencies are sometimes easy to spot from pictures, sometimes they are well hidden by fancy pictures and allure. 

Because the electric scooter industry is still new, many manufacturers see the little information out there as a way to make some quick money off of a cheap build. The best advice we can give is to stick to larger, more reputable manufacturers with a lot of good reviews and corroborate evaluations. This mitigates the chances that you will purchase a cheap knock-off or poorly built import. 

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