Joyor x5s Electric Scooter Review

By Chris Wilson

The JOYOR X5S Electric Scooter is a reliable foldable e scooter with a grand 500W brushless DC motor and 36V Li-Ion battery for steady power output.

Each component of this long-go electric scooter is intended to provide a perfect balance between design and portability while maintaining excellent performance standards.

However, the X5S is not an all-round perfect e scooter either. The various shortcomings worth mentioning include the fact that it has a lower maximum speed and rigid assembly guidelines. Also, the headlights may not be bright enough, even though they're claimed to be ultra-bright.

Joyor x5s Electric Scooter

Joyor x5s Electric Scooter

Apart from that, the whole thing is cool and perfectly usable. At just 33 pounds, the unit is fairly lightweight, yet sturdy enough to accommodate users of up to 265 lbs body weight. The JOYOR X5S Electric Scooter can travel up to 31 miles and give a maximum speed of 15.5 mph.

The extra-large 10-inch tires are extremely efficient and can allow maximum speeds of up to 15.5 miles per hour. Such features affirms the manufacturer's claims that the X5S can reach over 40 miles under specific ideal conditions.

Product Specifications

Joyor x5s Electric Scooter

Technical Specifications

  • Motor: 500w
  • Battery Type: 36V Li-Ion battery
  • Recharge Period: 6-7 hours
  • Top Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Maximum Range: 31 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Tires: 10-Inch pneumatic
  • Product Weight: 33 pounds

Best Features of Joyor x5s Electric Scooter


The JOYOR X5S comes with a powerful 500W brushless motor powered by a 36V long-range battery. This combo allows you to cover as much distance as 31 miles alongside top speeds of up to 15.5 miles per hour.

Joyor x5s Electric Scooter

Safe and Comfortable

The X5S features a mechanical anti-lock stopping system to enhance the brake responsiveness, thereby promoting safety when in use. The front wheel is equipped with shock absorbers to provide the much-needed rider comfort, even on harsh surfaces.

As in the JOYOR X5S, disc brakes provide the best braking power and control. They also perform well in most conditions. The only catch is that they are typically expensive as they call for regular maintenance.


Electric bikes are about usability, adaptability, and accommodation. They are intended to make urban commuting easy and accessible. As such, the overall item weight is one of the key aspects you should pay close attention to.

As for the JOYOR X5S model, it remains lightweight and compact at 33 lbs unit weight, which is 4.4 pounds more lightweight compared to most other models in the same category.

Joyor x5s Electric Scooter

Besides the larger air-filled tires, you can still fold your X5S can quite easily. It boasts an excellent optimal balance between portability and performance, making it such a considerable option.

The super-sized 10-inch pneumatic tires facilitate a smooth, comfortable ride on uneven terrain, while the folding mechanism makes the whole thing easy to carry around. Moreover, the storage space will be reduced greatly (to approximately 14.96 x 7.48 x 41.73 inches) when folded.

Built Quality

The solid frame is made from aviation-grade alloy steel with reasonable density and high structural strength. This, in turn, makes it lightweight and easy to carry around one-handed after collapsing.

The JOYOR X5S is also equipped with a wider, slip-repellent pedal for maximum feet support and stability. Moreover, this electric scooter incorporates a great deal of frills: adjustments tools, a mobile phone holder, a scooter pack, and an inflator.

It comes with 10-inch pneumatic tires enhanced with anti-slip and shock-repellent features, offering a smooth ride even on bumpy streets. The X5S also includes a pragmatic kickstand that is within reach.

Joyor x5s Electric Scooter

LCD Display

The JOYOR X5S is also benefited by an LCD that exhibits battery life, speed, and other crucial metrics. All the details are claimed to be exact and accurate. Furthermore, it has ultra-bright 1.1 headlights intended to provide a range of up to 20 meters for maximum safety. However, the headlight may not be bright enough even though stated as ultra-bright by the manufacturer.

Who It's Best For

The JOYOR X5S is ideal for almost anyone. It boasts all the handy features for a sustainable e riding experience. The brakes, gear selection, and speed controls (15, 25,and 35 kilometres per hour) make it a versatile unit worth considering.

It is obvious that for a more extensive mile-range, e scooter manufacturers design their models with moderate-higher maximum velocity.

The 265 maximum load is pretty much accommodative for most people. It is not among the most lightweight, more portable e scooters on the market, but the folding mechanism is another plus.

With adjustable height, locking grooves, and handy handlebars, the JOYOR X5S is suitable for users up to 200 cm tall. The inflatable tires combat vibrations, thus promoting a smooth and safe ride. Furthermore, the front shock absorbers also help to reduce vibrations, so comfort and safety are pretty much guaranteed.

Who It's Not For

Like any other sound electric scooter, the JOYOR X5S comes with certain traits that make it fall short in various conditions, certainly not the best for some. First, it has a weight limit of 265 pounds.

Of course, this is more than enough for average riders, but individuals above 265 pounds would be wise to reconsider. Second, the headlights may not as expected while riding at night. Assembly instructions are not that clear either.

Pros & Cons of Joyor x5s Electric Scooter


  • Modern cruise control technology for a smooth ride
  • Folding design for portability
  • Powerful battery equipped with quick charge support
  • Lightweight construction with a sturdy frame
  • The 265lbs weight capacity is much accommodative
  • Packed with plenty of convenient accessories


  • The 15.5 mph might not be enough for some riders
  • The headlights may not be bright enough for night riding
  • The assembly guidelines are not that clear
Joyor x5s Electric Scooter

Joyor x5s Electric Scooter

Final Thoughts

All things considered, the JOYOR X5S Electric Scooter is a strong and reliable item for regular commuting. The ride is smooth with large tires and a complete foot platform, making it comfortable to remain on. The range and power deliver an effortless ride in rough terrains.

Overall, the JOYOR X5S is a great electric scooter with minimal negatives when you are riding it. If you want to grab this, click here to check the current product price.

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