Levy Electric Scooter Review

By Chris Wilson

When it comes to electric scooters, there are only a few brands that may stand out in terms of reliability. One of those brands is Levy, who in 2018 debuted their entry-level model with a replaceable battery. In comparison to the standard Xiaomi Mi, Levy electric scooter looks fairly different, well, in a good way. We tested this electric scooter on the road, and off road and we have a lot to say. 

Let's dive in,

Levy Electric Scooter Review 1

Levy electric scooter comes with a marquee and unique feature in the form of a removable battery. That means you can have an extra unit for backup and to help you go the extra distance. 

But that's not the only top feature of the Levy electric scooter. It also has a smooth and powerful motor, among other features that enhance the whole riding experience. 

Now let's explore more on why this night be the electric scooter you want to own. 

We’ll discuss the following features of Levy e-scooter:

  • The Levy Electric scooter design
  • Replaceable battery
  • Powerful motor and cruise control
  • Display and controls and 
  • Levy’s tires and brakes 

Levy Electric Scooter Design 

Levy Electric Scooter Review 2

Well, to start off, Levy e-scooter is a dashing and portable device that gives you confidence when riding in urban places and traffic. It has a sleek and minimalist profile that most people would be comfortable in. 

The e-scooter is 41.5 inches long and 49.5 inches long; dimensions that make it easy to use for people of average height and weight. Levy is only 17 inches in height when folded to slot in effortlessly under your seat in the commuter train. 

The electric scooter will feel like a burden because it is sufficiently compact for your cramped apartment or other small space that you have. 

The electric scooter is available in three color variations, and you can choose your favorite. There are blue accents blended with a silver front post, black with a mix of red accents, and black with a turquoise mix. 

The e-scooter has a water resistance or IP rating of IP54. You will be perfectly fine when you get caught up in the rain or occasional splashes on your way to the workplace. However, it cannot handle a full submersion.

Levy Electric Scooter Review 3

Levy Electric Scooter

Main Features:

  • The Motor
    Powerful 36V 350W motor- 700W peak capacity
  • The Speed
    18 miles per hour
  • Range
    10 miles

Replaceable Battery 

Levy Electric Scooter Review 4

The replaceable battery feature is one of the features that set it apart from the competition. For most e-scooters, the battery is built inside the deck and not replaceable. In contrast, Levy has its battery inside the downtube for a more comfortable replacement while on the go. 

The battery replaceability is practical, mostly if you use the scooter over long distances or for deliveries. The swapping feature, which only takes just a few seconds to operate, is solid and well-built. Together with the keyed slots in the battery compartment, it ensures more comfortable and fool-proof installation. 

Inarguably, the replaceable battery is a game-changer in several ways. It extends the electric scooter longevity, for starters, where the unit no longer depends on the battery's lifespan. Secondly, the e-scooter doesn't have to be in the same spot you charge it, and you enjoy the extended range. 

Typically, the battery can keep charging at home or office as you run errands with the electric scooter. Nothing limits you here. 

On the downside, placing the battery inside the downtube means the electric scooter stem has to be slightly thicker, which makes it harder for people with small hands to have a firm grip. It also affects the e-scooter's balance, especially for people used to an e-scooter with a battery mounted to the deck. 

Powerful Motor and Cruise Control 

Levy Electric Scooter Review 5

The installed 350-watt motor and front-wheel drive make the Levy e-scooter quite useful and fast on the road. You can cruise at 18mph and up the inclines with ease. The cruise control feature, which turns on automatically after maintaining a consistent speed for some time, is a great addition.

It helps you maintain a consistent speed without the need for further action. No need to continue pressing the throttle and that makes the riding experience much more straightforward. Turning off the cruise control is as easy as a simple tap on the brakes. 

Nevertheless, some riders may prefer a more deliberate cruise control activation mechanism. It feels unnatural for some. 

Levy Electric Scooter Review 3

Levy Electric Scooter

Main Features:

  • The Motor
    Powerful 36V 350W motor- 700W peak capacity
  • The Speed
    18 miles per hour
  • Range
    10 miles

Display and Controls

Levy Electric Scooter Review 7

The controls of the e-scooter are adequate. You will find a responsive and rubberized thumb throttle, a menu, and a power button on the right. These controls allow you to set the cruise control, turn the LED headlight at the middle of the handlebars on and off, and switch between the three-speed modes. The LED is sufficient to keep most things visible on the road when riding in low lighting conditions. 

But adding extra lights is always recommended for improved illumination, especially when it gets dark. 

