Can I Take My Electric Scooter on a Plane? Must Know Tips

Can I Take My Electric Scooter on a Plane

Can I Take My Electric Scooter on a Plane?? Well, you are among millions of air travelers. Air travel is one of the safest modes of transportation and also one of the most stressful. How? You are not allowed to pack or carry prohibited items. If you do, officials will confiscate them. A lot of travelers’ wonder – can I take my electric scooter on a plane? The simple answer is yes.

In this post, we discuss can you fly with an electric scooter. We also discuss airline approved travel requirements, how to take an electric scooter on a plane, and charges (if any).

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Can I Take My Electric Scooter on a Plane?

Yes, you can bring an electric scooter aboard the plane. But you have to follow the Federal Aviation Administration and the airline regulations too. What you need to know is that airlines have strict rules about carrying particular items.

Can I Take My Electric Scooter on a Plane? Must Know Tips 1

The reason airlines set strict regulations is to ensure safe travel for all passengers. Airline officials must check-in any vehicle such as an electric scooter or wheelchair. This is not always the case with all airlines. That is why it important to check with the airline in regards to electric scooters.

What you ought to do is contact the airline representatives. Inform them of your intention to travel with your electric scooter. Answer all of their questions correctly. Make sure you have the specs of the electric scooter when making the call.

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This will simplify your request. It’s essential to contact the airline 48 hours before your flight. What if I booked my air travel with a travel agent? Well, you need to inform the travel agent of your intention to travel with your electric scooter.

Before leaving the travel agent’s office, make sure they communicate the same with the airline. Failure to do so will lead to a nasty surprise.

FAA Regulations on Electric Scooters Aboard a Plane

The FAA understands that travelers want to ease their vacation or business travel. That is why they have set specific guidelines on electric scooters. While the FAA and airlines agree that electric scooters are allowed on planes, it should have a battery size of less than 160 Wh.

Airlines approve electric scooters with a battery of 101 to 160 Wh. They also allow travelers to carry up to two spare batteries for the electric scooters.

What you need to know is that a 160Wh battery is the maximum battery size found on laptops. Finding an electric scooter with a battery capacity of less than 160Wh is not easy. Why? A majority of manufacturers list their electric scooter battery capacities in ampere-hour.

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To convert into watt-hours, simply multiply ampere-hour by the battery voltage. For example, an electric scooter has brushless hub motors with a battery capacity of 13.2 aH and 10V. To convert the battery capacity into watt-hours, simply multiply the ampere-hour by voltage.

Watt-hour = (ampere-hour X voltage) = (13.2 X 10 V) = 132 Wh.

Remember to double-check the battery specifications when buying your electric scooter.

Which Electric Scooters Can Airlines Carry?

There are a couple of electric scooter models that airlines approve travelers to carry on board. Still, this does not mean that you should not contact the airline to know if they allow electric scooters on board.

  • Zoome Auto-Flex folding travel scooter
  • EWheels EW-07 3 Wheel scooter
  • Merits Yoga Folding 4 Wheel Scooter
  • Atom Trike 3-wheel folding scooter
  • EV Rider Electric Mobility Scooter
  • VIRO Rides VR 550E Rechargeable Electric Scooter
  • SoFlow Flowboard Electric Scooter
  • Razor E-Prime Electric Scooter

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Protecting Your Electric Scooter From Damage

Can I Take My Electric Scooter on a Plane

We recommend arriving at the airport 2 hours before flight departure. This will give you enough time in case of extra waiting periods. It is crucial to prepare your electric scooter beforehand. Check the individual parts. If you’re electric scooter is equipped with a seat, make sure either fold it in if it’s foldable or dis-mount it and attach it to the body of the electric scooter with a tape. Remove the batteries and make sure you pack the cells according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Failure to do so will lead to damage. Damage to the batteries can lead to leaking, which is hazardous. What you need to know is that airlines do not accept wet batteries.

Make sure you check the electric scooter owner’s manual for the type of battery fitted in your electric scooter. You don’t want any surprises at the airport that will interrupt your travel. What you need to know is that depending on the airline, there might be a limited number of electric scooters on board.

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To protect your scooter from damage, we recommend using masking tape on the throttle control. Make sure the throttle control is in the lower position before securing it. It’s essential to mark the tape with the following words “DO NOT REMOVE.”

Wrap your electric scooter with a thin plastic sheet. Make sure you wrap it tightly. Do not leave any part of the electric scooter uncovered. Why? Luggage is poorly treated at the airport. By packaging your electric scooter with a plastic sheet, you prevent scratches and dents.

If you have a foldable electric scooter, this offers complete value when traveling. To fold the electric scooter, locate the release button, push it in and pull the grip. Unclamp the tube using the quick release lever and push it down. Finally, push down the joint release lever while the electric scooter is in an upside position.

We also recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions on folding the electric scooter. Remove removable baskets from the scooter to lessen your load.

Remember, do not use elastic straps or rubber bands to secure the throttle control of the scooter key. Buy a protective bag for the electric scooter if you don’t have one.

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Can I Take My Child’s Electric Scooter on a Plane?

Yes, you can take your child’s electric scooter on a plane. Just like taking a stand up adult electric scooter on a plane, you have to follow the same procedure. First, contact the airline to know if they allow kid’s electric scooters on board.

Different airlines have different policies. If your airline does not allow kid’s electric scooters onboard, you always have the option of renting one at your travel destination. If you are lucky, you need to protect your kid’s electric scooter.

How? Wrap the electric scooter with bubble wrap. Make sure it’s wrapped tightly. Check it as separate luggage.

Final Thoughts

Planning ahead is the best way to travel. Whether you are planning to travel on a domestic flight or international flight, make sure you contact the airline. By doing so, you get to know if the airline will help you get your electric scooter onboard.

Remember to get the proper documentation if you plan on traveling with your electric scooter. By following this tip and the rest of the guide, you ensure your travel is pleasant. 

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