2 Most Sought-After Electric ATVs for Adults in 2024

Forget the fumes and the roar – the world of off-roading is getting a green makeover, and electric ATVs for adults are leading the pack. Imagine carving your own path through awe-inspiring landscapes with just the whisper of the electric motor and the rush of adrenaline pumping through your veins. Buckle up, because this electrifying adventure is no longer a fantasy!

Calling all eco-warriors with a thirst for thrills! This guide is your ultimate roadmap to the exhilarating world of electric ATVs. We’ll be diving deep into the hottest models of 2024, exploring the features that turn them into unstoppable off-road beasts. Whether you crave neck-breaking speed or prioritise conquering challenging terrain, we’ll help you find the perfect electric companion for your next adrenaline fix.

So ditch the gas cans and embrace a groundbreaking way to experience the outdoors – a way that gets your heart racing while leaving the planet happy. Let’s find your ideal electric ATV and get ready to explore like never before!

POWERLAND Tachyon Electric ATVs for Adults

POWERLAND Tachyon Electric ATVs for Adults

The Powerland Tachyon is an ideal choice for adrenaline-pumping rides. This electric ATV for adults boasts a high-performance electric motor and an impressive range, allowing you to conquer challenging climbs and explore vast terrains with minimal environmental impact. No more ear splitting gas engines – embrace the quiet power of electricity.

  • Battery capacity: 11 kWh
  • Range: Up to 110 km on a Single Charge in Eco Mode
  • Top Speed: 85 km/hr
  • Wheelbase: 1455mm
  • Hitch towing rating: 500kg
  • Brakes: All Four, Ventilated Front Disc & Rear Disc Brakes
  • Wheels: Alloy Wheels


  • Powerful and capable off-road machine
  • Eco-friendly electric motor
  • Long range for an electric ATV
  • Packed with features


  • Expensive (Priced $11,500 USD)
  • Limited availability (Currently only available in Europe and India)
  • No information on charging time
  • May not be street legal in all jurisdictions

POWERLAND Xplore Electric AVTs for Adults

POWERLAND Xplore Electric AVTs for Adults

The Powerland Xplore is another fantastic option for electric AVTs for adults. This electric all-terrain vehicle prioritises manoeuvrability, power, and eco-friendliness, making it perfect for adventure enthusiasts who are conscious about the environment.

  • Battery capacity: 11 kWh
  • Range: Up to 110 km on a Single Charge in Eco Mode
  • Peak Horsepower: 50 hp
  • Top Speed: 85 mph
  • Vehicle Dimension(LxWxH): 2350 X 1340 X 1420 mm
  • Est. Dry Weight: 375 kg
  • Hitch towing rating: 500kg
  • Wheels: Alloy Wheels


  • More affordable than the Tachyon
  • More versatile due to the cargo bed
  • Good option for ranch work or light off-roading
  • Quiet operation


  • Less powerful than the Tachyon
  • Specifications are not readily available online
  • May not be suitable for very challenging terrain
  • Availability information is limited

Overall, the Powerland Xplore Electric ATV is a good option for adults who are looking for a versatile and eco-friendly utility vehicle. However, if you are looking for a high-performance off-road machine, the Tachyon may be a better option.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Before you jump into the world of electric ATVs for adults, here are some important considerations:

  • Price: While the Tachyon’s price is listed, information on the Xplore’s pricing is limited. Research is key to finding the best electric ATV for adults within your budget.
  • Availability: Currently, Powerland ATVs are only available in Europe and India. Make sure these electric ATVs for adults are available in your area before getting your heart set on one.
  • Charging Time: Charging time details are not available for the Xplore. Consider how long it takes to charge each electric ATV for adults and if it fits your riding style.
  • Street Legality: ATVs may not be street legal in all jurisdictions. Check your local regulations before purchasing an electric ATV for adults to avoid any surprises.


The electric ATV market is booming, offering adults exciting options for eco-friendly adventure. Whether you crave power and speed or prioritise versatility and comfort, there’s an electric ATV waiting to tackle the trails and keep you riding emissions-free. So buckle up and get ready to explore the great outdoors in a whole new way.

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