The throttle offers a punchy acceleration without any noticeable lag, at least this is what we noticed during our 45 minutes test ride. And the best part, the motor is relatively quiet, even under pressure, such as when negotiating the steep inclines. 

It has a tail light that lights up every time you apply the brakes, which comes in handy when riding in traffic or on a busy road at night. 

Levy has a very bright display that allows you to read the approximate battery life and speed in full sunlight. 

Levy's Tires and Brakes 

Levy has air-filled tubeless tires that contribute to a smooth and fun riding experience. Riding over sidewalk holes and cracks is more comfortable and less jarring than some of its closest competitors, such as Glion Dolly. 

Levy e-scooter may not have a suspension system, but the pneumatic tires fill this gap. They act as shock absorbers to be easier on the joints when encountering some unavoidable rough patches along the way. 

The glaring shortcoming of air-filled tires is that they are prone to punctures, which can happen suddenly. Spare wheels will take you back around $10 for each. 

Levy comes with an effective rear disc brake, rear front brake, and front electronic brake for stopping power when you need it. While you may not use it any time soon, the foot brake is a great back up system in case of an emergency. 

The left handlebar hand grip applies just the right amount of pressure to reduce the speed depending on the conditions. The brakes are dialed in out of the box, and you don't need to make any adjustments. 


  • Attractive and comfortable design 
  • Available in three-color variations
  • Replaceable battery to take you the whole journey 
  • Effective control and display
  • Bright and readable display
  • An effective brakes tail light  
  • Functional and easy to use cruise control 
  • Air Filled tubeless tires for a smooth and fun ride


  • The handlebars do not fold in, and that makes it a bit bulkier than some of its competitors
  • Thicker downtube that makes it a bit difficult to transport for people with small hands 
  • Some people may prefer a more deliberate cruise control 

Is the Levy E-Scooter Worth Buying?

If your daily commute is around 12 miles, then an e-scooter from a reputable brand such as Levy is a great idea. 

Some people may not like the idea of an e-scooter ride from home to work or other destinations for various reasons such as associated road risks and exposure to the elements. Still, the benefits pretty much outweigh any shortcoming, especially if you have a reliable unit.

Besides, the current crop of e-scooters is lighter, more effective, greener, has better-range, and easier to use. For example, Levy electric scooter is compact to fit into small spaces, has a better range and has quite effective controls. 

And of course, nothing beats riding out in the morning sun, skirting the traffic, and pushing in small spaces. You can take a shortcut through the public places and between blocks, where ordinary vehicles cannot access. 

In case of inclement weather, the e-scooter is portable to fold and push under the seat of a public commuter train or other transport means. It does not keep you from using other forms of transport, which means you can conveniently go further and make savings. 

For instance, if you use the e-scooter for around seven miles every day for five days, it adds up to about 1820 miles annually. This is quite significant considering the gas you could have used in a personal vehicle throughout the accumulated miles. Furthermore, electric scooters are good for the environment. 

What is the Lifespan of the Levy E-Scooters Compared to Others?

Rideshare electric scooters have a much more reduced lifespan than privately owned electric scooters. They can last for up to three months to a year, depending on users' brand and weight, among other factors. The motor of the rideshare e-scooter has to bear a lot, which affects its motor, joints, and other parts. 

The electric scooters are actively engaged; come sunshine come rain, which plays a role in reducing their lifespan. They are not waterproof. The majority are IP54-rated. 

Constant exposure to moisture eventually takes a toll on the electric components and others, such as wheel bearing and brakes. 

Besides, dust and small stones can get in between the components and accelerate wear and tear. Other factors such as extreme heat can damage the lithium-ion batteries. 

On the other hand, privately owned e-scooters can last for between 2 and 3 years, or much longer depending on care and maintenance. Levy, with its replaceable battery can last for much longer than the estimated three years.

You see, the battery is the most important component in an electric scooter, and its lifespan pretty much is the same as the lifespan of the e-scooter. If the on-deck battery of the typical e-scooter dies, then you have no other option than to purchase another e-scooter unit. 

E-scooter owners are most likely to take good care of them, which pushes their lifespan much further, and together with the battery replaceability of Levy, the lifespan of the unit goes even further. All you need to do is replace the battery, and you are ready for another long trip. 

Levy Electric Scooter Review 3

Levy Electric Scooter

Main Features:

  • The Motor
    Powerful 36V 350W motor- 700W peak capacity
  • The Speed
    18 miles per hour
  • Range
    10 miles

How is the Build Quality of Levy Electric Scooter?

The large diameter stem, designed to accommodate the battery feels quite robust. All the moving parts and pivots are bolted together tightly, and this is a source of confidence for most people. However, the front fender may crack under repeated drops. 

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