Most Powerful and Fastest Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Power requirements like High wattage, Amp hour and Volt rating is what you require to ride over rough terrains and long distances. For the utmost effortless journey, you need to install a powerful electric bike conversion kits. Below are the top 4 most powerful and fastest e-bike conversion kits available in the market. 

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Detailed review of each item is down below

The questions answered below will help you select a conversion kit that is the most appropriate according to your budget and needs.

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Is it possible to convert a conventional bike into an e-bike?

An Electric bike conversion kit can give an electric boost to your ordinary bicycle just by fitting equipment, allowing you to experience a completely different dimension of cycling.

These electric bike conversion kits include compact electric motors, a battery, an LCD display panel and electric brake handles along with other accessories. Once fitted, these e-bikes can average speeds ranging between 15-20mph.

These prepackaged tools are all you need to motorize your beloved bike.

How Much Power Do You Need?

The amount of power required by your e-bike is dependent on your weight, the purpose you will be using the e-bike for, the terrain, how fast you want to ride and the weather conditions. A heavier individual wanting to climb up a steep terrain would require more force than required by a skinny person to ride up a hill.

For a short commute (i.e., 15 miles) the recommended motor wattage would be 500W, however if you enjoy higher speeds a 1000w -1500w motor would be ideal since they are more powerful and bring a much better hill climbing experience.

Does the Battery Influence the Power and Speed of Your E-Bike Conversion Kit?

The power output of your e-bike conversion kit depends on its two components, the controller and the motor. The controller is responsible for supplying the electric energy to the e-bikes motor while the motor converts this energy to help the e-bike accelerate.

Most electric bike conversion kits include a battery that supplies energy to the electric motor (included in the kit) to produce power. It is important to keep in mind that a larger battery would have no effect on the motor’s power output. The battery should be able to provide enough current to keep the motor working, any additional increase in its capacity would not increase the power output of the motor.

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Factors That Impact the Power of an E-Bike Kit

In order to determine how fast or powerful your e-bike conversion kit is, it is important to understand the energy measurements that apply to the motor and battery in the kit.

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Watt is a unit of power that measures the instantaneous power input or output of your e-bikes motor which significantly affects your e-bike’s performance. 

The two-watt ratings to consider before buying an e-bike conversion kit are: The continuous watt rating which is the amount of continuous energy consumed by the motor and the peak watt rating which describes the quantity of energy managed by the motor for a short time period. 

For a better idea of the maximum power of your motor multiply the battery voltage with continuous amperage from the motor to get the watt hours.

Amps(A) x Volts(V) = Watts(W).

In the United States a 750-watt motor with a speed of 20mph is the legal limit so unless you want to use the e-bike off the road or on mountainous terrain avoid going for higher watt ratings.


Volts determine the horsepower. They measure the amount of energy pushed from the battery to the motor and the responsiveness of the e-bike. High volts can get you increased RPM from the motor which results in better performance, endurance and speed.

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Amp Hours

Amp hours define the amount of power an e-bike’s battery can hold. A battery with a high amp hour rating is able to hold more energy and allow the e-bike to go for long distances.

Higher voltage and amp hours will make your e-bike accelerate faster, climb up steep hills and travel over long distances effortlessly. 

Other Important Features to Consider Before Buying an E-Bike Conversion Kit

  • Motor: the power of your kit is determined by its motor. The higher the watts and the rpm rating the better the speed and performance of your bike.
  • Durability: choose a kit that is reliable and gives you the value for money.
  • Power-Assist vs. Full-Power: select power assisted electric bike conversion kits for long rides on one charge or full powered motors for shorter quick rides.
  • Speed: look for a kit with a good amount of control and torque with a speed throttle that can regulate the speed of your conversion kit. Along with the volts and amp hours also consider the weight of the kit and the rider since heavy weights slow down the e-bike.
  • Battery: opt for a higher voltage battery to increase the speed and power of your bike. For casual usage a battery under 24v is ideal however, if you intend to use the bike on a rough terrain then choose a battery around 48V. Also keep in mind that the capacity of the battery which determines the range of your bicycle.

It is important to note that motors with similar watt ratings from different companies may have a difference in their power levels. 

Read and understand the above-mentioned information and data to finalize an e bike conversion kit that suits your power requirements.

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Most Powerful and Fastest Electric Bike Conversion Kits – Detailed Reviews

1. HALLOMOTOR Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

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The HalloMotor rear wheel kit is a high-quality option available at a reasonable price and is ideal for individuals looking for a powerful e-bike kit. However, the absence of a battery in the package is off-putting. It has a highly efficient 85% brushless gearless hub motor which provides fast acceleration and speeds up to 55km/hr. The power delivered is smooth with excellent support on uneven and flat terrains. 

The kit includes a threaded motorized wheel, a Controller, a bag for the controller, left and right brake levers, Twist Speed Throttle with an Electric Key Lock 2ea, PAS (Pedelec Sensor), Battery connecting cables and a LCD display. 

