Are Electric Unicycles Safe or Dangerous? They Can Be Both

Are Electric Unicycles Safe

Those who haven’t ridden an electric unicycle may come to a conclusion that riding these cool electric powered one wheel units will cause them an injury, if they were to fall. Or perhaps their relatively large batteries may somehow catch on fire.

I’ve been riding one for over 300 KMs, and I can tell you that the experience of riding an electric unicycle is very different. In my opinion, they are much safer than various other modes of transportation.

“Are electric unicycles safe?” This is the question that is often asked by beginners. Well, the simple and quick answer is, if you aren’t careful and don’t take the right precautionary measures, then electric unicycles will be unsafe to ride just like any other mode of transportation. 

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Are Electric Unicycles Safe or Really dangerous

Look, here’s the deal: An electric unicycle safety is directly proportional to the attentiveness and complacency of the rider. This basically means that the only time you are unsafe on an electric unicycle is when you aren’t paying attention to the road and to your surroundings period!

Another thing that was in the news a few years back talking about EUCs catching fire. This happens only when you buy the cheapest model there is. Some not very known manufacturers put low quality batteries to reduce the price of the electric unicycle.

These low quality batteries have an incredibly thin sheet of plastic separating the +ve and -ve sides of the battery – So when the liquid electrolyte in the battery heats up quickly, the battery starts to catch on fire. This could happen when you use the electric unicycle for a prolonged period or sometimes, even while charging it. This is why you should always go with well known brands who use very good quality battries. More on this in a moment.

No matter what electric unicycle you buy, it needs to have a UL2272 electric unicycle safety certification. This credential is awarded to manufacturers  who have met the standards of comprehensive safety tests. The testing parameters include electrical and fire safety components.

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With advancing technologies, more and more unicycle models are being introduced with various safety features such as tilt protection that help riders balance more easily, speed control features that can be controlled via an app, safety training belts for beginners and lots more. Some even have built-in fans to keep the motor and the batteries cool.

That’s not all, people often ignore certain signs while riding an electric unicycle. Most of the unicycles make a beeping sound when something is wrong.  Beeps sounds for reasons like tilting too much, excessive speeds, low battery, or a malfunction with the motor/battery etc. These beeps are put in place for a very important reason and it is best to never ignore them, even though you may feel like nothing is wrong with your EUC. 

I say this again, because I mean it! An electric unicycle is probably the safest mode of transportation. You are closer to the ground, so even if you’d fall, you wouldn’t hurt yourself that much. Handling an EUC is super easy. As long as you are attentive, the chances of you falling down are slim. The next important thing you have to keep in mind is that you should get an electric unicycle with multiple safety features, and hey, always wear protective gear while riding one. Remember, cheap electric unicycles may seem decent at first, but they come with a lot less safety features. 

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Electric unicycles safety precautions

Follow these important precautions for your safety:

  • Charge the batteries of your EUC regularly, even when you don’t use it. Battery damage caused by no regular maintenance is excluded from the warranty coverage by many companies.
  • Always wear protective gear which should include a good quality helmet and knee pads.
  • Pay attention on the road and do not ride the electric unicycle on slopes with a tilt more than 20 degrees. 
  • Always ensure your electric unicycle is kept in a safe and dry environment. Keep it out of reach of water and direct sunlight or heat source.
  • Always drive at low speeds and do not perform stunts at least until you get the hang of it.  
  • Avoid riding electric unicycles on wet roads or wet grass or unpaved roads where there is a lot of gravel unless your electric unicycle was made for off-road use.

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EUC Riding Tips- Are Electric Unicycles Safe?

As a beginner, riding an electric unicycle can be challenging. The initial days are super important and there are a few things you must keep in mind. 

Don’t step forward or in front of the wheel to stop

This seems like common sense, because if you step off the electric unicycle and in front of it, the unicycle will still keep moving forward and hit your leg. Practice moving your legs backward or on the side. 

Practice how to ride first. And do not do it on concrete!

Try riding on a rubber or grass surface, so that even if you fall, it doesn’t hurt badly. Moreover your electric unicycle will suffer less wear and tear on a rubber surface. 

Always be aware of your surroundings 

Be attentive and focus on the road. Slow down on turns and allow yourself to get used to the unicycle. Avoid rapid acceleration and deceleration. 

Are Electric Unicycles Safety Gear Effective?

I know it is cliche but I mean it when I say that prevention is better than cure. Safety gear may make you look bulky. I got used to them after a while. Use them for your safety.

Please wear an electric scooter helmet and knee pads, and make sure your protective gear is of a good quality. These things can be potential lifesavers. Moreover, besides a helmet and knee pads, also invest in good gloves because when you fall, the first thing that you are going to use as a support is your hands. 

My favorite safety grease are below

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And finally, here are my top picks of awesome

Best Electric Unicycle Safety Features

InMotion V5F – Solowheel Glide

A pioneer in making some of the best electric unicycles, InMotion models also come with some great safety features such as speed control and motor kill switch. If you’re not afraid of spending and budget is not an issue to you, the Solowheel Glide from InMotion is an amazing technology. Here are the facts:

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KingSong 18XL 

A pioneer in making some of the best electric unicycles, KingSong models also come with some great safety features such as speed control and training belts. Find more here

Hoverclub Solo Electric Unicycle 

This unicycle is famous for beginners as it has awesome functionalities and is value for money. It also has a front and rear lights for added safety and a self balancing mechanism feature for beginners. 

No products found.

Swagtron SwagRoller

With a feature that lets one control the speed through an app, this is the safety unicycle even for kids. What’s more, it has an intelligent safety tilt back feature that helps rebalance the unicycle if the rider tilts it more than they should. 

No products found.

Final thoughts: 

So there you go! Now that you know the pros and cons of safety with regards to electric unicycles, you can confidently answer the question, “Are electric unicycles safe?” from your own riding experience. Don’t forget to get those protective gears and follow appropriate measures before riding. Don’t give up either, as initially, riding will be difficult, but once you get a hold of it, I bet you will never look back. Take care and ride safely!

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