Teamgee H20 mini Review – Who is it for?

By Chris Wilson

Electric skateboards definitely have their appeal and are often styled to look and feel like skateboards from the 90’s. I think the people at Teamgeee understand that catering to nostalgia is a tried-and-true recipe for success and satisfaction.

The Teamgee H20mini is what I’m gonna be talking about today.

Teamgee H20 mini Review – Who is it for? 1

From the looks and specs of it, this could cater to those who are looking for a nice little commuter with a bit of speed.

At first glance, it looks like something out of a time machine, with that wood grain top, and surfboard style body. Question is, is it ahead of its time or a rock? Let’s go on a journey to find out.

Product specifications

The H20 mini is a much more compact and travel friendly board that its

predecessor. The body is made of a Canadian maple wood and the kicktail design with the grip tape gives it that vintage surfboard look.

It looks pretty small and probably wouldn’t feel right to some, though at 31 inches in length with a 9-inch width, it’s surprisingly comfortable. There’s little flex, making the ride solid.

Teamgee H20 mini Review – Who is it for? 2
Teamgee H20 mini Review – Who is it for? 3

Teamgee H20 MINI Electric Skateboard

This board weighs around 16 pounds and has a load out capacity of over 280

pounds. Though I’d highly recommend not to try and test out the limits of weight.

After all, any kind of skateboard has a limit to how much it can take.

Product Features

Teamgee went through some impressive design choices for this board. The 80-inch wheels and Teamgee trucks make this pretty compact. But size doesn’t matter,

especially with the twin 450w motors.

Teamgee H20 mini Review – Who is it for? 4

The wireless remote gives good feedback on the board. Allowing for 4 different speed modes. The H20 mini is claimed to reach speeds at 24 mph, with no speed

Teamgee H20 mini Review – Who is it for? 5

wobbles at all. The underside of the rest has Hobbywing ESC with a 7.5 Ah battery, which charges up in a little over 2 hours. And with an 18-mile range on a single charge, you may be able to go all over the place with this.

Teamgee H20 mini Review – Who is it for? 3

Teamgee H20 MINI Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H20 mini Review – Who is it for? 7

Pros and Cons

For sure, the H20 mini has a lot to offer. This board feels very solidly built, top to bottom with some pretty decent range on it. With no flex, each ride feels stable making turns easy.

The remote get the job done, though feels a little cheap and plasticky. It has a charging port at the bottom for charging.

Teamgee H20 mini Review – Who is it for? 8
Teamgee H20 mini Review – Who is it for? 9

On smooth surfaces, it rides fine. But if you were hoping for an off-road ride, you may not be pleased.

How does it do with water?

This is something that always gets asked and all I can say is if you want to go get wet that bad, you should consider a jet ski.

That’s not to say that H20 isn’t water proof however. The battery housing is

protected very well and keeps out water from the bottom and most dust particles.

Keyword on this is most, not all.

But again, I wouldn’t recommend using this as a means of going over 3-foot pools of water or down in rocky terrain. The best it’ll do is keep it from shorting out when it’s raining.

Who’s this product for?

The size of this looks like the H20 mini could cater to anyone young and old.

Having that bit of nostalgia of the looks, while putting a motor behind it seems like it could really appeal to veteran skaters

Having said that, this could also be used by children as old as 13 to be used as a means of going down their block to a friend's house or have some fun at the park. This might be a good starting eboard for someone who’s just getting into it and is looking for something compact and easy to travel with.

Who’s this product isn’t for?

Keep in mind that the H20 mini isn’t exactly a multifunctional board. This is meant to be enjoyed in small quantities and shouldn’t be used to break land speed records.

The users' feet will be right above those trucks, making ever bump and rock felt from beneath. While it does have a hill climb of 25%, it can’t clear any mountains or rocky terrain.

If you’re looking for an all-day board that can ride through bump roads, go into

grass, or maybe even go up a large slope, this might not be the best choice for you.

There are other alternatives to cater to those needs.

Teamgee H20 mini Review – Who is it for? 3

Teamgee H20 MINI Electric Skateboard

Final thoughts – Yay or nay?

Personally, I feel like anyone young or old will get a kick out of this board. The

H20 mini is very well made and makes for good commuting in far enough

distances. There are some other options, but this is the better one I feel.

At almost 400 bucks, you really can’t complain for being cheaper than most

eboards. Should you want this, will ship this virtually anywhere.

And right out of the box you’ll be cruising in no time.

Teamgee H20 mini Review – Who is it for? 11

On a personal scale of 1 to 10, this board gets a solid 8 in my book. The H20 mini will be a great electric board for anyone who wants a quick trip from A to B. And if you do pick this up, you won’t be disappointed for what it has to offer.

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