What I evaluated about this kit is the impressive performance of its 48v 1000-watt motor delivering an extraordinary Speed of 600 RPM along with its high-quality components that are also relatively easier to install.


  • The kit is available in a variety of wheel sizes. One common issue regular bike owners experience while trying to install electric bike conversion kits is fitting the new wheel to their bicycle’s frame. Hallomotor offers conversion kits with different wheel sizes (20″, 24″, 26″, 28″, 29″, and 700c).
  • Their kits support disc brake installation. If you feel the need to upgrade your newly-converted e-bike’s brakes to a disc set, go ahead. Hallomotor ensures that all their motorized wheels support standard (6-hole type) disc brake installation.
  • The kit’s components are built from durable materials. With proper maintenance, a rider should be able to put more than 1000 miles on a Hallomotor kit. One customer said they have put more than 3000 miles on theirs and it’s components are still working perfectly.


  • They don’t include battery packs in their kits. Hallomotor sells batteries separately, so you might have to visit their official website to purchase one for your soon-to-be e-bike.
  • Their motors aren’t the best hill climbers. Hallomotor only sells direct-drive hub-motors. These are generally not as torquey as geared motors.

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2. BAFANG Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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You can now effortlessly convert your bicycle into a motorized one by using this kit. It is extremely easy to install and can fit 99.99% of the bikes available in the market. The only downside however, is the moderately noisy motor and the 48v battery which makes the e-bike somewhat heavy.

The Brushless Mid Drive 48V 1000W motor has demonstrated to deliver an efficiency of 85% and works extremely well in assisting mountain climbs.

To aid your convenience the kit also includes a Speed  Sensor, a thumb throttle, brake levers or brake sensor, an LCD, and a chain wheel with a free head or tail light.


  • It is a mid-drive conversion kit. Mid-drive motors are generally more efficient than hub-motors. The fact that they integrate with a bicycle’s natural gearing system makes it easy for them to adapt to riders’ needs.

    Want to go fast; switch to a high gear and let the motor provide the mechanical energy needed to spin the wheels.

    The same applies to climbing steep hills; drop to a low gear and hold the throttle down. There, up to 160Nm of torque at your disposal (140 more than what the average Hallomotor’s motor offers)
  • The Bafang BBSHD BBS02B comes with a free head/tail light.


  • It costs more than most hub-drive electric bike conversion kits with the same power rating.
  • Installing the BBSHD BBS02B won’t be as straightforward as swapping out a wheel. Since the motor will only fit into your bike’s bottom bracket, be prepared to take out the bike’s old crankset (yeah, I know how complicated the whole process can be).

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3. EBIKELING Direct Drive Waterproof E Bike Kit

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Even the best electric bike conversion kits certainly have some disadvantages. This power pack kit lacks essentials like tires and battery, that is therefore more expensive than the kit itself. The main drawback is the heavy weight of this kit. Poor cable management and over thickened rubbers is another dispute about these kits.

These electric bike conversion kitscome with an already attached hub motor and a double walled aluminum rim making them easy to install.. The powerful 1.45kW brushless hub motor and its controller has a high build quality which will make ascending and descending a hill effortless.

The waterproof kit includes a thumb or twist throttle, PAS, a freewheel, a torque arm, a tube liner and two brake levers. The upgraded display is extremely functional and records the speed, distance traveled, battery level and the wattage of your motor.

What made this kit unique for me is the option of freewheeling and cruise control which allowed instant switching between regular and power assisted pedaling.


  • They offer 500 and 750-Watt geared motor kits. That’s an extra 50 – 60Nm of hill-flattening power (20Nm more than what you’ll get on an average direct-drive hub motor).
  • Ebikeling encloses all their kits’ electrical components in water-resistant materials. This means they can be used under light rain and in snowy conditions.


  • The kit’s pedal-assist system only makes use of cadence-sensing magnets. It would have been nice if they included torque sensors in their electric bike conversion kits.
  • Their range of motorized wheel sizes is limited. Ebikeling doesn’t design kits with ultra-small wheels (anything under 20″ in diameter).

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4. BAFANG Mid Motor Ebike Conversion Kit

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Although a comparatively pricier option the Bafang BBS03B is the cream of the crop.The kit is a successor to the previously mentioned BBS02B and comes with the necessary video instructions for installation. However, no technical details on its working mechanism are provided.

It comprises a durable 1000w brushless motor that reaches a peak wattage of 1500w making gliding across flat land effortless and is compatible with a variety of bike types like road, fat and mountain bikes. The battery included has a large capacity and longer life providing a better mileage.


  • It comes with a battery. Riders also get to choose the type — regular, down tube-mounted or rear-mounted — and size (48 or 52 Volts) of battery that gets included in their kit.
  • The kit’s brake levers come with electric cut-off switches. An electric cut-off switch, or motor inhibitor, cuts power to the motor once the brake’s levers get pulled.

    This is a safety feature adopted by many e-bike component makers to maximize the stopping power of motorized bicycles.
  • It is suitable for riding in wet conditions. Due to their placement on bike frames, mid-motors are more likely to pick dust and water sprays from the wheel than motors fitted into the wheel.

