Apollo Light Electric Scooter Review

By Ibrahim Mawri

The Apollo Light Electric Scooter is a newly released model from Apollo

and it brings handy and convenient features, all of which promote a safer and more comfortable ride than other competitive electric scooters of its tier.

In addition, it seems to tick most boxes for the best scooters in the market today.

Like all the Apollo scooters, The Apollo Light Electric Scooter is quite a functional model; the quality build is excellent, and so is the performance.

However, is this model along with all its features the right electric scooter for you?

Find out in this detailed Apollo Light Electric Scooter review.

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  • Weight: 37.5 pounds
  • Motor: 350 W
  • Max power output: 500 W
  • Range: 35 km
  • Top speed: 30-35 km/hr
  • Water Resistance: IP54
  • Warranty: 24 months (Longest in the market) 
Apollo Light Scooter Specifications

Who is the Apollo Light Electric Scooter For?

Apollo Light Electric Scooter isn’t for everyone, but for a lot of people.

It’s a great option for the average commuter who simply needs to go to and forth from their home to their workplace. Both the range and top speeds are great, and I don’t think an average rider would want anything more than 30 km/hr.

The great practicality, including foldability and compact design, also makes the Apollo Scooter an inspiring option for the urban dwellers.

If you live in a city with plenty of bike paths, the Apollo Light might also be quite handy. It rides smoothly on the paved roads and is quite safe.

Who is the Apollo Light Electric Scooter Not For?

The Apollo Light might not be a great option for the experienced and more advanced riders, especially those looking for higher speeds.

I agree, 35 km/hr is great, and I also know there're plenty of scooters going even for lesser speed than this.

But then, some of the scooters have greater speed and acceleration, and Apollo Light might not be one of them.

So, yes, the Apollo Light is only an ideal scooter for the beginners, probably because pickup speed is quite linear. And while it has sufficient torque to get you going, you shouldn't expect anything like a neck-break speed.

Who is the Apollo Light Electric Scooter Not For?

Apollo Light is also not a suitable option for off-roading. The Apollo Light is among the smallest scooters of their sort, meaning the tire size, build design, and performance isn't suited for the rugged terrains.

Although the scooter has dual suspension, there are better off-roading scooters out there like the Apollo Pro or the Apollo Explore

And the last drawback I noticed is that the Apollo Light seems a little heavy. While, there're bigger and weighty scooters out there, the 37.5 pounds weight of the Apollo is by no means lightweight. However, some people might be okay with this weight depending on where and how often they’ll need to carry it

Features and Benefits


Apollo Light Scooter Design-Build

The design of the Apollo Light is as sturdy as it can get. The forged aluminum design is quite reliable too but again not to the point where you can take it for an off road ride.

Sure, it’s easy to get it on and off your car trunk, but I imagine if you’re going to use the Apollo Light for commute and then bring it to your house through several stairs, then again it might prove to be a little heavy.

The weight limit is also a bit lean, but considering the weight of the scooter, the 220 pound is still reasonable.


Apollo Light Scooter Design-Build

The telescopic stem is retractable, and the handles fold down, and this is a nice feature as it brings the scooter to an ultra-compact design suitable for space-saving storage.

The folding system is seamless, and there’s no slack when folding the scooter.

Unfortunately, what I’ve noticed is the stem isn’t as sturdy as you would expect with a solid stem to be. Of course, a few compromises are expected for the foldability. The good news is, the system isn’t wobbly and won’t affect your overall performance.


Apollo Light Scooter Wheels

Apollo Light comes with a different pair of wheels for the front and rear.

The rear section features a solid rubber wheel, which ensures no damage occurs to the motors as a result of the impact.

The front section, on the other hand, features pneumatic or rather air-filled wheels, which the manufacturer claims provide a safety buffer for additional protection.

Either way, both tires provide a smooth rolling and help to absorb the vibrations caused when riding on the city roads.


Apollo Light Scooter Suspension

For a comfortable ride, the Apollo Light features a dual-suspension system.

The front section comes with high-performing spring suspension and the rear with a hydraulic suspension.

Now, when in use, both of these suspension systems help to absorb the shock and vibration in your ride.

While the suspension is not sufficient to handle the rugged terrains, it will allow you to ride slightly uneven surfaces with greater ease and without feeling uncomfortable.


The 18 inch by 6-inch deck is by no means big. However, it offers sufficient space for the riders to stand comfortably on both legs.

Braking System

Apollo Light Scooter Braking System

The acceleration of a scooter is as good as the braking system, and the Apollo Light excels in this aspect.

The rear drum brake is efficient at bringing your scooter to a grinding halt within a moment’s notice.

The drum brakes also require less maintenance, so it will take care of the need for regular cleaning or replacement of pads.

More importantly, the brake system incorporates the regenerative electric brake, which can pass reverse current for a possible slow-down and re-charging.

Motor and Battery Power

You’ll find a high-efficiency brushless 350 W motor with a 500 W peak output.

The motor power translates to a decent speed of 30-35 Km/hr, though the speed might extend up to 40 km/hr on the declines.

On the other hand, the battery performance is also decent as it offers a range of up to 22 miles.

The charging period is quite reasonable, as it only takes 4-5 hours.



  • Might not excite an advanced rider
  • Weight capacity is limited
  • Will not impress when ridden off road
Apollo Light Electric Scooter Review 1

Apollo Light Electric Scooter

Use promo code "ElectricRideLab" to get $50 worth of free accessories, upgrades, or spare parts


It’s easy to see why the Apollo Light is such a popular option among beginners and intermediate riders.

The performance is quite decent, and the price tag is a bit on the lower side.

It might not have the premium features of the high-end models,like the Apollo Explore or the Apollo City but it has what it take to satisfy the average rider. 

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