DYU D3F Electric Bike Review 2024: Compact Fun with Quirks 

The DYU D3F electric bike has taken the market by storm with its ultra-compact design and affordable price tag. While some praise its fold-and-go convenience, others might find its small wheels and lack of suspension a bumpy trade-off.  

Is the D3F a budget champion or a compromise in disguise? Let’s find out if this electric mini-me can deliver maximum fun with minimal hassle. We’ll take a deep dive into the DYU D3F electric bike, exploring its strengths and weaknesses to help you decide if it’s the perfect electric companion for your urban adventures

DYU D3F Electric Bike: Features, Weights and Components 

DYU D3F Electric Bike

Conquering commutes and squeezing into storage, the DYU D3F electric bike has captured attention all over the world. The D3F’s defining characteristic is its miniature size. With 14-inch wheels and a foldable frame, this e-bike is a champion of space saving.  

It easily fits into car trunks, public transportation, or even tight apartment corners. This portability makes it ideal for urban commutes or quick errands where maneuverability is key. 

Electrical Specs

  • Motor Power: 240-watt rear hub motor 
  • Battery Capacity: 360Wh Lithium-ion 
  • Battery Voltage: 36V 
  • Maximum Supported Wattage: Not specified (likely limited to motor wattage) 
  • Walk Assist: No 

Weights & Dimensions

  • Weight: 19 kg (41.9 lbs) 
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 115 cm (45.3″) x 48.7 cm (19.2″) x 102.3 cm (40.3″) (Length x Width x Height) 
  • Folded Dimensions: 115 cm (45.3″) x 29 cm (11.4″) x 70 cm (27.6″) (Length x Width x Height) 
  • Wheel Size: 14 inches 


  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy 
  • Drivetrain: Single Speed 
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brakes (front and rear) 
  • Suspension: None 
  • Lights: LED Headlight and Taillight 
  • Fenders: Yes 
  • Kickstand: Yes 
  • Display: Simple LCD display showing battery level and speed 
  • Other: Foldable handlebars, Adjustable seat post 


Unbeatable Portability: The D3F’s compact size and folding frame reign supreme when it comes to storage and transportation. Whether you need to squeeze it into a car trunk, navigate public transport, or tuck it away in a small apartment, this e-bike excels in space-saving convenience. 

Budget-Friendly Electric Assist: For riders on a tight budget, the DYU D3F electric bike offers a taste of the e-bike world at an attractive price point. The 240-watt motor provides a helpful boost on flat terrain, making commutes and errands less taxing. 

Simple and Functional: The DYU D3F electric bike embraces a minimalist approach. The single-speed drivetrain eliminates gear changes, and mechanical disc brakes offer decent stopping power. The surprisingly comfortable seat and low-maintenance design make it a user-friendly choice. 

Fun and Nimble Handling: Some riders find the D3F’s small size and nimble handling to be surprisingly enjoyable for casual rides around town. It feels zippy and maneuverable in tight spaces. 


Limited Power: Don’t expect to conquer hills with ease. The 240-watt motor is best suited for flat terrain and won’t provide much assistance on inclines. Riders looking for a powerful e-bike experience might find the DYU D3F electric bike lacking. 

Compact Size Can Be Limiting: While the size is a major selling point for portability, it can also be a drawback for taller riders. The short wheelbase might feel cramped, and the lack of suspension translates to a bumpier ride. 

Not Ideal for Off-Road Riding: The D3F’s small wheels and lack of suspension make it strictly a pavement machine. It’s not suitable for tackling rough terrain or venturing off-road. 

Limited Features: The DYU D3F electric bike prioritizes simplicity over bells and whistles. There’s no walk assist function, and the LCD display is basic. Riders seeking advanced features or customization options might be disappointed. 

Powerhouse on a Budget? Not Quite. 

The D3F sports a 240-watt rear hub motor, offering a modest level of electric assist. While it won’t win any speed races, it provides a comfortable boost for cruising on flat terrain. However, keep in mind that tackling hills will require significant pedaling effort. The upside? The lower motor wattage translates to a lower price point, making the DYU D3F electric bike an attractive option for budget-conscious riders. 

Ride Quality: Compactness with Caveats 

The D3F’s small size comes with compromises in ride quality. The short wheelbase can feel twitchy at times, especially for taller riders. The lack of suspension means you’ll feel every bump on the road. If comfort is your top priority, the DYU D3F electric bike might not be the right choice for you. However, some reviewers find the small wheels and nimble handling to be surprisingly fun for leisurely rides around town. 

Simple and Functional Features 

The DYU D3F keeps things refreshingly simple. It comes with a single speed drivetrain, so there’s no need to worry about gear changes. Braking is handled by mechanical disc brakes, which offer decent stopping power for the bike’s speed capabilities. The seat is surprisingly comfortable for a budget e-bike, and the minimalist design keeps maintenance requirements low. 

Who Should Consider the DYU D3F? 

Man/ Woman/ Kids/ riding the DYU D3F comfortably

The DYU D3F electric bike is a perfect choice for riders looking for: 

  • Unbeatable portability: This e-bike folds up and fits almost anywhere. 
  • Budget-friendly electric assist: Enjoy a little boost without breaking the bank. 
  • Fun, casual riding: The D3F is ideal for laid-back cruises on flat terrain. 

Keep in Mind Before You Buy: 

  • Limited power: Don’t expect to conquer hills with ease. 
  • Compact size: May not be comfortable for taller riders. 
  • Bumpy ride: Lack of suspension means you’ll feel every imperfection. 

The Verdict: A Fun and Functional Commuter with Quirks 

The DYU D3F electric bike is a unique offering in the e-bike market. Its compact size and affordability make it a compelling option for urban riders with limited storage space. While it won’t win awards for comfort or power, the D3F offers a fun and functional way to get around town. Just be sure to manage your expectations and acknowledge the limitations of its small size before you hit the road. 


  • Is the DYU D3F foldable?

    Yes, the D3F features foldable handlebars and pedals, making it easy to store or transport. 

  • What’s the price of the DYU D3F?

    The D3F is attractively priced, making it a budget-friendly option. 

  • Does DYU D3F have pedal assist?

    Yes, the D3F offers pedal assist, allowing you to supplement its 10Nm torque with your own pedal power. 

  • What’s the range on a single charge of DYU D3F electric bikes?

    Reviewers have achieved ranges of 22-30 miles (about 35-48 km) on the D3F. 

  • How powerful are the D3F’s brakes?

    The D3F’s mechanical disc brakes stop this mini rig powerfully.

  • Is the battery removable?

    Unfortunately, the D3F’s battery is not removable; it must be charged in place. 

  • Is it suitable for adults?

    Some testers found the D3F’s small dimensions uncomfortable for full-size riders. 

  • What’s the top speed?

    The D3F’s top speed is modest at 15.5 mph (25 km/h). 

  • Can it handle hills?

    While it may struggle on hills, pedal assist allows riders to supplement the torque. 

  • Is it kid-friendly?

    Yes, the D3F is considered safe and secure for kids. 

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