Which is a Fast Hoverboard in 2024 and What is a Top Speed

Which is a Fast Hoverboard in [current_date format='Y'] and What is a Top Speed 1

If you’re interested in trying one of the many personal transportation gadgets you may be wondering, what is the fast hoverboard?

First of all,

hoverboards aren’t exactly the fastest rideable out there. If you want speed, an electric scooter and an electric skateboard can travel much faster.

Hoverboards still tend to be the most popular though and are fantastic fun for all ages!

In this article we’re going to look at how fast can a hoverboard go and what’s consider a high speed.

We’re also going to look at which of the hoverbords currently on the market are considered a fast hoverboard and also a UL2272 certified (so you can feel safe to use no matter what the maximum speed is!)

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How Fast Hoverboard Go

The average self-balancing hoverboard max speed is actually about 8mph whereas the average electric scooter can travel up to 35mph and an electric skateboard up to about 25mph.

That makes a scooter or skateboard far more suited to commuting longer distances, and the hoverboard speed makes it more of a fun gadget for riding around your backyard, indoors, or around your local shops.

Of course the lower speed also increases it’s safety for people of all ages, including kids from about the age of 6 years and older.

So, which is a Fast Hoverboard on the market today?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the popular hoverboards and their speeds. These are all listed as the hoverboard top speed by the manufacturer, but this can be affected by factors such as the rider’s weight, ground incline, terrain, wheel size and battery life.

Each fast hoverboard below are UL2272 certified with UL certified batteries so all are tested and safety should not be a concern.

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Swagtron is one of the most popular brands currently and their hoverboards are the T1, T3 and T5. The T1 and T3 have a max speed motor of 8mph and can reach max distance of 12 miles whereas the T5 (which is more of a beginner hoverboard) has a max speed of 7mph and a distance of 7 miles per charge. The Hoverheart and Razor Hovertrax also travel up to 8mph and can reach up to 12 miles.

Other lesser known brands (usually the cheaper hoverboards on the market) only have a top speed motor of 6.2mph.

Faster than these is the Segway Minipro (a mini Segway rather than a “hoverboard”) – this travels at up to 10mph and can reach up to 14 miles on a single battery charge. This has air filled tires so is suited to a variety of terrains and is more suitable for commuting than an ordinary hoverboard.

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All Terrain Off-Road Hoverboards Are Faster And More Powerful

The most popular hoverboards right now are the new brand of off road hoverboards – like the Segway Minipro these all terrain hoverboards, have pneumatic tires and are suited for riding over grass, sand, gravel and rough ground (traditional hoverboards like those mentioned above work best on smooth pavement). They’re built to be bigger (8.5 inch tires vs 6.5 inch tires), stronger (400 watt dual motors vs 300-350 watt motors) and more durable for off-road, and they ride faster too.

The Halo Rover rides at a speed of up to 10 miles per hour for approximately 10 miles per single charge.

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However, the fastest hoverboard in 2024 is…

The Swagtron T6

Which is a Fast Hoverboard in [current_date format='Y'] and What is a Top Speed 2

The Swagtron T6 is one of the more expensive all terrain hoverboards (although certainly not the MOST expensive) but it rides super fast too – at a speed limit of 12mph for 12 miles per charge. This has streamlined racing tires which increase speed limit, grip, and give you a smoother, faster ride.

After researching all UL2272 hoverboards on the market,

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Now this one we can defiantly call a Fast Hoverboard you can enjoy riding

this IS the fastest we could find AND the most powerful self balancing hoverboard on the market. It’s also the most expensive, high quality and you get what you pay for! It’s actually a really good deal when you consider its off road capabilities, 5 star user reviews, bluetooth capability, IP56 water resistance, durability, and speed.

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