Longest Range Electric Unicycles: Ride to the Moon (Almost)

Longest Range Electric Unicycles: Ride to the Moon (Almost) 1

There’re plenty of factors to consider when choosing an electric unicycle. Some of the essential factors that normally get prominence include size, fit, cost, brand, and durability.

However, one factor that often gets trivialized is the Electric Unicycle range.

Why you must always look for longest range electric unicycles? Well, the range determines how long or rather how far your electric unicycle can take you without needing a recharge.

Editor’s 1st Choice- Longest Range Electric Unicycles

Longest Range Electric Unicycles: Ride to the Moon (Almost) 2

Inmotion V8, 480Wh Battery/800W Motor

Overall Rating:

  • Net Weight 32 lb
  • Range20-25 miles

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Editor’s 2nd Choice – Longest Range Electric Unicycles

Longest Range Electric Unicycles: Ride to the Moon (Almost) 3

King Song 14D, 340/420Wh Battery, 800W Motor

Overall Rating:

  • Net Weight 30 lb
  • Range 15-20 miles

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Editor’s 3rd Choice – Longest Range Electric Unicycles

Longest Range Electric Unicycles: Ride to the Moon (Almost) 4

MTen3 10” 460Wh/84V Battery, 800W Motor

Overall Rating:

  • Net Weight 22 lb
  • Range25-30 miles

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It’s a critical consideration to make, especially if you need to put up some miles in some remote locations.

And today, however, we will look at the top 10 Electric Unicycle with the longest range but before that let’s talk about Factors Affecting the range of Electric Unicycles

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Factors Affecting the Electric Unicycles Range

The range offered by an electric unicycle is dependent on many factors. These factors include;


The first and crucial factor affecting the Electric Unicycle range is the size or rather power of a battery. Of course, all things are equal; a stronger battery gives you a greater range because it’s more powerful.

The battery offers the juice needed for powering your Electric Unicycle, and the more powerful it is, the greater the range it will offer.

Terrain and Elevation

Terrain, and in particular elevation, affects the overall range of an Electric Unicycle.

The rugged terrains, with plenty of fluctuation, squeeze more juice from the motor of your Electric Unicycle, and so, it drains much faster, thus limiting your overall range.

On the other hand, the output expense on the even terrain is significantly less because momentum isn’t solely based on the motor power, but also the inherent speed.

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Stops and Starts

Frequent starts and stops normally consume a lot of energy power. Now, while it’s inevitable when commuting through the bust streets, you can always switch to the lowest settings and help your Electric Unicycle during the start.


Temperature can also contribute to the longevity of the batteries,

Generally, batteries don’t like extreme temperatures, and so, whether cold or hold, you Electric Unicycle will achieve the greatest range in the moderately mild temperatures.


The weightier a rider is, the more energy an Electric Unicycle demands from the battery supply, which in turn severely limits the range that you can achieve with your unicycle.

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How to get the longest range out of an Electric Unicycle

It’s not entirely possible to add to the range of an EU. However, you can achieve the full potential of your EU by observing some basic guidelines such as:

  • Avoid overburdening your Electric Unicycle
  • Ride your Electric Unicycle on the less treacherous roads
  • Maintain your Electric Unicycle
  • Be considerate of the wind and posture when riding

Ultimately, however, the best way to achieve a long-range on your Electric Unicycle is to get one with a long-range.

Top 8 Longest Range Electric Unicycles

The market is filled with different unicycles, all with different performance.Here, we list some of the top-rated electric unicycles with regards to the miles they can put up.

Gotway Monster 2400wh

Topping our list of the EUs with the longest range is the Gotway Monster 2400wh.

Aptly named the monster, the Gotway Monster 2400wh has a lot going for it.It features a 2400wh battery that offers a decent range of 50 to 60 miles and a speed of up to 15 mph.

The featured 2400wh bank gives the model an estimated range of between 50-60 miles while offering a decent speed of over 15 mph. However, the range can extend or fall short depending on the road condition or weight factor.

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Monster 100V 1845Wh (1865Wh)

This yet another product from GotWay, and it has plenty of goodies to offer.

The performance of this model is comparable to that of the Monster 2400wh, though a bit on the lower side. Still, it’s a top performer, especially when it comes to the range as it can offer anywhere from 160-200 km, while cruising at 50 km/hour.

KingSong KS-18S 1680 Wh

KingSong KS-18S has been around for quite sometime, though it’s not as popular as other models.

This 18-inch electric unicycle is a product of KingSong. It features a 1680 Wh Li-Ion battery, and a 1500W rated battery.

The drive motor on this electric unicycle delivers a maximum range of 140 km, while offering a decent speed of 50 km/hr.

So, yes, the KingSong KS-18S is an ideal option for long-distance commuting, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then this would be an ideal model.

Gotway MSuper X MSX

Gotway MSuper X MSX is another high-performance unicycle that sports 1600 Wh li-ion battery and is rated for 2000W of power.

The 19-inch electric unicycle can reach max cruising speeds upwards of 50km.hr, and can attain a maximum range of 100 km.

And as such, it’s a popular personal vehicle for those in need of an e-wheel for long-distance, high cruising speeds and ability to handle the off road trails.

Among others, Gotway MSuper X MSX also comes with LED light, a high pedal clearance, regenerative braking, and USB charging ports.

Gotway MSuper V3s+ 18”

Gotway MSuper V3s+ 18” is an 18-inch electric unicycle and a product of Gotway company. Gotway MSuper V3s+ 18” boasts of a 1600 Wh Li-Ion battery and 1500W rated motor.

The drivetrain on this model can deliver a maximum speed of 55 km/hr and a maximum range of 140 km.

It’s quite similar to Gotway MSuper X MSX we had seen earlier.

It can also be an intriguing option for those who need an electric unicycle that can take on miles while offering a decent cruising speed.

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Gotway Msuper V3, 1300wh

The Gotway Msuper V3, 1300wh is a medium rated Electric Unicycle, offering decent range and speed.

Still, it’s above most of the average-rate electric unicycles as the 84V battery system is powerful enough to pack a punch.

To give you an idea of what Gotway Msuper V3, 1300wh can do, it has 1300wh and can deliver a decent range of 68 to 82 km.

Sure, the performance metrics might be a bit on the lower side, especially when compared with the other models on our list, but still, it’s more than what other models in the market offer.


KS16X is a strong 16-inch wheel from King Song. It has everything you need for a satisfying long-range commute.

The 1554 wh battery pack delivers a decent range of 80-120 km while cruising speed of up to 50 km/hr.

MSuper X 100V

MSuper X 100V is a chicly designed electric unicycle that ticks all the right boxes for the best long-range Electric Unicycle.

This 1230 wh model is a high-performance electric unicycle with a max speed of 65 km/hr, though the range is slightly less than that of Gotway Msuper V3, 1300wh.


Longest range electric unicycles with are quite an intriguing option for those who need to cover long distances.

Fortunately, we’ve provided you with some incredible options that will cover miles while at the same time providing you with a decent range.

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