Best Electric Skateboard for Beginners – Guide for First Timers

Best Electric Skateboard for Beginners

Best Electric Skateboard for Beginners can be daunting watching professional skaters perform extreme stunts with their super cool human-powered vehicles. This is probably the reason why many shy away from the idea of casting all caution to the wind and purchasing a Electric skateboard.

Questions like, “is it safe?” “will I fall?” or “will I even be able to ride it? which one is best for beginners?” plague the mind of many. Yet, what’s life without a little risk, right? Here’s even more comforting news, buying a new Electric skateboard shouldn’t be unsettling.

The trick is just knowing the beginner electric skateboard that best suits your needs. As a skating enthusiast myself, I have taken great pleasure in compiling some of the most suitable picks for beginners like you.

Which Electric Skateboard Is Best for Beginners?

The best electric skateboard for beginners is the one that’s 

The best electric skateboard for beginners is that one that offers a smooth ride and is easy to control. It should also provide enough power for longer rides and come equipped with a speed controller so you can adjust the speed at which it travels. It should also be easy to learn, fun to ride, and affordable.

Here is my best recommendations 

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How Do I Choose Best Electric Skateboard for Beginners?

How Do I Choose My First Electric Skateboard?

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Most people rely on their instincts when purchasing new items. Factors like their favorite colors, the unique design, or the brand come to play. However, these are more trivial factors in the long run simply because they cannot guarantee functionality, performance, and durability.

So what are the factors you should consider before picking out an electric skateboard suited to your skating skills? One of the major features you should be more informed about is the price. As much as every purchaser wants to get the best quality, budget plays a crucial role.

Let’s say your budget for a new electric skateboard sits around $100, Amazon has made it so easy to search for products that fall within that price range. Then there’s the capacity and range, get informed about the standard requirements.

Electric skateboards come with different power capacities which also determines the range. You won’t be a rookie skater forever, after the necessary practice, you’ll want to explore more speed levels and further distances.

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What Is the Easiest Electric Skateboard for Beginners?

What Is the Easiest Electric Skateboard for Beginners?

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Electric Skateboards basically have the same structure; a solid ply deck, durable wheels, and a portable, long-lasting battery (if it’s electric). So, it’s easy to believe that just any Electric skateboard will do. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

The size, weight capacity, and shape of the skateboard could play a major role when it comes to the rider’s convenience, comfort, and safety. What you want to avoid are plastic decks though, a ply-wood based deck is more durable, and has more weight capacity.

Then there are the wheels, which are a major part of the system that keeps the ride smooth and thrilling. No one wants to hear cheap screeching sounds while gliding down the streets. So opt for wheels made from materials like polyurethane.

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How Much Does an Electric Skateboard Cost?

How Much Does an Electric Skateboard Cost?

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I wouldn’t be truthful if I said electric skateboards run cheap, especially when it’s a quality one made with durable materials. Some of the most unique skateboards may put you back some hundreds of dollars while others cost more than a thousand.

What you should remember is that an expensive price tag is not always an indicator of quality. Amazon has a variety of non-brand skateboards that cost lower than 100 bucks. After that, it all comes down to the make, the size, the shape, capacity, durability, and design.

Plus, it’s totally up to the buyer, would you rather spend $1000 plus on an electric skateboard or start low and get something similar at $100 to $500? Moreover, there are still many ‘somewhat popular’ brands that deliver on quality without a big-budget price.

This would certainly be convenient for buyers who love big name brands, (or at least familiar ones) but don’t want to break the bank when buying a skateboard for the first time. Here’s a pro-tip though, there’s no point in spending so much on your first skateboard.

Get something affordable with a quality make, try out a few turns and landing bolts and see if you like it. Imagine getting something super pricey and disliking it after a few rides, it’s not worth it.

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Can a Beginner Ride an Electric Skateboard?

Can a Beginner Ride an Electric Skateboard?

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As I said, the idea of riding a skateboard for the first time is not the most relaxing thought. Mastering balance, learning stunts, and staying safe are just a few concerns any rookie skating enthusiast will be concerned about.

You certainly need the perfect skateboard when gliding on the streets or sidewalk with upcoming bikes, fellow skaters, and pedestrians to consider. That’s where the question of human-powered traditional skateboard versus electric skateboards comes in.

It’s easy to go with your gut and get a traditional one simply because you can control the speed. Yet, that’s the great thing about electric skateboards, they come with different speed levels, making them convenient for both beginners and seasoned skaters.

Plus electric skateboards literally put the control in your hands. Most of them come with an ergonomic wireless remote that helps skaters amp up the speed, throttle, and brake. They are generally faster, easy to operate (depending on the type), and provide more exciting options.

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Are Electric Skateboards Difficult to Ride?

Are Electric Skateboards Difficult to Ride?

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Here’s the truth, electric skateboards are heavier than conventional non-electric skateboards. However, that’s probably the most glaring difference between the two (apart from the other cool electric functions the former guarantees.)

Still, many would agree that electric skateboards have proven to be easier for beginners. The reason is simple, the electric motor helps you skip some basic confusing steps.

The confusing navigation of pushing back and forth, or stopping the board with your foot (especially when on high speeds) may scare away the little courage some beginners managed to muster.

An electric skateboard takes away those fears, thanks to the motor and remote system, braking, speeding up, and slowing down is less of a hassle.

Additionally, you’ll find electric skateboards to be more stable and useful when riding long distances, skating uphill, or gliding on bumpy roads.

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