Best Foldable Fat Tire Electric Bikes: Epic Ride Starts Here

By Chris Wilson

Whether you are looking to purchase a foldable fat tire ebike for practical reasons – easier storage and transport – or simply for aesthetics, there are numerous options on the market that combine both elements.

This article will open your mind's eye to factors you should consider when buying a foldable fat tire ebike. You will also learn the truth about some common misconceptions about foldable fat tire ebikes. Finally, I have prepared a review of some of the best foldable fat tire ebikes. We're good? Ok then, let's get going!

What Is The Best Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike?

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Folding electric bikes are storming the bike's world, and with obvious reasons. For one thing, these ebikes are really convenient for storage and transport. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the prices of most folding ebikes are on the high side. Not like they aren't worth the price tags though, I mean, just consider its level of utility!

Really, it's quite hard for me to single out any of these wonders in wheels as the best folding fat tire ebike. To keep it simple though, below are some specifications and features you can expect to find in the best folding fat tire ebikes:

  • 500W-750W mid-drive motor
  • Large capacity battery, not less than 48V
  • 8-9 speed gearing
  • Hydraulic braking systems
  • Color LCD display
  • Full front suspension and rear shock
  • Carbon fiber or aluminum alloy frame
  • Not less than 20” x 4” wheels
  • Should be light enough to carry

What Should I Look For When Buying A Folding Fat Tire eBike?

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There are numerous products on the folding fat tire ebike market, and sifting through them all to find the perfect fit for yourself can be tiring - l know right. To keep it simple for you however, below are some of the factors you definitely don't want to ignore when making your choice:

Folding mechanism

What's the point of buying a folding fat tire ebike if you find folding it challenging? None, right? Exactly! Test the folding mechanism of an ebike you’re considering and see if it’s easy enough to fold in a few easy steps.

Wheel size

A prominent identifying feature of fat tire ebikes is their small wheel. However, there are fat tire ebikes with full-sized rims. Here’s the difference: smaller wheels are lighter and more compact when folded, but this also mean that they are generally slower. Ebikes with larger wheels on the other hand, are much faster but tend to take more space when folded, you may have to choose based on what comes first on your preference's scale - speed or portability.

Weight and adjustability

If you expect to take the train or bus at intervals during the day, then a lightweight model will likely be a more suitable option. It's good news to note then, than ebike manufacturers are employing lighter materials such as carbon fiber and titanium in their manufacturing process.

Plan to share the ebike with your partner, roommate, or family member? then you may want to look for a foldable fat tire ebike that’s easy to adjust to your size or your partner’s so you get to easily switch between users.

Common Misconceptions About Folding Fat Tire Electric Bikes

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Reservations and misconceptions are an integral part of any invention, and foldable ebikes are not exempted. These are some  common misconceptions about them and the truth about each one:

Folding electric bikes aren’t durable

This is largely based on the idea that joints and hinges are some of the weakest points of any machine. And with folding ebikes coming into the market with a lot of joints, it's easy to understand why a lot of persons will have such opinion.

However, ebike manufacturers are aware of this potential limitation and have taken steps to ensure this isn’t the case with their products. Folding ebikes are designed to shift weight away from the joints and hinges and these parts are made with additional reinforcements.

Folding ebikes are overpriced

While "overpriced" is more of a subjective word, you should know that you can get a fairly good ebike for as low as $600. If you ask me, I'd say that's quite pocket-friendly.

Folding ebikes are slow

I still struggle to understand on which fact this misconception is based. This is completely false. Again, folding ebike manufacturers aren’t dumb. Whatever alterations are made to the standard bike designs to make them foldable have zero effects on the ebike’s speed.

That said, if you do experience speed lags with your ebike, the electric motor can help you compensate for the latency and give you the speed boost you need to catch up.

My Top Folding Fat Tire eBikes On The Market

1. W Wallke X3 Pro Folding Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike

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The Wallke X3 Pro possesses a full-aluminum frame that's quite durable even with frequent use. The joints are seamlessly welded to help maintain a streamlined design and allow the ebike to be folded in three easy steps. Its pedals, handles, and cranks are all foldable to make it as compact as it can be.

The Wallke X3 Pro has 26 by 4-inch wheels with thickened thread and bumpy patterns that prevent slipping and reduce rolling resistance in mud, snow, and sand. Propulsion is provided by pedals and a 750W brushless motor. The 48V Samsung battery lets you travel up to 60 miles with a speed capped at 26mph.

Other features include an LCD display, a USB socket, and a phone holder. Tektro double-disk hydraulic brakes fitted in both wheels ensure shorter stopping times and better road safety. Note though, that you will need to do some assembling after delivery to get it started.

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2. KUAFU 20” Foldable Fat Tire Electric Bike

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The KUAFU 20” foldable fat tire electric bike is equipped with a 500W motor and 36V Lithium battery. These two combined with the  20-inch tires can power the ebike up to a speed of 20mph on paved terrains, and 23 miles on full throttle mode.

The frame is 100% aluminum and the tires have bumpy patterns to increase grip on surfaces and control sensitivity on rough roads. The bike also has battery and power lock functions, as well as a power failure braking system right out the box to secure it from theft and accidents.

If you intend to ply steep mountain routes and rough terrains regularly though, you probably shouldn’t go for this ebike. See, it wasn’t designed as a professional mountain bike, thus its durability will reduce rapidly from frequent trips on bumpy or steep terrains.

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3. YAMEE Fat Bear Plus 500W Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

Yamee Fat Bear Ebike 20'' Snow Tire Electric Bicycle Folding...

The 100% aluminum alloy foldable frame is sturdy, water-resistant, and decent enough for frequent use. The YAMEE Fat Bear’s 500W I-PAS system motor supplies good traction and accelerates up to 32 mph depending on the terrain, all the while converting the mechanical energy generated into battery power.

The 48V Samsung 2900 cell is capable of getting you over 80 miles per full charge depending on riding mode and terrain. Thus, you might want to consider this option if long-distance commute and rough or steep mountain terrains are prominent parts of your cycling needs.

Other features you’ll find on the YAMEE Fat Bear include:

  • Shimano 8-speed gear cassettes
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Color LCD display
  • Front suspension fork and rear shock.

4. Eahora X7N 750W Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

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The Eahora X7N has a 7071 Aluminum alloy frame that houses its battery components, thus raising its waterproof and dustproof rating. The frame can easily be folded into the trunk of your car or for in-house storage. Quality front-fork suspensions help ensure durability as you ply rough mountain terrains.

Power is supplied by the 48V 10.4Ah Samsung battery and 750W ECO motor. The motor is connected to an intelligent PAS system that regenerates battery power as you pedal. This allows you to quickly reach speeds of 30mph and travel a range of almost 45 miles with pedal assist (24 miles on throttle-only).

While taller riders shouldn’t have any problems with the ebike’s size, several 5’4” and below riders have complained that the ebike’s standover is too tall for them. A few complaints about the ebike’s packaging quality have also been raised, so you might want to look into those before deciding to purchase this ebike.

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Foldable fat tire electric bikes are basically fat tire ebikes but with a twist. Those listed above are merely little specks among the multitudes on the market. But with them, you can gain the folding fat tire ebike experience.

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