    This is why it’s important to purchase electric bike conversion kits with motors rated for ingress protection against, at least, water splashes. The Bafang BBSHD BBS03 has an IP rating of -65.


  • The Bafang BBSHD BBS03 is an expensive conversion kit. You’ll have to fork out at least $800 to own one of these.

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How much does an average e-bike conversion kit cost?

The cost of an e-bike conversion kit significantly depends on the type and the quality of the kit’s components. Generally, rear and front wheel conversion kits are much cheaper than those attached on the mid drive. Most decent kits cost around 250$ to 1000$ this variation is dependent on the purpose the ebike will be used for.

With the growth in popularity of e-bikes, more affordable e-bike conversion kits are becoming available in the market.

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Realistic budget for an E-bike conversion kit

Getting a durable e-bike conversion kit below $150 is nearly impossible. However, you can expect to find some fairly good models around 250$ without the battery. The additional cost of the battery could be anywhere between 200$ to a whopping 550$ depending on its power. Bringing your total expense to 500$ – 750$ for the whole package.

“All in one kits” come with all the tools required for the conversion and will cost you around 900$ for a decent quality kit. However the battery included in such kits is less powerful than externally bought batteries. It is best to check the specifications of the kit carefully, prioritize what you need and then make an informed decision.

A DIY e-bike is also a great option if you are looking for a budget friendly option. You can reproduce a named brand for a fraction of its price in a few hours but keep in mind such conversions don’t have warranties or support and are extremely difficult to install.

EBIKELING Waterproof Ebike Conversion Kit for Electric Bike...

How much does it cost to install an electric bike conversion kit?

Although at first glance installing the kit may seem complicated to the cyclists, fitting a majority of electric bike conversion kits is actually an easy task. Since, all electric bike conversion kits are dissimilar there is a minor variation in the installation procedure.

Generally, mid-drive electric bike conversion kits are the most complicated to install due to the additional tools and effort needed to mount their motors on the e-bike’s frame.

If you are unable to install the kit yourself, you will have to get installed by a technician, which would cost you around 200$. In order to avoid this extra expenditure it is advised to purchase an e-bike kit, which comes with a comprehensive installation video and a manual.

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Factors that influence the cost of an e-bike conversion kit

Electric bike conversion kits have price tags beginning from exceptionally cheap I.e., 250$ to dizzyingly expensive I.e., 1800$. There are many factors responsible for this huge price variation among the kits with the most common being:


The manufacturer should have a respectable track record in the market for selling kits with a high build quality. Their kit should be sustainable and compatible with a wide variety of bicycles available.

The reputability of the brand is a major factor that affects the quality, durability and the price of the conversion kit.


The battery is used to fuel the motor and hence is the most important and expensive part of an e-bike kit. When choosing the battery look for a higher amp-hour rating as it recharges quickly and gives more consistent power. Generally, the more mileage the battery provides the more expensive it would be.

Lead acid batteries are a cheaper alternative to lithium ion batteries for short commutes. However they are heavy and less efficient.


The performance capability of the motor plays a key role in influencing the overall cost of the kit. Standard motors have a power rating of 250-750 watts, the higher the rating of the motor the more the power is generated enhancing the riding experience. A larger motor would offer greater speed and range but would require an expensive battery.

A direct drive hub motor is a budget friendly and sturdier option for people who want an e-bike for short quick trips. However, these basic motors are bulky and comparatively less efficient.


A high quality product should be your top priority since it determines the durability of your e-bike. A low quality conversion won’t last long ultimately leading you to spend more on a kit you should have purchased in the first place.


It is suggested to resist the temptation to go cheaper here. A minimum of one-year warranty on the kit’s components is a reasonable choice. This will enable you to get your e-bike repaired if any part is damaged.

The final and most important thing to consider is whether the kit comprises everything you need to automate your conventional bike.

AW Electric Bicycle Motor Kit 48V 1000W 26'x1.75' Rear Wheel...

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How many different types of e-bike conversion kits are there?

Mid-Drive Kits

On the Mid drive configuration, the motor and battery pack is mounted to the center point of the frame which as a result helps dividing its mass and subsequently reducing the weight of the e bike. This makes it perfect for tackling steep mounts and hills. However, these are expensive and their motor is prone to damage if driven off-road.

Front and Rear Wheel Kit

These are the cheapest and the most common electric bike conversion kits available in the market where the existing wheel of the bike is replaced by a specialized wheel, which contains the gearing and the hub motor.

Concealed Drive Kits

These compact kits are hidden near the seat tube of the bicycle and are perfect for people who want something discrete.

Friction Drive Kits

These kits use friction, which aids the bike to propel it forward, and are simple and easy to install. The main drawback is that they are non-functional in wet weather.

Cheap electric bike conversion kits may sometimes mean decreased build quality and dodgy electronics. Therefore, it is suggested to go through the guide above before reaching a final decision to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

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