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Halo Rover X Hoverboard Review | Why Does It Get So Many No.1 Ratings?

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Chris Wilson

My research has shown me that the Halo Rover X is consistently rated the no.1 hoverboard on numerous review sites, but what makes it stand out? Why does it seem to be the “holy grail” of hoverboards in 2020? And is it worth the higher than average price? This Halo X Rover review takes a closer look.

gyroor off road

Best Off Road Hoverboard 2020 Quality, Durability, Value & FUN!

Looking to upgrade your “wheels” and invest in one of the best off road hoverboard models that are super popular right now? If you (or the kids) get tired of gliding around on pavement, you might want to seek adventure in the form of rougher terrain like sand, grass, gravel etc.

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Are Electric Scooters Safe?

Electric Scooters Leading To Injuries According To New Study

What’s particularly important to note here, is that only 4% of all these riders involved in accidents were actually wearing a helmet. It seems that scooter riders often aren’t taking into consideration that they’re sharing the road with fast-moving vehicular traffic, and are not observing simple safety precautions.

Most of the injuries documented in this study were relatively minor (cuts and bruises, fractures, and sprains). 40% of the cases were head injuries, however, which could have the potential to be serious. Particularly when helmets are not being worn. The study does state that some injuries were “severe and costly”.

So what does this study mean for the future of electric scooters as a form of transportation?

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Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard :

Is It Any Good?

I’ve been riding electric boards for a little over four years and I’ve become pretty spoiled in what I want and look for. So, I can say that it’s pretty hard to impress me when it comes to riding new boards! For the price, this electric skateboard didn’t disappoint.

Let’s take a look at what comes with the board, as well as the specs, how it rides, overall comfort, as well as the functionality...

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Chris Wilson

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